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Hi, Im Rose. Or at least thats what you can call me. You can also call me Hope or Mercy.

I am a student, which means I will not be online every waking moment. I get busy sometimes and can't be on. Also, I have a busy life. This means that I may not reply to you every single day, but I will try to. I can use my phone, so I do tend to be able to reply everyday. Just do not quote me a million times or bug me to reply. I may need to be reminded once or quoted once or so, but being reminded all the time drives everyone crazy. Give me a couple days, chances are that I am fully aware and that I either am trying to get inspiration or my brain is fried from my crazy life.

I also have an amazing fiancé and I love him dearly! I am not and will not be searching for any love interests online, so do not ask. wink

The things I love
❤ Roleplaying
❤ Listening to Music
❤ Writing
❤ Making Friends
❤ Finding new Rps or Guilds

The things I Dont Like
► People trying to teach me things. Sometimes I do okay, but unless your a friend, dont try to teach me anything. I will most likely not take it well.
► Racism
► People who have a problem with Bisexual, Lesbian, or Gay people. Everyone has a right to fall in love with whomever they please. I personally am Bisexual, and so are some of my best friends. Some of my friends are also straight, or gay. So its just a lovefest here.
► Politics
► Religion Haters. I dont care if you are catholic, Wicca, or atheist. We all owe each other respect. Ive dated wiccans, and christians and am in fact christian. Its called coexistence.

P.S. - I will not add someone as a friend just because they comment on my profile. If I'm not in any Rps with you, then you won't be added. Sorry. And even then...I do not add everyone I am in an Rp with, only those that I feel like are a good Rp partner or Rp friend.

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Keurig Thief Report | 12/27/2017 12:31 am
Happy Holidays!
Rissa Unit Report | 07/07/2017 12:07 pm
Hey, how are you doin'?
I'm working on getting better healthwise, but it's killing me to be absent from Gaia so much. ;-;
I love RPing (ours included, obviously.) and having negative focus is annoying as heck.
I'm going to try to get back into it as best I can. I really hate making my friends wait on me. I always feel like I'm failing as a friend/RP partner because of that...
But I'll be undergoing a surgery soon-ish that will hopefully help with ending a number of migraines I get during the day/week/month, etc...
My folks and I believe the largest cause of these migraines is my *ahem* chest size... So we're planning reduction since we've tried everything to end/ease the pain they cause.
I can't sit up straight because they pull my shoulders down. Sitting with posture is physically painful because of the pulling on shoulders/back pain... I can't WAIT for this surgery. And I'm terrified to death of surgeries. This one too, but knowing there'll be needles, what they'll be doing to reduce them... And the fact the phrase: "Major reconstruction" was used several times. O____O

BUUUUUT if it works... I will go through with it. Fears and all!
Rissa Unit Report | 07/21/2014 11:38 pm
Hey Hope! It's been far too long! How are you?

Still RPing? I'd love to do one with you. I miss our RPs. :3

Usagi G Report | 03/11/2014 9:42 pm
Hot_Wolf_Hero220922 Report | 01/08/2014 1:41 pm
please reply back to me.
Usagi G Report | 11/08/2013 2:58 pm

Yeahhhh why aren't we on your list of things I love?
Knil Lanif Report | 11/03/2013 7:32 pm
Why aren't we on your "Things I love" list?!
XxMrs_MonsterxX Report | 11/03/2013 7:30 pm
IM ON YOUR PROFILE!!!!-hyperventilates-
Knil Lanif Report | 11/03/2013 7:30 pm
Usagi G Report | 10/03/2013 2:12 am
-snores- @-@

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