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Oh, I forgot to mention, could you possibly add Fishing to the Games menu? I don't play it as much these days, but having it in there would remind me.

(And IIRC there's still no way of getting to the other fishing areas short of using the World Map...)
phoofaphant's avatar

Eloquent Dabbler

It's handier, but there's a lot there so it gets in the way/doesn't look nice.
But I could get used to it..And it would make things easier.

Aistriu Aes Sidhe's avatar

Feral Shapeshifter

Oh my gosh THANK YOU SO MUCH for putting these back!!!!!!!!! It was getting really frustrating to jump through all those hoops to trade, write in my journal, and track my forum use. THANK YOU!
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Crying tears of joy over here. OMG. crying

...Please to add "Inventory" to the "My Gaia" menu? heart

oh em geee. thatd be amazing(:
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Anyone else think that the money we give to Gaia is being used to by drugs?

Think of all the changes they made to the site over these years and how many were actually necessary and/or useful.
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This change makes me happy. Though I laugh slightly in that I'm now going to need to get used to another new style to make the most of this...

The one that I personally miss the most is the "My Guilds" button. The current guild page isn't bad, but it was nice to have all of them on the page. If you're tweaking things around, maybe at that back in through this as well?

Edit@ User above me: They removed it to try and simplify the layout. Gaia's menus were getting to the point of being intimidating to newer users.
Makes it easier to get to stuff... like it should.
F a t e  of  P a i n's avatar

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AWSOME!! this is a must have!!
i dunno why they took those options away in the first place. It was a dumb move in my opinion. whee
I love this app~ heart
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I too was confused by the wrong link, but now that I see the correct thread, I can fully rejoice.

heart YAAY!! heart

Thank you for this add on, it really makes me feel like the site is complete again. I have tried the toolbar add-on for the browser, but my computer gets slow a lot, so I have to turn it off most of the time. This is awesome. THANK YOU!!
    I love it.
    Now all we need is Inventory and we're complete. 3nodding
Shigatsu-san's avatar

Bashful Genius

I'm very happy with this one!

I was gone from Gaia for quite some time, and I was very confused to find these links no longer here when I came back. So I'm glad someone thought to make this add on.

As many people said before me: It'd be nice if you added Inventory too. C:
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This is gonna help a lot. Thanks. heart heart heart heart heart heart heart Now I can find my way around a lot easier.
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Yeah, why is this a lab? Just add it to the main site. It works fine.
THANKS SO MUCH! My footer hasn't been working at all (which had everything in it), but now I'm all happy, yes I am. ^^ *hugs and cookies and cake for everyone*

Do please get the Inventory in it! 8D
la petite mignonne's avatar

Sparkly Fatcat

Please PLEASE keep this option. It makes everything so much easier and quicker.

One thing though.

Add an "Inventory" button also? C:

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