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Come and chat about everything from relationships to your favorite book! Make friends, create your own topics, advertise your guilds, post you ideas and comments, and anything else you want! We encourage members to be polite, even in heated discussion, because the guild crew will not allow cruel or hurtful comments or discussions. We want everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves. But feel free to vent about something, or ask what people think of something. No matter what it may be come and have fun!

We also would like to keep the environment sixteen and older, even though its a pg-13 guild, because maturity is an issue, and I did lower the age from eighteen to sixteen since I have met some incredible people who are sixteen years old who are incredible mature.

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1. Respect all of Gaia's Rules!
2. Don't use vulgar language in excessive amounts.
3. Dont post hurtful or mean things, since we don't want to hurt anyone.
4. Have Fun!

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To Join

To join simply click the "join button". Give us a reason you want to join, it doesnt have to be an essay, just a simple reason. smile

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