Introducing Me

gaia_nitemareleft Writing these things are always a pain. gaia_nitemareright

I like coming on Gaia because it makes me happy. I have struggles with who I am and what I do IRL; trying to overcome my biggest obstacles, i.e., myself. Blah blah.

I went back to college and graduated as a nurse. Like I'm a real adult or something.

I buy lotto tickets once a month. Learned a lot about cooking from Food Network and YouTube, cooking is fun. I LOVE CATS AND I HAVE NO PROBLEM. Dogs are awesome too, but keep birds away. Lately I am happy in life, which I haven't gotten used too yet. Uh...reading stuff, videogame stuff, stuff, etc.

So that's what I'm all about these days. Being happy, awesome, and crazy. gaia_kittenstar