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Disorganized as heck. It's in the constant state of reorganization, both from the piles of junk and from the previous organization attempts.
Right now, it looks like:

- mementos I'm keeping forever
- thematic "sets" of items I always wear together
- a group of common items I wear, in progress from a hats-shirts-pants-etc organization towards a color-coded organization
- game items
- zOMG recipes
- alchemy formulas
- holiday items, organized
- piles of junk
- organized junk, alphabetically
- a second ground of alphabetically organized junk, separate from the first
- stuff from the Easter events (dander ears, grunnies, and eggs)

I'm sure it'll get more disorganized as time goes on, as well.
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Feral Kitten

just organized mine! (:
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Feral Vampire

Ive just gone through and donated a bunch of items I had duplicates of. Im trying to go through and sell some as well. I have way too many items and I cant be bothered to sort them sweatdrop
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I occasionally try to organize it, but just as I do, and think the job is done, I go to my inventory and realize everythign re-setted back to where it was before I tried to organize it.

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I have a lot! I just do SDPlus, EIs, Pets, BGs, and Weapons. I don't try to organize anything more. If only the new arranger would come, it would be easier.
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Organized? Whats this?
My items are organized in the order I brought them in. Which isn't so bad, cause I've got 848 items. Half are event items in storage and about 50 of them are in the games tab.
Used to have nearly 1.5K and that was horrible. Slowly downsizing. But still not organizing. Pfft.
So much easier to just vaguely remember when I brought it.
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Demonic Punk

Mine is a giant mess. I have too many items and not enough patience to bother organizing it.
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Heheh.. I would call mine clutter in sections. razz I would looove to do something ambitious like make it all rainbow, but.. neeeh.
I tend to make it: Stuff I want to sell at the top (easy access in MP), then Aquarium and game type items, the clutter that you can't get rid of, followed by the stuff I have hoarded to sell later.
Then, for my own things, EIs, MCs, Rare Items all mixed together, and then Gold Shop items. I'm trying to buy out all the gold shops, so right now it's mostly Cross Stitch and Barton Boutique. And then finally, whatever I'm working with right now.. which means two pages of Easter Grunnies, Ears and Wings.

I need a good go at getting it more organised.. but not until Easter is over, at the very least. razz
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Mine is organized but item type, but I hate doing it, it's so glitchy!
Not going to be a problem soon anyway, since I'm selling most of it for an item I'm questing. Should be very easy to manage then lol
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I organize them periodically, whenever there's a row of unsorted item on the bottom
since mine's still only 1 page and hopefully stay 1 page as it is easier to view everything like that

Here's mine:
stuff I am planning to sell soon

too lazy to color code them and since I am not sure how I should make them less messy
I just sort them based on the icon often for each section
ex. item (SDPlus, weapon, handheld stuff, animal, bg, misc.)
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Uhh....My inventory is such a mess half the time I can't find my items! gonk I can't even begin to organize the whole thing.

I do hoard items. Commons, event items, eis, mcs, and the like. So Idon't have to buy an item every time I want to change my avi.

I even have fish that gather dust..
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I wish they made it so you didn't have to go into the thing with storage to organize everything and just made it so you could drag everything as you see it in the inventory page...
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Visually, it's an unpleasant mess but if we're going by item type and name, then it's very well organized. All of the duplicates/items/etc I plan on selling in the MP are on the very bottom, so whenever I happen to get a couple handful of new items, I will organize them to where they belong. Things go by rarity tier (MC, EI, Astra, CI, etc, gold shop, event, sponsor, game exchange, etc), then in alphabetical order within each subcategory, and then by year (only applies to holiday events). Been doing this type of organization in so long, I'm pretty used to it.

The inventory arranger doesn't mess up on me like many people are having though, so I assume it has to do with frequency of usage. My mules who hardly have as much items as my main (got like, 10+ pages of item equips alone). They (mule) glitches up every once in a while, which is very odd, but since I rarely go into their inventory arranger, it may take a while to enter the inventory database (maybe?). I could be wrong and am totally off the track with this odd glitch thing though. I remember from way back when that if you stay in the inventory arrange for too long, the saving process will mess up on you (similar to getting kicked out of Gaia due to lack of online activity).
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After reading this post I think I'm going to go organize mine!
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I would love to organize my inventory, but it took me 20 minutes to move 3 items from the bottom of my inventory to the top the other day. I have over 4,000 items and the inventory arranger has my idea of hell for the past 5 years. Ain't nobody got time for that.

This made me laugh so hard xd

I'm surprised so many people organize their inventory! I thought I was the only one neurotic enough to deal with the slow, grindy drag of 'sigh... okay, got the first shirt to this section, now to bring the other 4 over.'

Mine is organized in each section with their own little rules. At the top: Centaur+Faun items, Tea items (because I collect both of these), then it goes tops/dresses > legs and/or leg shaped icons > pants > other bottoms > shoes.
Then from there I have two rows organized of things that stick up diagonally at a certain angle. This sounds a**l, but you would be surprised how many items, like swords, are all drawn at this specific angle!

Then from there, I have "things that go on the head" (such as headbands and clips) > hats > hair, and after that, bg items, or items drawn specifically in that square. If you know what I mean.

At the very bottom are all the animals, and below them are things that don't have a category (food, flowers, etc.)

AND, each of these sections is arranged by color.
... Wow I'm neurotic smh

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