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The inventory is an interesting place.

Is yours neat or cluttered? How do you sort your items? Do you have a lot of items or just a few? What of your storage? Do you hoard?

I just came back from a long break and found i'd been sorting my invo before I left due to the fact my storage was just a random mess, and my inventory had gotten out of hand due to laziness years ago. So i'm now suffering and sorting everything, putting it all in order. I've been at it for several hours now. I also hoard. Future profit!

My inventory is sorted by: Monthly collectibles, evolving items, hats, head accessories, face items / masks, mouth items, tattoos, shoulder, cape, necklaces, jacket, chest, bra, gloves, bracelets, rings, belt, pants, underwear, tails, socks, shoes, hand held items, companions, other items (such as backgrounds etc).
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I gave up trying to organize mine lol

I wish we would mess with our invo in towns/zomg, though
That would be boss
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Mine's a mess x ox only the first and second page of it are organized... I go by: dolls - MCs - EIs - CI pets - items I wear a lot - backgrounds and then it explodes lol but I at least organize items of the same type together XD like recolors and related items are always next to eachother, same as stuff from mini CIs and the like C: but yeah I'm on 5 pages of inventory XD;;; I need a new arranger... plus my "items" tab is so ridiculously cluttered :C I wish I could get tabs for all of the categories I mentioned XD
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My inventory (when I bother to sort them out) is sorted as follows:

MCs and its recolors, chronologically (recolors follow month of original)
Letters, chronologically
Everything else sorted by color: Red - Pink - Orange - Yellow - Green - Brown - Blue - Purple - Black - Gray - White
Event items, chronologically
Animal items
Game, trash, aquarium and other non-wearable stuff

If I have a long-term hoard I put them away in the locker so as not to clutter my invo. I haven't hoarded anything again since returning from hiatus though.

I don't organize by type (hat, shirt, etc) because Gaia already does that with the tabs. Also color sorting makes it look good in a glance.
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I hoard like crazy, but everyting I actually use (or that is worth anything) is color-coordinated. Nothing based on item type or anything like that, just colors.

Because avatar nerd. cool
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I'm on page 7 of equippable items now. I was never in the habit of sorting the stuff (I think I only disocvered the inventory arranger 5-6 years into my Gaian life lol).
I'm waiting for the long overdue update to the invo arranger before I take a crack at even trying to battle that chaos.

My storage is a mess as well, I just shove everything in there that's a duplicate I won't use, but might come in handy someday (I started leveling alchemy a week ago and all those Regalias of Ancient Fire, Lidless Demon Armors, Squids on my head and other such nonsense that had been collecting dust in there found a good use finally XD).
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My organization goes like this:
EIs, MCs, then most of my gold shop items in order from tops, capes, gloves, bottoms, and shoes. Everything else is a big cluttered mess after that and I can only pray that our cherished Inventory Arranger will become a reality...
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my invo is organized xD admittedly I have some junk that I've bought recently that are unsorted, but the rest is all done. Maybe when (if?) the new arranger comes out I'll redo how I've sorted some things, but for now I'm satisfied. I sort of decided on the order of everything years ago, so it has stayed that way for a while.
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      I wish my inventory was organized.

      stares at it from a distance.
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I would have an organized inventory, if Gaia had a better inventory arranger!
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Mine is so messy right now. The first 8 pages or so are relatively organized... but it's just such a pain to keep up with, so I've just let it go. Dying for that new inventory arranger we were promised.
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I would love to organize my inventory, but it took me 20 minutes to move 3 items from the bottom of my inventory to the top the other day. I have over 4,000 items and the inventory arranger has my idea of hell for the past 5 years. Ain't nobody got time for that.
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    I barely got the bright idea of putting CS items together further down from gold shop stuff, especially if they have multiple poses that I might miss, and actually did, when everything was jumbled up. Before, everything just went shirts then long sleeves then dresses than coats.This helped me realize the great stuff I bought and wasn't utilizing, and what I could sell. Made a bundle, actually.
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my inventory is organised chronologically emotion_dealwithit
I just have way too many items and no longer have as much time or patience to sort through them. I really want Gaia to update the inventory sorting system and make my life easier. I mean, we can already sort through items by their name, type, number, and etcetera. Why don't we have the option of saving the inventory after they are sorted in a certain order? Also, I think there should be a new category in there: Something that allows me to sort between the CS, CI and non-CS items. The sparkles can get annoying sometimes. I mean, I know I can disable those, but I need them to sort through my stuff too, so, I'm kind of just living with them until Gaia does add that CS/CI/non-CS sorting option.

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