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Angelic or Nitemare?

Angelic! 0.25229357798165 25.2% [ 55 ]
Nitemare! 0.1651376146789 16.5% [ 36 ]
Both! 0.58256880733945 58.3% [ 127 ]
Total Votes:[ 218 ]
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J 4 C K's avatar

Perfect Pumpkin

User ImageI just avoid choosing through the magic of mules. ^^

But, I got the angelic version for my main. It's more anniversary-ish. or something.
"My Little Mule: Cheating is Magic".

But for real. I chose neither. I got the special tab item and left it to rot in my inventory, as most things do.
justicecream's avatar

Shy Perfectionist

Both, but I got angelic first. I figured it fit my current avi more. 3nodding
      Angelic (:
      i'm probably going to use them more, so it was an obvious choice ^-^
Amechan's avatar

Eloquent Elder

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  • Noble Shade 100
  • Love Machine 150
Both, thank you eGod for mules.

Preach! I definitely did the same. And I've got a one to hoard, one to sell, and I logged into a friend's account and got one for her because she's on hiatus. (Yes, I know her password, but I also know her IRL, so she trusts me)
Miss Shadow Cat's avatar

Feline Healer

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  • V-Day 2011 Event 100
I got just nightmare wings, but if it was possible I would have gotten both. I don't do mules, I don't really know how to anyway.
The Prince Soubi's avatar

Beloved Foe

User ImageUser Image
♥ ♥

Chose Nitemare and am too lazy to log into a mule
to get the other. Angelic isn't really my style anywho.

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
I got both.
Amy Storm's avatar

Magnetic Lunatic

Both, and the rest of the mules didn't choose. Options for selling stuff later. Harr harr I'm terrible.

I don't think I'm gonna use the angelic one that much 'cause it's two colors. And OCD says I'd have to cover one or the other every time.
AliceLoathesWonderland's avatar

Stone-cold Cat

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  • Citizen 200
Both lol.
I got one from my mule as well
eusheeta's avatar

Golden Saint

9,200 Points
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  • Signature Look 250
Neither, sold it on the MP for 80k.
Nyem-Nyam's avatar

Mewling Muse

11,350 Points
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  • Cool Cat 500
  • Battle: Mage 100
Angelic + mule got Demonic.
Erinnerung's avatar

Questionable Mage

I think the nitemare winglets flow more like real wings...and go better with my avatar style. smile
robomog's avatar

Partying Prophet

I couldnt' decide, so I bought a second set 4laugh
Pinque Von Fluffendorken's avatar


17,000 Points
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  • Pet Trainer 150
  • Perfect Attendance 400
Angelic...I always go angelic. heart
X_Gokai-Okuzuko_X's avatar

Prodigal Essence

I chose the demonic set! Demonic's always the way to go, for me. I'm gonna get the grant on a bunch of my mules, of course. 4laugh

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