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Which Elf race do you prefer on Gaia?

The Christmas Elves 0.29447852760736 29.4% [ 48 ]
The Dark Elves 0.70552147239264 70.6% [ 115 ]
Total Votes:[ 163 ]
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I was thinking about this and with recent events I was comparing Gaia's two most prominent species of elves.

First, you have the long running Christmas elves which appear lighter in skin tone, shorter and more cheerful/happy. Living in the cold regions of the North Pole or Christmas Town up at Santa's workshop, most Christmas elves appear to be not big on the smarts, however we know they are capable of highly increased intelligence and forming complex ideas as present in the S-Corp event, which mimicked the G-Corp events in their own Christmas Santa-esque style.

They are short in stature, always. And their eyes are also more often than not depicted as being large, bright and very expressive given few exemptions to this artistic convention. This I believe is to compensate for what their smaller bodies can't do to show expression.

On the other hand, you have the Dark elves which are polar opposites. Rather than being bright, cheery and expressive, the dark elves are quite quiet and melancholy. Their eyes show little expression, as their elongated bodies and limbs do a large amount of this with statue like poses showing grace, balance and prose. They are quite dark in complexion, ranging from the most common hue of a dark grey to tints in blue and purple as well. Their eyes are smaller and slightly slanted. They are of a more silent malicious nature, and have shown a great deal of intelligence given their constant plotting, and it is assumed they are more in tune with warmth, as they live underground and are often shown in heavier clothing, such as long jackets, cloaks and even their day wear covers most of their outer bodies.

Culturally, the two species of Gaian elf are opposites as well. One being linked to positive thought process such as the happiness associated with holiday times such as Christmas, while the dark elves are less time associated as they have a year round dark presence very different in their underworld theme from the Christmas elves.

Some similarities are present however. Both elves pledge allegiance to a leader. The Christmas elves to Santa, and the Dark elves to Don Kuro. One group spreading joy, the other spreading crime.

It is interesting to note however, that the Christmas elves leader has not been established as a member of their own species despite his similar physical features in both stature and ears shape. While the Dark elves leader is clearly a member of their own kind, but for some odd reason has no similar physical features to his kind other than skin tone and ear shape, and is in stature and body shape, more similar interestingly enough to the smaller Christmas elves.

But which do you prefer? And what are the reasons behind the elf species you are more drawn to?
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Call me mega-mega old fashioned, but I still like to think of there only being a single species of elf. That being "Elf".
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I would definitely have to choose the Christmas elves.
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S-Corp elves for sure. They're the only thing I consider an elf on this site tbh. The tall pointy eared people are just... well... Gaian Klingons. Dark elves are also considered to be drows in my book.

I'm well versed in the lore...

I'm not a fan of elves, I just don't have a life...
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Lord. Christmas elves by far. People playing Christmas elves are rad as hell and usually super nice. ...I mean, all of the Christmas elf characters Gaia's ever actually shown are sociopaths, like most of Gaia's characters... but they're still sociopaths that bring presents every Christmas.

People playing Dark Elves are playing Dark Elves, which should tell you enough about their personality there already. And all of Gaia's Dark Elf characters are either bogglingly dull or want me dead.

....Although I've met some Dark Elves who were also employed as Christmas elves, so...
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Kawaii Phantom

Light Elves.
I prefer the long distance footraces, especially over varied terrain, as they can then show off their different talents when traveling through the various types of areas. A boat race could be interesting, especially if their dealing with rapids. And I suppose would could take them to the Rally, if we can find them a car and....

Oh. You mean that kind of race. sweatdrop

Well, I guess I'm a bit torn. On the one hand, dark elves are associated with the moon a lot. I'm a big fan of the moon. That, and they can look quite nice, and some of their societies are quite interesting.

On the other hand, Christmas elves are nicer and funnier. They're kind of like goofy walking candy canes, all holiday and adorable and hard to dislike. The S-Corp elves have the whole techno-gnome vibe going on.

I guess that what I mean is that I like both, but for different reasons. And really, they are both different sorts of "elves". Trying to toss them in together as a group doesn't quite seem to work, as it's like trying to toss Twilight-vampires into the same group as Dracula or a Soucouyant. Sure, they all get the same name and a few similar qualities, but they really are different enough to prevent much comparison.
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Vron likes the drow... mostly because he hates Christmas elves *shrugs*
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I can't decide between them both. One race of elves are nice and funny. The other is badass and cool. I shall not choose. They are both in my heart. They all deserve my love.
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Im not racist. I believe we are all the same species, some of us just spend more of the past 10 - 40k years in different areas leading to different levels of melatonin. But I dont judge elves because of such pigmentation.

Whats important is that we all pull togather and remove that worthless sparkling vampire scum from the earth.
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Yes remove the worthless sparkling vampire variant from the face of the earth and save the time of the none sparkly vampires. To be fair though lets kill the sparkling elves as well... though that dos not really even out... far more sparkly elves heh.
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Undead Elves, FTW!
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Rivendell Elves
626 likes her fellow elf kind.
She enjoys hot cocoa very much.
Santa makes sure 626 has hot cocoa.
Except when Santa gets mad.
Then 626 doesnt get hot cocoa.
This makes 626 very sad.

She also like all elf kind as well.
626 thinks elves are elves even if different.
Dark elves might not like hot cocoa.
But they are still elves to 626.

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