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Angelic or Nitemare?

Angelic! 0.25229357798165 25.2% [ 55 ]
Nitemare! 0.1651376146789 16.5% [ 36 ]
Both! 0.58256880733945 58.3% [ 127 ]
Total Votes:[ 218 ]
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That's what alt accounts are for 3nodding
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Angelic, of course. wink
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Both, although I usually go for the Angelic theme over the Nitemare because I own most of the MCs.

I wish additional poses so were included so that it would be possible to equip either the mini halo or back winglets without the other. But, that's just me being nit-picky. These are awesome items!
Where do we get them?
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Muddy Gears
Where do we get them?

After collecting the item for 2003, look in your Inventory under the Special tab and you'll be able to select whether you want the angelic or demonic items.

Me, I got both along with both skins from the Tree House because they are good looking.
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Kawaii Striker

Choose angelic on this account (my main)
Pengaana is neutral good after all
but I nabbed a demonic one from a mule
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Angelic or Nitemare winglets?

I chose both...
Surprised they were only 50k on the MP.
Hell, I haven't logged on in a year or two. Don't use my gold anyway.
Besides, now I don't have to choose.
Seeing as everyone only gets one, seems like they'd go up in price.


so wait! once you buy one you can't buy the other one?! emotion_0A0
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+.♦.+ La Loba +.♦.+

I got both! heart whee

Plus two extra ones from the power of mules. ninja

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I have enough mules so I didn't need to choose. But I granted myself the Nitemare Winglets on this account.
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I'm going to open mine for the Angelic and buy the Demonic ones later. I'm expecting/hoping the MP prices will drop.
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Blessed Lunatic

Both, thanks to my mule, but I don't think Serai looks too happy with hers. Heh!
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Aekea Bunny

I chose both.
Angelic would be my first choice however.
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i chose the angelic for my main and the nightmare one for my mule. same with the new backgrounds ^^
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Both, as well. I chose angelic on the one I got for free, then bought another for the demonic.
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Why didn't I sign in my mule... I'll just buy the other set later.

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