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Do the calculation. ;]

Or maybe just believe in this one...

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Name's Walter. 32. Brazilian.

I got the blood of several ethnicities, so I'm just HUMAN.

I like art. Mostly, drawing and music. I'm always with music on my head, specially all sorts of metal.

I usually do RPG characters in here. But this, more than any other, has much in common with me. He was made by myself, for myself, FROM myself.

These are my other characters:

The Assassin Iridus

The Field Marshall Tahnalos

The Emperor, Tawrel

As the Darkest, I'm no evil, but not good. I'm very calm, but as M.Manson said once at one of his songs, "I'm not a puppet, I am a grenade". I'm resilient, but don't waste my patience, because it's gonna end soon or later. And believe me, you DON'T wanna get me mad.

For now, this is all.

Drown in the black ocean

I am The Darkest. I am the Dark God and I'm not here to drown any world into fear and madness. I'm not evil, but I'm not good. I am just the Darkness itself. Sometimes hiding you from the things you shall fear, sometimes sending them to you if that's what you deserve.
So, do NOT make me get mad. Things are going to get critical from now on. I'll face the Creator once again and finish with all the war...

-- Now the zOMG! part of my history --

Before my powers started to show up and after watching how mankind kept walking trough the wrong path, I got several rage crisis and got hospitalised into a madhouse. But the nurses were scared to death about me so the only way they helped me was feeding me day after day.
In the meanwhile, my powers started to appear so there was darkness leaking all over from me and then my vectors (these tentacles) came from my back. The nurses and the madhouse manager where astonished. They already knew that nothing could control me.
One night, I woke up, it was like 2 a.m. and became aware of my true powers. I opened my eyes, so I screamed: "WHEN EYES GET REALLY OPENED, NOTHING CAN EVER CLOSE THEM AGAIN!". That was enough to wake up the whole street, so all the nurses came to see what was happening.
When they reached the door of my room, they couldn't believe in what they where staring at. My skin became black and my eyes were glowing violet. There was a lot of energy that night and a violent wind pulling back everyone surrounding me. But they kept trying to get close and hold me. And I did NOT allow them to do so... I used my vectors to keep them far from me, but I didn't hurt them.
After that, I broke the wall of my room that was between the madhouse and the street. I turned my face to the madhouse's manager and said: "Tonight I'll leave you, guys. Don't EVER come after me, because I didn't kill anybody yet. But if I get persecuted, I'll not measure my powers to obliterate anyone trying to catch me.". Then I just ran away from there and they didn't come after me.
Although I got all that hostility directed to humanity, when I first saw the Animated attacking our world, all I could do was stay by the side of those humans I hated so much. So, I decided to support the human's campaign against the Animated and if any human get hurt or fall down at the battlefield, I'll be there to help them stand again and fight one more time.


I see you there.

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Memories of a dead character.

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Lag? I don't think so.



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