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Do you own a Pair of Slippers? Wear them if you do!

I DO own a pair! And I'm wearing them! 0.23204419889503 23.2% [ 42 ]
Sadly I don't own a pair, but I would like to. Sends entry fee! 0.23756906077348 23.8% [ 43 ]
I have a pair, but I can't seem to find an outfit that goes with them. :( 0.14364640883978 14.4% [ 26 ]
I have a pair, and I'm a member of the Club! 0.20441988950276 20.4% [ 37 ]
YAY! FREE GAMES! 0.18232044198895 18.2% [ 33 ]
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If you haven't seen the awesome avatar animations from Renais, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? LOL

Here are just a few examples of his work:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

If you win the raffle, you will have the opportunity to have Renais animate your avatar.

Because his work is in such high demand, tickets for this raffle are 5,000 gold each.

Send trades to baabaasheepy, and label your trade: Animation Raffle Tickets

You may buy as many tickets as you like.

Tickets will be numbered in the order in which they are bought.

At the end of the event, the RNG will be used to determine the winning ticket number.


Ticket Holders:

istoleyourtaco: 1-10
zariqueen: 11-15
Humphreypoptart: 21-40
SS2-SITH LORD: 41-60
cherryrosepetals: 61-70
MOX1E: 71-100
Breaking The Faith: 101-103
-Candii_Sweet-: 104-106
Istoleyourtaco: 107-116
Holy One of Heaven: 117-126
Felinophile: 127-131
felinophiles alter ego: 132-135
zariqueen: 136-140
zariqueen: 146-151
aryanayushi: 152-153

AND THE WINNER IS: cherryrosepetals
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Sparkly Warlord

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  • 50 Wins 150
  • 1 Win 50
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the choosen payer/players will get a prize
they will then get the choice to keep the prize
or go for a chance of a better prize by rolling
a 3 sided dice to pick door 1 2 3 you will then get the
corresponding prize and a chance to keep that prize
or go for that days mega deal.
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Shy Hunter

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Let's Play
User Image
For the enjoyment of this game (and for it to work)
we are going to pretend that the world has a never ending supply of bunnies.
The point of this game, is to catch bunnies.
The person with the most bunnies at the end,
Wins an Easter Themed prize.
There are three places, so it's not just the winner who wins.
First, Second, and Third win something.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
It's quite simple really.
You use this lovely thing called the
Random Number Generator located right in the post action thing at the right hand side.
Of course, there (once you've clicked on the little arrow) it just says Random Number.
Then, put in the numbers
1 and 2 In that order.

If you get a
1, then you catch a bunny.
If you roll a
2, then you miss and the bunny escapes.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
1) Please be respectful of your fellow Bunny Catchers.
2) It would be lovely if you would keep a count of how many bunnies you have caught.
BE HONEST. But if you're not, then whatever, I'll be counting anyways.
Besides, it gives you something to put into your post if you can't think of anything.

3) You must wait until two people have posted before you may post again.
4) Please, just be nice and respectful. It makes it much more enjoyable for everyone.
5) Most of all Have Fun (You know you wanna).

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Blessed Lunatic

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  • Bunny Hoarder 150
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The Pyramid Poetry Game!

Hey (one)
Pink Bunny (Three)
Come play some games now (five)
We can all have a fun time (Seven)
Play a game, make some friends, hop around (nine)

Example Above: Pyramid Poetry! A game based on the Syllables on a line!

How to play: Create a Pyramid poem (try to get it to be an actual pyramid unlike mine shown above) every 12 hour’s (two a day can be submitted) to help create a massive poem.

1. Only play every 12 hours
2. Each Pyramid must be five (5) lines, no more or less.
3. Follow the Syllable’s shown above (1,3,5,7,9)
4. Poem must be about Easter, Pink Bunny Slipper Club, or about things going on in this thread/event.
5. Send Pyramid poem’s to Roseryrose (My mule, I will be using her.)
6. Have fun!!!

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There will be 15 eggs hidden throughout our chat thread, it's up to you to find them all. Located here
Once you have found all the eggs send me a pm with the links to the eggs.
The people who find them all will receive an Easter-related item.


1. No cheating by giving away the location of the eggs
2. Be nice and enjoy the event
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Throughout the event, I will post an image of a certain item.

Your job is to quote me with an image of a similar item.

The first person to quote with an image gets a prize.
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Welcome to the Once Upon A Time story building game! Here's how to play:

I will begin the story with a sentence like, Once upon a time there lived a handsome prince. Then each person who posts adds another sentence to the story. Simple enough right? You can add whatever you want to the story (as long as it follows Gaia's TOS, and you keep it PG13). Let your imaginations run wild! Or, be as boring as you want, add characters or kill them off, it's all up to you.

3nodding Rules:

Follow Gaia's TOS.
Please be considerate of all posters.
Keep it PG13 please.
Please be literate. Use complete sentences. No chatspeak.
Please post your story building sentence in italics, so that it is easier for people to keep track of the story and the most recently added sentence.
Post as often as you want, just only add one sentence per post.

exclaim Important Information:

There will be no prizes awarded for participation in this game, it's just for fun.

question If you have any questions about the game, feel free to send me a pm anytime.

gaia_star Here is the first sentence of our story:

Once upon a time there was a little boy lost in the woods, with no memory of how he got there.

arrow Want to follow the story so far? Click here.

That's it! So don't be shy, post a lot, and most importantly have fun! whee

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Big Member

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An unconventional, free-to-play, slightly sneaky avatar game.
How do you play? Well, I'm glad you asked!

How to play
★Come in and post.
★Have fun, chat with people.
★Have an awesome Easter-themed avatar.
...yeah, that's pretty much it.

This is a game that will award gold (and possibly items) to posters here in the thread who have great avatars. You don't need to pay to play this game, you just have to come in and stick around and post. I'll be lurking, and sometimes posting, throughout the event and whenever I see a great Easter-themed avatar I'll send them gold. Also, you can win more than once! If you have a great avatar one day and then change into another one the next day, I might send you MORE gold. Awesome, huh?

What Counts as "Easter-Themed"?
You don't have to dress up like a bunny to be eligible for this game. Dressed up like a baby chick on a murderous rampage? Cool! Wearing all your pastel items at the same time? Nice! Is your avatar naked and covered with tattoos so you look like a painted egg? Awesome!
Your avatar can be as literal or abstract as you want, just so long as there was some kind of effort involved in making it festive for this holiday. Also, I'm not judging avatars based on their value, so if you don't have a lot of MCs it's ok! You can still make really great avatars with cheaper items.

1. Don't just come in here and post once, and don't come in and just bump incessantly. To be eligible you actually have to participate in the thread. Hold conversation, invest some time.
2. Don't PM me to beg/harass/whine at me. If you have questions about this game, PMs are fine.
3. Don't try to talk up your avatar. I'm watching, if yours is good, you'll know.
4. If you DON'T get gold, don't get pissed off. Not everyone will win this game.
5. Don't ask me what I'm looking for in avatars. Just make one, or two, or seven and find out.

So that's it! Just come in, post, and enjoy yourself! You might get some gold for it!

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Hey all
This is a free game but with prizes, Prizes are Easter themed.
Follow Gaia's TOS.
Game is to find all the words in the puzzle
PM me aryanayushi the solved puzzle


names who sent the correct entries
THE Santa Claus
Jackie off
Colored Plain
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

"You must pay the 1000 gold entry fee to enter this contest."
User ImagePrize is Pink Bunny Slippers

Using the Random Number Generator, generate numbers between 1 and 100.
To light each candle, you must generate the following numbers: 18, 24, 37, 41, 59, 65, 71, 88, 96 one for each candle.
Use the form below to keep track of your lighted candles, and when you have every candle lit, pm your completed form to me: Felinophile
Please label your PM: Light the Menorah

candle #1____page# ____
candle #2____page# ____
candle #3____page# ____
candle #4____page# ____
candle #5____page# ____
candle #6____page# ____
candle #7____page# ____
candle #8____page# ____
candle #9____page# ____

winner will be determined by a random number draw of all eligible contestants
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Super Pumpkin

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  • Nerd 50
  • Sunny Side Up 100
Random Number Generation

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Note: You must pay the 1000 gold entrance fee to enter this contest.

Using the random number function, generate a number between 1 and 1000. Get 408 to be entered into a drawing for a pair of the coveted Pink Bunny SlippersUser Image! (408 is the date of Easter this year.)

But wait! There's more!

All entrants who generate the 408 but do not win the grand prize drawing will get a door prize of an Aquarium Easter Egg! (Bunnies come out of it, that's the connection.)

What's that you say? There's more?!

Why, yes, there is! All eligible contestants (contestants who have paid the entry fee) will be entered into a Second Chance drawing for the consolation prize of a pair of Bloody Bunny Slippers!User Image

*** In the unlikely event that no one generates the winning number, one eligible contestant will be awarded the Pink Bunny Slippers by means of a page-and-post random generation by me. ***

1. Obey TOS
2. Do your random number generation in this thread PBSC 2K12 RNG
3. It is your responsibility to PM me if you generate a winning number. I will be keeping an eye on the thread, but if you roll a winner and I miss it, you'd be out of luck.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
C00KIEMONSTER could not be here to run her contest, so I am doing it for her.

xxxxxxxxxxUser Image Here Comes Peter Cottontail... User Image

You MUST pay the entry fee in order to be eligible for this contest!

What to do:
It's that time of the year again! Time to celebrate all things Easter!
You must write a poem that has to do with Spring or Easter. It can be however long or short as you like.

Prize is a pair of
User Image emotion_kirakira

When you are done, PM your entry to me: PBSC mulette, titled "PBSC Poem"

iMistyRose: Winner by default

Winning Poem:

Hop around the green lush garden,
as I look for a candy filled egg.
Push this newly grown flower aside,
and I've found a bunny instead.
It hops around the bushes,
sneaking glaces all around.
Placing beautiful painted eggs
randomly on the ground.
I wonder what kind of bunny I've seen,
so large and wonderful in size,
and when I ask my mother,
I'm in for a great big surprise.

User Image ... Hopping Down The Bunny Trail User Imagexxxxxxxxxx

User Image

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