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          Guh don't even get me started on my invo organization. Let's just say there's lots of subcategories and I haven't fussed with arranging it since last April.
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Baja's is cluttered beyond belief. It takes me forever to find anything. If I could organise it, it would most likely be by item type. Like hats, tops, bottoms, and so on. To say I have a lot, would be an understatement. I think of it more as a collection than a hoard, though.
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I have mine organised by MCs > REIs > EIs >RIGs > Cash Shop items > Event items > Gold Shop items

I always keep item sets together. I organise my inventory often because I like it to be neatly organised.
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Mine is an... organized mess. x'3
SDPlus dolls - Makeup/Eyes/Hair - Item "Sets" - More dear items - More Item "Sets" - Backgrounds - Animated - Everything else

All the sections are sorted by rainbow, relatively. ^^
I only organize when my bottom pile of items (newly added ones) gets too unruly.

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Mine is: letters and MCs, EIs, cash shop items and RIG stuff, event items (vaguely chronologically), gold shop items (sorta organized based on what they are), game items, aquarium stuff, everything I haven't gotten around to sorting yet.

But my system is actually sort of terrible. The event items especially are out of control. So many events...
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I don't organize my invo at all. It's a big, horrible mess, but I seem to do fine in my chaos. xd . I have a fairly good idea of what I own, and if not, the search bar is there to help me out. My time on Gaia is usually limited - I'd rather not spend it organizing yet another thing in my life. But I'm always jealous when I see pics of other people's carefully planned invo.
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mine goes
rainbow items
EIs and dolls and frequently used items
mood bubbles
and everything else in this order:
kelly green
angelic blue

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I organize mine to match the dressup tabs (hats, tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories, other items), then I sub-organize by what I use most --& least. It varies sometimes, and I've kind of given up a bit. X3
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I have two pages of items, which is not much by the
standards of some users, although personally I think
it's a bit much.

I try to organize based on color, so that I spend less time
hunting for things when I'm coordinating an avatar.

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Sweet Bunny

Mines a mess, I want to organize it so bad but I can't from tablet. I'd have by sets then favorite items, everything else.

you can actually sort your inventory omg
i'd sort by color, I guess, for convenience in matching.
cries i can't believe i've never noticed this before, this'll really help!
/goes to organize

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