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What should happen to Tia & Tamara now?

Dissolve blissfully into the world beyond, losing all memory and identity. 0.385393345171 38.5% [ 4992 ]
Serve a hard term in Hell Prison. 0.13927275534625 13.9% [ 1804 ]
Seek revenge by haunting the people that did this to them. 0.47533389948275 47.5% [ 6157 ]
Total Votes:[ 12953 ]
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Being the possessive and somehow selfish person I am, I chose the third option. evil
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I never got to play with you!
Haruhi Hitachiin's avatar

Magnetic Streaker

We'll keep playing games!!
Karill's avatar

Tipsy Vampire

crying I sorry I didn't play with you both more, my dears.
CoyoteStarrk_Espada1's avatar

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Well it would be hard for me to send little girls to hell ' sad So go haunt some people xD
Vanilla Dawn's avatar

Sparkly Fairy

Play with my some more~!
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Durem Explorer

ok befor what ever your fate is i gis need to get this off my ches soo.... IM SOOOOO SARRRRY FOR FIGHT ING YOU GUYS AND ALLL THE GHOUST TO I HATE FIGHTING AND BEING MEAN TO GHOUST AND ALL .. HUUUU man i felll allt better now but i gis whunted to let you no that good luck wif your fate but hay if you get tierd of werever you gays go than come over to my place and will pley and have fun ok wink
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come back soon! before long we'll all be older
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Invisible Lunatic

Honestly I think Tia and Tamara have been through so many horrible things that allowing them to carry out their revenge will only leave them hollows in the future.. that's a horrible fate for two little girls. I'd rather have them move on to the world beyond where they can forget about their time and the horrible things they've had to endure if only that they can return as new beings..
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I enjoyed our many fun games together.
Wherever you go, I hope you make many new friends to play with.
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Shameless Grabber

It seems like you have issues. To prison wif ye. Bye.
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Dont leave ;w;
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i want you guys around T___T
you two deserve your revenge
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Forget this farewell along with yourself...
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bye u annoying girls i got u toys and u never thanked me and it made no sense!!

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