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Item shud be:

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Dorg Endo
there its moved 3nodding
Good, I like it here better domokun .

My standards for donation items are as lonmg as it is better then the PJs I'll be happy. If it was house related I think that would be stupid, so I doubt the admins would do it. Because the Avatar System is the signature of Gaia so the thank you items should go towards the signature of Gaia. Plus Gaia is a forum, so the thank you items would be seen by more people how you use them.

Anyway...I predict footwear. Because I can.
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Vicious Target

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I predict more crap (here, I use it as "stuff" wink that you can hold. surprised
Panda slippers would be so neat! whee
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Shy Elocutionist

Gaia needs more cool shoes and the store shoes just don't cut it >.<
Dorg likes non-store footwear
I was thinking maybe it could be a special fishing rod. Like the angelic rod that was hinted at at christmas time.
Sonething not animal themed would be nice.
Hmm, since Febs were considered really great items, I doubt this month's will as good. I think it would be something dealing with leprechauns. I have no idea why I think that, I just do.
seeming the housing has been released, it could be a furniture. but if the battle arena comes out, it could be more weapons
Wrong Forum. sad
<center>I like the idea of it being some kind of weaponry.</center>
Discuss what it cud be...i want panda slippers.
i think a little pet would be cool
Sevi Rais
what would a angelic tail look like genius>?

xd heart

It should look like a dove tail though
I would like to get my hands on a pair of demonic Anklets... But considering they wernt TECHNICALLY an Angelic Item... I doubt if there will be Demonic Ones.
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we need pets here on gaia.... heart
i want weapons!!!! or a fan...a fan would be cool...

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