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How's this for an idea?

Did it last year, gonna do it again! 0.18758620689655 18.8% [ 136 ]
Wanted to last year, will now! 0.16551724137931 16.6% [ 120 ]
Dude, someone organized this? SWEET! 0.52689655172414 52.7% [ 382 ]
V for what now? 0.08 8.0% [ 58 ]
Dumb. 0.04 4.0% [ 29 ]
Total Votes:[ 725 ]
Bwa ha haa haaaa
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Dammit. Colonial hat needs to be unisexed! D:
They are. I believe they're in the Global Imports.
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This is rather dead...
Even Lucca didn't do it this year.

I doubt there will be a next year. D:
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Just as I posted in the guild: without our former beloved leader, we are nothing. The spirit lives on in the few... but as a whole, we don't exist.

I still remember. Rest in peace, V.
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I still remember the Fifth of November.
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And I shall Never forget.

Remeber Remeber, these words have never rung truer than now it would appear~
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*Raises glass..
I celebrated in real life, if it makes any difference. Got meself one of those thar Guy Fawks masks.

And a "musketeer" hat with the feather ripped off.
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Hmm, does appear there's still some life left in this idea. It's just been comatose for lack of leadership. Maybe next year I'll drag out my mule and try to revive it some.
It is good indeed to see there is some life left in this old thread.

It takes me back to the crashing of towns due to our march. Good times, good times.

Mayhap we could do something with ZoMG for next year?

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