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Lake News, brought to you by: IxianMace
Last updated: 7/31/2011 @ 3:00 AM PDT
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Fishing Stats

Post 1. Lake News
Post 2. Previous Month Scoreboard
Post 3. Rules
Post 4. Score Values, PI, and Junk Explained
Post 5. "Official Bucket" Terminology
Post 6. FAQ
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Where's the Fishy love?

Please remember to not be rude in here eh?

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Get your banner and spread the word!

General: Down to the final day now, and all seems settled.

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II Sona II will claim Overall completely uncontested.

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A Beast Kiddd will take the Gold Striper, sitting exactly on 200k points. Dragon Cross seems content where they are in Silver on 160k points, and should take the Silver Bass. There may be some last minute competition for a Bronze between Seedless Reasons, Zihark Faroda, and Sgt.SosukeSagara in tenth, eleventh, and twelfth places respectively.

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asamboi will take the Gold Tuna with a lead of a little under 50k points. chasingtheghost_ will take the Silver Trout, with a 47.5k gap separating Silver and Bronze. There's still enough time for some late shuffling to occur at the lower end of the top ten between Die Fischerei Konig and Einhorn.

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With over 830k total points, Kugatsu no Yuuki has pushed hard from third place to claim Gold! Glittery Kaya will take a very impressive Silver Biter with 732k total points. Zubatt will I believe, set a new record for the highest scoring Durem Bronze. Their score as of the time of this post is 653,728 points.

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Sim Satan still holds the Gold position, with a lead of a little over 8k points from OldManKeeblerTheMaroonGod in Silver. Both seem content where they are, so unless OldManKeeblerTheMaroonGod makes a last minute dash, Sim Satan will take the Gold Tyre, and OldManKeeblerTheMaroonGod the Silver Boot. Again, there may be room for some last minute competition at the bottom of the top ten.
June 2011 Stats


To see a record of previous scores, click on our Record of Previous Fishing Stats archive.
1. Do follow Gaia's Terms of Service and the forum rules, which include staying on topic
2. No stretching out the screen.
3. No disrespect please.
4. No quoting the first page.
5. Do use decent spelling and grammar.
6. Do NOT accuse anyone of cheating without proof.

As with all rules, the above rules were made to be followed. Also as such, the rules need enforcers. TF has(Currently) two Staff Members. Your Staff Members are:

  • User Image Gaidin
  • User Image zieLiz

That said, take these people seriously, and have fun ^_^
Score Values
Bass'ken Score Values
6 - Yellow/Orange/Red Guppy, Red/Gold/Black Bubble-Eyed Goldfish
16 - Green/Brown/Blue Bass, Ochiba/Yamabuki/Kohaku Koi
26 - Blue/Gray/Green Striper, Witchling/Tigerstripe/Russian Catfish
Gambino Score Values
14 - Blue/Green/Pink Seedkin, Berry/Peach/Bubblegum Balloonfish
24 - Cool/Warm/Frozen Rainbow Trout, Sulfuric/Acidic/Electric Jelly
34 - Icy/Spicy/Dicy Tuna, Blood/Hematite/Titanium Ironjaw
Durem Score Values
22 - White/Brown/Black Pebbo Feeder, Rusted/Slate/Moss Mutant Crab
32 - Bluestone/Black/Pyrite Rocque Biters, By-An-Inch/By-A-Mile/Ten-Second Racerfish
42 - Stone/Sand/Slate Boldurs, Firemane/Ethermane/Ectomane Hellfish
Junk Score Values
2 - Old Can
4 - Old Boot
6 - Big Old Tire
8 - Driftwood

Performance Index (PI) Explained

Over Achiever
The Performance Index (PI)

It is simply your total unadjusted score per fish caught (including fish and junk at all locations) for the month divided by the baseline of approximately 20 points per fish. (This baseline has been seen to fluctuate day by day)

For example, you only fished once at Gambino catch bucket of only seedkin. That's an unadjusted score of 18x14 = 252 / 18 fish caught = 14 points per fish for the month. That's a PI of ~70%. Your final score is therefore 252 x 70% = 176

Stats >> Score: 176 Performance Index: 70% Fish/Junk: 18/0

Then you fish at Durem and catch the following bucket:
4 Pebbo Feeders, 4 Biters, 4 Boldurs, 3 Tires
That's 7x22 + 4x32 + 4x42 + 3x6 = 468 / 18 fish caught = 26 points per fish for the bucket. If this was the only bucket you caught for the month, you would have a PI of ~130%

However the PI is calculated for the entire month, so after fishing that bucket at Durem, your average points per fish would be 252+468 = 720 / 36 fish caught = 20 points per fish for the month so your PI would be 100% Your adjusted score is therefore 720 x 100% = 720

Stats >> Score: 720 Performance Index: 100% Fish/Junk 36/3

Examples of ~100% PI:
11 Bass, 7 Striper
10 Seedkin, 5 Trout, 3 Tuna
16 Pebbo Feeders, 1 Can, 1 Tire


Over Achiever
[Junk Score] = [Score]/[P.I.%] - [Fish Score]

[Junk Total] ~ [Junk Score]/5
This is only an approximation of the total junk caught.
"Official" Bucket Terminology

There's a few types of different fishers out there, each tending to get (or wish for) specific things in their buckets. As there has been some confusion over what a "perfect" or "decent" or "horrible" bucket is, we have taken the information from a former overall winner and expanded the information into 12 main types of buckets that people get or hope to get.

Sushi Platter
- Must contain every type of non-rare fish available.
- Must contain no junk.

Perfect Bucket
- Must contain nine large fish.
- Must contain no trash, no small fish.
- Must contain one of each variety of medium fish and large fish available.

Lucky Bucket
- Must contain one saved rare fish.

Hat Bucket
- Contains nine or more of the same type and color of fish/junk.

Performance Bucket
- Must contain nine large fish.
- Must contain no trash, no small fish.

Sweet Bucket
- Must contain no trash, no small fish.

Traitor Bucket
- Must contain only one small fish or one piece of junk.

Filtered Bucket
- Must contain no trash.

Speed Bucket
- Must be finished within five minutes.

Dredge Bucket
- Must catch everything hooked.

Trash Bucket
- Must contain mostly junk.
- Must contain just enough fish to pay for the cost of the bait.

Junk Magnet
- Must contain four or five of every type of junk. (Bonus points for lining them all on the same row.)
- Must contain no fish.

Bonus Terminology!

Some fishers have come up with terms of their own to describe special buckets. If you'd like to submit a term, post it here or PM it to Logan, and if we like it, it could appear here!

Checkerboard Bucket
- Must contain two different kinds of fish, which you catch in an alternating patterns. For example, you might try to catchu a green seedkin, then a blue seedkin, then another green seedkin, etc.

Magnet Bucket
- must fill the bucket with only 1 type of fish.

Here we will try to answer the most asked questions in the forum. We won't of course have answers to all of the questions, and this will be updated as other questions become more asked than others. A more indepth FAQ is in the works and will be posted eventually.

  • Fishing won't connect to the server! It takes forever!
I know, sucks doesn't it? Just have to keep refreshing and trying and trying until it connects. It can take as long as 10 minutes or more before it connects, just keep trying, and make sure your cache is cleared.

  • Chat died!! Still saving?!! Where are my fish?!
If none of your games are saving, or the saving screen never goes away, or the chat dies and you can't chat anymore while in a fishing room, it means Gaia lost your connection. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do right now to fix this. The admins know there is a problem and they are working on a solution.

  • Why can't I fish? Why can I only fish once a day? Why won't the bar load? Why can't I enter a room?
Fishing has always given some problems, but ever since the new layout a lot of people have trouble getting the game to load at all. The most common solution for this is easy, just clear your cache.

Ok, how do I clear the cache?
If you are using Internet Explorer, go to Tools -> Internet Options. Under the part that says Temporary Internet Files, click Delete Files. When the hourglass is gone, click okay, then try reloading fishing... And be prepared to wait a good 5 min for it to load.

If you tried that and it didn't work, try using another browser, like FireFox, it's free, easy to download and install and usually always loads fishing.

  • Where can I see my scores? Where can I see how many fish I have caught, or what my points are?
Fishing Stats -> click there 3nodding

  • How do I fish?
Fishing is easy, once you get the game to load, and you've joined a room or made one, just pick some bait. Once you've picked bait, and a rod, click once anywhere on the water, and you will see the power bar move at the bottom of the fishing screen. Click again on the water to cast, based on how much power you want to use. Wait for the "You Hooked Something! Get Ready" sign, and then just move your mouse so that the bobber stays inside the red lines at all times. Keep doing that until you reel the fish in all the way.

That's pretty much it, you might need to practice keeping the bobber between the red lines a bit before you get the hang of it, but it's really simple once you get it 3nodding You can also use other rods to make fishing easier, based on where you have trouble.

For more information with pictures, please read the How to Fish post in the Fishing Ubersticky. For even MORE information, check out our LINK section for fishing guides and howtos.

  • What is the best rod?
There is no best rod 3nodding all rods are the best, it just depends on what you, as a fisher, find easier, better to use, for you. If you want more information on what each rod looks like, and what they can do, check out Need Help Deciding Which Rod to Get?

  • Why can't I catch anything? Why is all I get guppies and trash?
Probably because you are hooking fish that are too hard for you. Just practice a bit. Also, try using one of the other rods, that will make catching fish other than guppies and trash easier. Try using A or D bait if you are getting tired of the trash and guppies.

Also, there are other lakes, visit them! They are harder than Bass'ken lake, so it's suggested you practice at Bass'ken first.

Don't get frustrated if all you get is guppies and trash, just keep practicing, and soon enough, when you do hook a bass or a striper, you will be able to catch it just as easily as any guppy.

You can even learn to only catch stripers and bass, and even learn to not catch trash at all! Check out our LINKS section for information on Filtering if you're curious about that.

  • What do I do with my fish?
You can keep them, sell them from your inventory, sell them in the marketplace to other users, trade them for gold or other items using the Game Item Exchange Forum or you can exchange them in the Fishing Exchange for items! Read the Fish Exchange Sticky for more information 3nodding it also has picture samples of the fish items you can get.
Link List

The Fish Exchange Wondering what to do with your fish? This sticky will tell you 3nodding
Need Help Deciding Which Rod to Get? Wondering which rod is best for you? Check out images of all the rods and see for yourself
Fishing for Profit at Durem: An Analytical Approach Want to make gold from fishing? Read here to find out how.
Fishing Stats Records Want to see past winners? This will show you all winners from January 2005 til the present.
Rare Fish Report Want info on rare fish? Caught one yourself? On the path to discovering everything we can about rare fish.
Rare Mask Count. Keeping track of all of the rare fish masks on Gaia, as well as the other fishing items.
Sigma's Trophy Guide. Tips, records, and average scores for trophy fishers.
Fishy Math. Tables of fishing speed and equations for the mathematically inclined fisher.
Fishing Stats.

Fishing Guides:
Fishing Ubersticky -first thing you should read if you're just starting out! 3nodding
Gaidin's Fishing Guide -Even more info on everything you need to know, and even things you think you don't need to know.
A Newbies Guide to Fishing Want more info but don't want to read all the other guides? This one should help out.

Filtering Guides
Transcendent's Filtering Guide Keep hearing "filtering" but aren't sure what it is or how it works? This should clear up some doubts.

Bait Guides
Bait degradation? Which bait is better? These guides will tell you all you need to know.
The Bait Guide
Fayt's Bait Guide

Thyalla's. Want a cool flag of your avatar so others can show their support? This is the place to visit.
Top Fishers: The Guild. Here's the place to come and relax and talk about anything. We have a little bit of everything to offer, from an art forum, to gaming threads, to spam threads and more. Do stop by ^_^
Poetry Corner Archive In an attempt to make the first page more neat and less tedious to scroll through, the Poetry Corner has been moved to a thread in the guild.
Hall of Fame

Top Fishers has been around since the early months of 2005, and since its founding, many great fishers have come and gone. Here we etch some of these Fishers' names in history, carried on through the present to the future of Fishing, for all to see.

Ariela SteadfastUser Image
Ariela appeared on Gaia in May of 05, showing up in fishing and here in TF in June, when she wowed everyone for the first time. Unexpectedly amidst some very chaotic times in the early parts of the month, she emerged as the Gold Gambino winner. But even though she went on to win a Silver at every lake, and some Bronzes as well, that's not all she's known for. Ariela is most noted for being a "Mother figure" here in TF, always supportive, always nice, always using reason. She's been offering her hand to help out since she arrived, and has also been part of the Staff. We at TF are not only lucky, but honored to have such a woman as a part of our Community.

GaidinUser Image
Should there ever be a title of "Gaia's Fishing Wizard" Gaidin would take that title in a heartbeat. Not only are his fishing skills legendary, but his ability to run numbers for what is possible in a certain amount of time regardless of which fishing area have made him THE person to ask questions of regarding fishing in general, trophy runs and even many basic difficulties new fishers have had. Though he hasn't completed his trophy set as of yet, he's only shy a few and has quite a few multiples under his belt. Gaidin is also a large part of the glue that has held TF together, even buying the guild for the community so we could chatter more with each other. He's always willing to answer questions should anyone need a little advice, runs a fishing guide in the Fishing forum, and is a caring individual trying to keep the balance between the rules on Gaia and individual relationships. It is rumored if you mention his name, he will appear! Gaidin is well loved and respected by the fishing community, and I can't think of a better compliment to give him. Honored among the community isn't enough said about how people feel about him.

Holy Knight57:
User ImageA great fisher and community builder. Holy started his career in May 2005, winning dual bronzes from Durem and Junk. Over the two years he fished, he earned ten trophies, including three golds and a silver. Holy served on the Top Fishers staff from August 2005 to May 2006. He also ran the Unofficial Junk Scoreboard for many months, bringing clarity to a scoreboard that was otherwise hidden.

H o l y V a i lUser Image
Not necessarily known to many of the newer fishers, Vail is still one many could learn from. Failing his first two attempts at Overall, he came back a third time to finally win, despite being treated in an ill manner by his competition that final time. A quiet, but friendly fellow, Vail was always a model Top Fisher. He offered help, he upheld fishing, and he was a good sport. Unfortunately life keeps him away from us most of the time, but those that do get to see him could do far worse than to follow his example.

User Imagetiranaki has pretty much always been around TF, even if she wasn't trying to make big waves. She has made some waves though, winning a Durem gold and being a part of TF Staff for several years. Being the first recorded person to have caught 3 rares, her subsequent research into finding out about rares has led her to to be the host of the Rare Fish Report. This thread is basically a database for rare catchings, and home to information on which Fishers build their theories on how best to approach hunting rares.

TranscendentUser Image
Transcendent. Not a name much seen or heard anymore, though many have been touched by him and don't even know it. Not only did Trans secure an Overall on his first try, working out PI factors that were still uncertain at the time, but he hosted one of the most popular fishing contest out there. Previously known as Transcendent's Fishing Contest, he now has a guild for fishers known as United Fishers Organization, or UFO. The same contest is handled through it, and the greatest filterers come from all over Gaia to duke it out. Not only that, but his format set the stage for many other contests over time. Though he's not seen much in fishing anymore, he's still first and foremost a Fisher, and his contributions will always be a part of Fishing itself.

AlfrogUser Image
Alfrog may very well be one of the most quiet of TFers ever to grace the boards. One who spoke little, but in a friendly manner when he was around, he made friends quickly in TF. Few will know him for that however, because his main claim to fame is his fishing style. He was another who did things, and did them right. He didn't go and win 5 Golds, but he did get 2, and a couple Silver with some assorted Bronze as well. When he fished, he did pretty much what he aimed, a Fisher who definitely knew how to plan. He's not with us any longer, disappearing while on hiatus, and hasn't really returned to TF since, but his memory lives on.

Chaos_ButterflyUser Image
Chaos has been around about as long as fishing itself. Winning the Silver Bass the very first month (before even knowing trophies were handed out), she went on to be the first to ever collect the entire set of fishing trophies by fishing. Other accomplishments include being the first to break 1,000,000 points in Durem. Her highly strong and intense fishing style will leave her name remembered for fishing generations to come.

ElendilonUser Image
In every major hobby, there's always that one person people use as an example of the utmost extremity. That person for Fishing is Elendilon. His insane approach to fishing brought in over 67,000 fish in april 2005, racking up over 1.2 million points in raw total score. While he didn't talk much, he made friends when he did, and showed the world of fishing just how high one could set the bar.

User ImageIxianMace made his fishing debut by winning a Gambino bronze in September 2005, and followed it up with a Durem gold in April 2006. However, his most impressive achievements have nothing to do with trophies: Ixian has distinguished himself with his excellent performances in the user run Can Catchers Anonymous and United Fishers' Organization contests. His open, helpful personality and demonstrably awesome filtering skills mark Ixian a true Fisher.

maharitoUser Image
A very enthusiastic and energetic fisher, maha holds the record of being the first Fisher to win two Overall trophies. His drive for things in general has led him to win multiple trophies and friends in the community, as well as a few fishing contests.

Over AchieverUser Image
One of the original Logan Staff members, Over Achiever was definitely one of the bigger names in Fishing. In his first month, Over, along with Anjelous, hit every board, something that was unprecedented in February 2005. Many who competed that month say it was the hardest they'd ever fished in because of the tenacity of those two Fishers. Over however, stuck around with the Community and helped out, and even went back to win an Overall later. He may not be around much anymore, but on the rare occasions he does show up, he is welcomed with open arms by most all who remember him.

Sapphire KasserackUser Image
The youngest Fisher in the Hall, Sapph livened the mood with an energy unique to her. That wasn't all however, she sparked the boards as well, being one of the majorly talked about fishers in the first months, shooting up the board repeatedly for a few more following, showing everyone that age didn't matter all that much for skill. One of her most remembered months was February of 2005, where she blasted up from her second place spot in Bass'ken to upset the Gold. She too is no longer really around, but her presence is a joyous occasion around here.

Snuggle BunniUser Image
A Fisher with an interesting personality that kept people amused, Snuggle made her debut in March of 2005, when she took a Durem Gold. Since then she's served on Staff a few times, but has since mostly disappeared from Gaia. Stalk the guild, and you may see her from time to time.

Usagi HasanoUser Image
When you talk about Usagi, many won't know the name. Why? Because she doesn't fish competitively anymore. Believe it or not, Usagi is Gaia's very first Overall Top Fisher. Not only that, but she won it not knowing there even was a prize to win. She fished purely for the joy of the game, and came out on top because of it. Still around regularly, Usagi serves as a reminder for some that fishing isn't just about trophies, but fun and enjoyment of the game as well.

Domain Name
User ImageSince Fishing was made and released to the Gaian public, there have always been a few tech savvy people who provide the community with information that even the best of players cannot produce. Domain Name, better known as Sigma, is one such person. Where CuBiC and Voxxen first started paving the way for Fishers, Sigma now walks and continues the legacy. She provides a very calculated view of the game and its strategies, bringing in perspectives that were previously only in the minds of the few extreme enough to run the numbers. In early 2007, Sigma joined the ranks of TF Staff, and has since been helping keep together the community that Fishing has held dear since 2005.

novarrenUser Image
Nova may not be a competition Fisher, but she is definitely a notable one. Having been around for quite awhile, she has been an essential part of keeping the Fishing Forum alive and well, having served both as a Helper, and as TF Staff. Not a very loud, but an integral part of TF, nova has gained many friends here over the time she's been around doing more for the Community than many will ever know.

thyallaUser Image
Thy, probably our biggest resident cheerleader. She took flag waving to a whole new level, creating and developing graphics of such quality that she now has a minishop running from them. Having followed Over Achiever to the TF thread back then, she immediately started cheering everyone on, and has always had her fishers in mind. She's one of few you will ever find that fishes hoping to catch the Fishers, and not the fish.

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