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Angelic or Nitemare?

Angelic! 0.25229357798165 25.2% [ 55 ]
Nitemare! 0.1651376146789 16.5% [ 36 ]
Both! 0.58256880733945 58.3% [ 127 ]
Total Votes:[ 218 ]
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Salt N Burn's avatar

Greedy Fairy

7,350 Points
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I bought both, one for 80k and the other for 75k.
Anabaena's avatar

Lavish Lunatic

I didn't choose.

I have no preference right now and I don't see myself using the item anytime soon, so I figured I might as wel leave it in my special tab and decide later. wink
u____u neither. dumbstupidkatsucon stealing all my dumbstupidattention and dumbstupidenergy.

also pretty bummed the fusion isn't an item
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Scurvy Wench

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I'm eventually going to choose the NM winglets. I just think it becomes overstated for my present look.
ninja-no-ryu's avatar

Tipsy Reindeer

I have both. Because.
the fluke's avatar


I have both. I originally chose the angelic and I ended up buying the nitemare later. (:
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Fashionable Lover

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Decided sleep was more important than logging in yesterday so I just bought the Angelic one.
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Witty Risk-Taker

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Seriously, they're both awesome. Now, to get my hands on both them backgrounds in the Treehouse...
Neon Wasteland's avatar

Partying Reveler

I have 8 pairs so i'm good. Thank you gaia gods for mule accounts.
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Angelic Sweetheart

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I had to grab both^^
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Amorous Fatcat

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Angelic! It's seemed more... gaia-versary...ish..!
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Destructive Glitch

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Nitemare. heart
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Salty Phantom

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I love me my mules. emotion_bigheart

I'm not sure if I'll have a "use this one the most" item, it'll just depend on how I can make them work.
Magentia's avatar

Sparkly Lunatic

Angelic or Nitemare winglets?

I chose both...
Surprised they were only 50k on the MP.
Hell, I haven't logged on in a year or two. Don't use my gold anyway.
Besides, now I don't have to choose.
Seeing as everyone only gets one, seems like they'd go up in price.


Do you know if this is an item you get when you buy the cash shop item? D:<
Where are all these extra 10th anniversary items coming from?
Adephi's avatar

Invisible Student

Both, of course.

And I'm really glad they're not soulbound. For some reason I thought they'd be when I first saw them.

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