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PowerUser Menus:
We took away some key features from the main navigation menus a few months ago. This lab feature will make it easy for experienced users to find their way to deeper parts of the site.

This Lab feature allows you to restore those links:
Journals, Trade, Clans, My Posts, My Topics, My Subscribed Threads
Mods and above have a little something-something special.

I'll look into adding "Inventory" since more than 50% of responses so far have mentioned it.
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I love this feature; The menus look nice and complete now
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this application is really nice
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I miss my journal and my clan feature....uh right I am clan owner somewhere <<
made me forget that I had one after it was removed xd

edit: uh~ you can manually select pages now 8D Love this feature!
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      ˳It's nice to have some of the old links back. BTW, the feedback link is sending users to the Fading Alerts feedback instead of here.
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My mind is boggled why this wasn't added to the main site months ago.
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Crying tears of joy over here. OMG. crying

...Please to add "Inventory" to the "My Gaia" menu? heart
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Oh my gosh I adore you. heart

I've had those links in the footer (and love them there) but up top is incredibly useful too. smile
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This is so much nicer. Thank you. 3nodding
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Thank you for putting back some of the links that were semi-recently taken out. <3

One request...Please add 'My Inventory' back under the 'My Gaia' tab. Please.
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Awe-some s-auce smile
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I like that the Trade link is back in the navbar, even though I'm used to having it in the footer.

I wouldn't mind having My Inventory in there, too.
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This is very nice~!

I missed many of these menu items when the menu system got revamped several months ago. It's still likely that I'll still use an add-on for my Gaia needs, but when the add-on is not usable.. this is an excellent solution/remedy to the losses made. <3

Thank you so much~~

Ah.. and the link to this feedback thread is mistaken for another.. which might miss many crucial responses when some users are led to the wrong one.
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I'll look into adding "Inventory" since more than 50% of responses so far have mentioned it.

Thank you for considering it! I was always surprised that "Inventory" wasn't part of the navigation redesign anyway -- the heading under My Gaia says "Manage Your Items" without a direct link to the screen where you can, in fact, manage your items. Adding it back would be wonderful. 3nodding

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