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The Reapersun one made me literally LOL. rofl The art, avatar, hashtags...everything, really. They're priceless!
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Today, I finally have the courage to ask you guys;
WHAT IS OTP?! gonk

Help me out here!

OTP means One True Pairing. That is, your favorite pairing or the only pairing you will accept for those characters.
Thank you!
Now at last I know! emotion_dowant
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*blargh-blargh* crescendo x nicholae *blargh-blargh* louie x edmund *blargh- blargh*


......why there no STEIN ;^; !??
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Have so many of reapersun's art stashed in my yaoi safe... emotion_dowant
Here's another if you want more Creselae.;D
(Lookit dat a**)
User Image

cat_ninja It's so cute cat_biggrin Is there anymore Creselae pictures *Hopeful eyes* emotion_kirakira

In reapersun's tumblr, yeah. I think this is the on one on his Deviant account.c:
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HHNNNNGGGG, LOUIExEDMUND. heart heart heart

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Someone was actually paid by their employers to draw slash.
The artists were probably thinking "BEST JOB EVEH"
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gaia_angelleft gaia_star

I'm currently fawning over all of the art for this CI. c;
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yum_strawberry emotion_bigheart FFFFF wow the art for this rig is so goood > o <
GOSH i wanna know who did the lovely art for the MOISHA pair, it's so ridiculously great o: i love that style like hot DAMN
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I just couldn't help myself!

User Image
technicolor difficulty

if you haven't found out yet, that would be barachan!

on another note, i am admittedly really in love with this CI. it's hilarious and the art and items to come out of it are super great.
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yum_strawberry emotion_bigheart oh! no i didn't o: thank you so much for telling me! dang her art's so cool @ o @
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Why is Senteniel

in this RIG??


Seriously, I thought she was black. :/ The artist made a mistake.

I think Diedradio is funny.

Well, I'm pretty sure the "poster" of the art is supposed to be someone cosplaying her, not the real thing. And the art, her skin is an odd color, but it looks more tan to me than white.

Ah! Cosplay. I didn't catch that. Well, that makes more sense. razz
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goddamn it reapersun.


In all seriousness, I am glad to see this thread. Thank you for posting the art and comments about the bundle. All the parings made me laugh.
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Why is there no stein and his hot self? ; x ;

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