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Item Deflation?
Do like. emotion_dowant
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Yay I hope for more deflation ono
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This little rig sounds pretty awesome! So far its had wonderful items in it!

I can't wait to see more. Hopefully this means some nice things will drop in price <3
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Item Deflation?
Do like. emotion_dowant

        Me too. emotion_dowant
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King Caelum
I noticed Oisin is into one of them...i think?

Yes it is. Out of the three I opened one of the prizes was Oisin's Blessing. Easiest 25m I've ever made.

The other two had golden wings as the prize.

LOL omg you're lucky. v_v

Little bit I guess. heh.
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Sweet. Decided to try one more time and got Winged Anklets which is much better.
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I got Persephone from it. heart
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I am the embodiment of fear and evil

I just really want the Antigone one. I could take or leave the others, especially the chimera. But the Antigone is my favorite of the four.

of the House of Demonic Dreams

I would have liked Antigone more if the Hourglass was a giant one tbh...unless there's already some giant black hourglass item around o-o
I looove the Fountain hair whee Here's hoping they're in, or that Gaia puts the bundle on half price before it leaves the CS xP
I am the embodiment of fear and evil

I could have sworn there was another black hourglass. I thought I had the black hourglass MC but apparently I don't. Let me check the museum.

As for the Antigone, it's my favorite of the Oedipus plays from ancient Greece. And on that matter, I'm surprised that there hasn't been an Oedipus item, mother/son incest notwithstanding. Gaia loves to reference old things like the play.

of the House of Demonic Dreams
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Item Deflation??!... "YES, YES, YES!!!!" emotion_dowant
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        If the Blessings are in this I'm already excited for the deflation.
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omg this is getting so fun. its like a really cool party..hahah... omg. bundles, bundles, bundles...lol
i wish they would just keep these bundles in the cs for like 3-4 months at a time...amg... xd xd xd
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Gift of the Goddess...

COMMON crying

My luck is so s**t it's unbelievable.
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        Oisin's Blessing isn't even based on Greek mythology though, is it..? lol

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I want Orpheus deflation. -fingers crossed-

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