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So most of the RP guilds I'm in have started going silent and I'm freakin' bored.

What I'm looking for
-A guild with active members
-Preferably with a variety of Role Plays
-Easy to follow, organized sub-forums

What I'm not looking for
-Guilds with hundreds and hundreds of Members
-Strictly literate guilds (I'm no English major and I will butcher the language I speak)

While I don't really like to, if the guild is set up nicely, I'll join dedicated ones. If done properly. 14 people posting for 30-something characters in one thread is NOT enjoyable to follow stare
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D-Day Dave

At Anime 永遠に High School find friendship, Rivals, love,
and crazy teachers you be sure to have a pleasant time here.

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Midnight Academy is for creatures and people with special powers.
Do you find yourself sprouting wings and being happy never finding anything wrong
with the world. Or do you find yourself in the dark with powers most humans and
creatures are afraid of? Then if you do this is the school for you!

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Eclipsed Soul is a Bleach based guild, that needs members. We are still trying to get up and running but the members we do have active are all very dedicated to making it a thriving guild. we need all the help we can get, and everyone who is anyone within the guild IS active everyday.
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Never could get into Bleach. Thanks though.
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Thorn Academy - Check us out, it'll be worth it...
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Try the Underground Role-Players Society We have a main RP as well as a few sub forums. However, we are currently restarting everything so it may take a few days to get it rollin.
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Look no further, for there is a remarkable fiction RP guild right here. We have recently rebooted the system of our guild known as Rogue Blood, and myself as well as the Vice Captain and two other members are currently increasing the momentum of this remodeled guild. We have structured it in a manner which promotes activity, and is simple and easy to begin your main story line. The world that our tales takes place within is so vast that there are upwards of thirty RP areas and that number is still rising. Come and join the legends of a new world, join Rogue Blood.


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D-Day Dave


If you are still searching for a roleplay, you are welcome to have a look at WINGs

WINGs is a Steampunk roleplay that focuses on a small portion of the population that share the experience of a strange dream on the eve of their 16th birthdays. After awakening from their dream, they find they have acquired unusual powers--and sometimes physical changes--depending on the color of wings they saw in their dream. Termed 'angels' and 'demons' by the rest of the populous, these "Winged" often find themselves embroiled in political intrigue and the personal vendettas of those in power. And then there are the "regular" humans who are pulled into the power struggle, or might just be influencing it themselves...

WINGS is a very versatile RP and while the overreaching plot arch involves the political and social aspects of the nation's leaders abusing the power, there are many groups and organizations in the RP that have their own, smaller plots. And there is also a focus on characterization and interpersonal struggles. Basically, you can play anyone from a pirate, to an inventor, to a mechanic, to a noble or street urchin.

Having just undergone a "reboot" to clear the slate and make it easier for new members to get into the RP, we are searching for people who would like to join us.

If the premise interests you, and you would like to join, please feel free to poke about the guild, and then send in a join request. We politely request that you also take the time to PM a character and RP sample to either myself or StrawberryZ0mbie to make applications as speedy as possible.

I hope to hear from you soon. If you're not interested, best of luck finding a fun RP guild!
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The guild has recently been redone and we are looking for members and crew. We welcome all kinds of discussion, while remaining within Gaia's rules. However, we do have a 16+ rule so we can have a bit of maturity. We allow members to create their own threads and topics, and to suggest new sub forums. We are a environment in which you can vent, or just discuss something.

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✗ Semi literate to literate
✗ Needs members and crew
✗ Includes non humans and human characters
✗ Taking class suggestions
✗ Ready to Rp!

To take a look at the guild simply click on the banner above!
Down the rabbit's hole you have traveled, fair "Alice". There is only one escape for reality, and that is Wonderland! Come to a world where your wildest dreams will come to life....or your nightmares. Be careful! We know who you are and what you have done, and we will determine your fate. If you go forward, you only end up going backwards and every up has a down. This is far beyond reality, so mind your step......

This is a guild for a twist of Alice in Wonderland and is based off the Vocaloid song "Alice Of Human Sacrifice". We are in need of more Wonderland characters as well as 'Alices' (There are multiple Alices, not just one). So if you are interested please click on the picture and check the guild out. 3nodding

User Image

Wonderland Characters Needed:
-Queen of Hearts
-March Hare
-Light Chess Queen (and King, optional)
-Dark Chess Queen (and king, optional)
-Mock Turtle
-Chess pieces (aren't necessarily chess pieces but are ranked, like in Alice in the country of Hearts)
-Cards (aren't necessarily cards, just ranked like cards)

You can also make up you're own Wonderland character! Test you're creativity. 3nodding
The guild will also have an art and games area so if you think you have the talent, this prove it. wink

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