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Like the new links?

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This poll closed on February 27, 2010.
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Familiar Humorist

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Fishing, Slots and Inventory would work out nicely. :3
If it's too complicated though, just add Inventory and make all our dreams come true.
Thank you so much.
I actually think the navigation menu needs a complete overhaul but this is the next best thing. Thanks 3nodding

I agree, we need an inventory link.
Also, I think the little picture next to "Trade" could be bigger.
Morgue's avatar

Tiny Puppy

Thanks for this feature, very handy! 3nodding
This feature is great biggrin
Now all you need to add is Inventory.
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Ruthless Mage

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I love this one..... thanks for this.
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O.G. Elder

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PowerUser Menus:
We took away some key features from the main navigation menus a few months ago. This lab feature will make it easy for experienced users to find their way to deeper parts of the site.

This Lab feature allows you to restore those links:
Journals, Trade, Clans, My Posts, My Topics, My Subscribed Threads
Mods and above have a little something-something special.

I'll look into adding "Inventory" since more than 50% of responses so far have mentioned it.

i love it and i really hope inventory makes it as a part of the power user system
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Eloquent Lunatic

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          Krly speaks up!********

            This is a good start
            I'm glad "Subscribed threads", "My posts" and "My topics" are back in the Forums menu :3
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Dapper Phantom

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Under forums, the little links under "My Stuff" seem a little off to me. Sometimes, when my pointer is aimed at "My Topics", "My Posts" is highlighted and when the pointer is aimed at "Subscribed Threads", "My Topics" is highlighted.

This happening to anyone else?
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cool i like it but add inventory
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Rainbow Fairy

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Shameless Wench

thanks for this one!

also an inventory link would = awesome. 3nodding
U guys should make it so tht ppl can add whatever they want to the menus so that they can stop sending requests to add certain things. i know: Easier said than done, but u can try, right? ^^
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I missed you, trade button. smile
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Eloquent Fairy

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It's about ******** time.

The blue navigation bar is god awful.

Still missing inventory though.
Love it! Now I can finally deactivate the footer that crops out the bottom of the pages. Thank you for this!

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