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Poetry Corner

Due to a brief poetic streak in one of the older threads, the Poetry Corner was born. From time to time one of the regulars will get an artistic inspriration(Or maybe just too many fish swimming in their head) and come up with something. That is what you will see here. If you would like to have poetry here please PM it to me.

Lake Themed


Over Achiever

Guppies are red,
The Bass are blue,
Filtering out junk,
Takes forever to do.


Red Guppy Red Guppy you move like Bass,
Red Guppy Red Guppy you smell like a**.

Red Guppy Red Guppy you are so plentyfull,
Red Guppy Red Guppy I have a whole damn bucket full.

Red Guppy Red Guppy I wish you were dead,
Red Guppy Red Guppy I''ll mount you on a hat and wear you on my head.

Red Guppy Red Guppy you must breed like bunnies,
Cause Bass''ken is so full of you ******** it''s not even funny.

There''s a man of Lake Bass''ken named Floyd.
A simple fishing method he employed.
If the strength of a wiggle was just more than a little,
he''d reel it in, and be overjoyed.

DJ Trouble
A Bass'terd Haiku by DJ Trouble

That smelly Bass'terd
I need to feel inside you
Swallow me, Bass'terd


Seedkin are pink,
frozen rainbow are cool,
version 105 sucks,
and the admins are cruel.

My pretty little Seedkin
if only you had seen him
He was rainbow''rific
it was just terrific
He loved to swim and play
and then one day
my Seedkin'' ran away.

There''s a man of Gambino named Keith,
who made ''fff fff'' sounds through his teeth.
whenever a fish''s power surpassed the left red tower,
he''d use rhythm to catch the tuna beneath.

Ode to Seedkin

Seedkin suck
Their fins I pluck

Green, Blue, and Pink
I''ll toss them down the sink!

They move rather quick
Like fish I''d rather pick

Stupid little fish
For Tuna is what I wish!

ll Shuyin ll
ninja Just thought maybe I'd share my best fishy poem yet. xd
chino, chino,
you're faster than a bino,
you're in the depths of gambino,
and you hide from the tino!


Heavens Wraith
pebbos are black
pyrites are gold
fishing is fun
until it gets old >.<

Bass'ken reeling is slow
Gambino water is deep
But at the ultimate fishing lake
Yes that's Durem, I always fall asleep

Pebbo fish Pebbo fish,
Brown, White Black.
Pebbo Fish Pebb Fish,
I''m putting You Back.

Pebbo fish pebbo fish,
Brown Black White.
Pebbo Fish Pebbo Fish
You don''t put up a fight.

Pebbo fish Pebbo Fish
Black White Brown.
Pebbo Fish Pebbo Fish,
You weigh my bucket down gonk

My dear little Pebbo,
I should name you Bebbo
You look like a mouse
you smell like a house
One day you ran away
I wish you could''ve stayed
My Bebbo ran away.

There''s a lad of ole Durem named Paul,
though ''Paulina'' did his drinking buddies call.
When his cursor pulled over the left side of the shoulder
only boldurs and biters didn''t stall!


Rubyback, Rubyback
It's you that I lack.
Unlike the other gembacks
Your not in my sack
My Emeralds are above the coat rack
and the Diamonds are on the back
But Rubyback, Rubyback
Why is it you that I lack?
So colorful and red
I should have you dead
You are the best color
over all the others.

ODINs choise

Durem way

Bitter coffe and a pack of cigarettes,
Comp turned on and in Durem again.
damn you boldurs, dont be so lame!!!!


OA wears socks
but why he wears a BAO, I have no clue
but the Labcoat makes him a man
And that is completely true.

Teh Squish
Junk is lame
filtering is fun
But make a Tin Hat
and you''ll have lots of fame

Over Achiever
Old cans are shiney,
Old boots are big,
Those big old tires,
Belong on my rig.

Gaidin wears an OMG
Heaven rates poems
But I think it''s all a plot
That''s why I end this one without rhyhm.

Teh Squish
They can be long.
They can be hard
Mine will be bronze
Some will be gold
Trophies are here
Pass me another beer? *shrugs*

Silver is good,
But Gold takes the cake,
And Chaos has got one,
From every single lake! whee

Some fishing trophies are Silver
Others are made of Gold
But for the Shiny Sushi Statuete
That one has to be cold

Mysterious Fishermen!
Mysterious fishers, we see them each month
Nobody knows''em, but these are the ones
That appears out of nothing, to flash off some skills
Get their hands on the gold
And then disappears
We''ve seen''em before and we''ll see them again
Mysterious fishers be carefull with them!

Okay, here is my poem. Please keep in mind that I am a terrible poet. sweatdrop

I want them to introduce fishing at the Barton Coast.
I caught a Snarlin Marlin and a Whale, we could surely all boast.
Maybe with friends we could fish from a boat,
Or set sail from a castle that has a murky moat.
Our ship would never ever spring a leak,
As we floated along to find the fish that we seek.

Teh Squish
Bass''ken is slow.
I hate this new version
Red guppies are evil
Going for overall really blows.

One day I caught a guppy
the guppy smelled like bass
a bass that smelled like a**
Then my mother told me,
"he''s just your little homie"
So I took him for a drive
We passed a Bee hive
George Guppie hated bees
I don''t know what he sees
But on that faithfull day
George Guppy passed away.

Squish is always Squishy
Chaos loves her Gold
I hope all fishers are happy
''Cuz sushi''s really cold.

Contra Celsius
As I set, the moon shines bright
Tonight I have a rare in sight
And in my heart there''s just one light
The light I need to get it right
To cast to reel to get that bite
Of the fish that''s worth my life...

I'm a fishy, yep.
At least I'd like to think so.
Going for a swim.


Bathtub touches down.
Pour some bait inside and watch.
Ha ha, stupid fish.


Stripervision Up!
Show me the fish within you!
...wait, that's a guppy.


Haiku Time! What fun!
Five, then seven, five again.
Sure beats filtering. icon_4laugh.gif


I started a new fishing game.
I thought "Hey, today is my day!"
But instead of the lucky,
my buckets were sucky,
and only my tires got saved.