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How's this for an idea?

Did it last year, gonna do it again! 0.18758620689655 18.8% [ 136 ]
Wanted to last year, will now! 0.16551724137931 16.6% [ 120 ]
Dude, someone organized this? SWEET! 0.52689655172414 52.7% [ 382 ]
V for what now? 0.08 8.0% [ 58 ]
Dumb. 0.04 4.0% [ 29 ]
Total Votes:[ 725 ]
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Clem Duckie
Thread creator, this may help to remind people.
On november 3rd and 4th bump this thread a coupld times. biggrin

Oh, I fully intend to keep bumping well up until November! I'll jsut bump more soon as Halloween is over.
Mmmmm... explosions.
I watched the movie again just to see the credits again to make sure David Lloyd had written the graphic novel.


And I did a mannequin dance
Mannequin dance?

Yep, David Lloyd and Alan Moore.
Alan Moore's name isn't in the credits...why for?

I wonder how the hockey mask would look with the whole V outfit...
Hmm, I think it would not be great.
If i had the gold to do it, id do it. sad
Clem Duckie
If i had the gold to do it, id do it. sad

That's why I'm posting it months in advance - so you can start saving, and collecting things gradually!
Rocking new banner, Lucca!

*Pets the happy little V*

I loff my V edit heart
Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! heart
*remembers* ninja
I'm in, unless I forget. But I will try not to. scream
Kiddo Seanchain's avatar

Shirtless Heckler

I'm game. I've already got most of the items I'll need and those I don't have can be easily bought.
Awesome! Chalk up two more for the V list!

Or maybe in this case spray-paint is better than chalk.

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