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My First AMV -the end is the good part~


This' my Chocobo- Rÿssha!
User Image
-I won her in Golden Stables; they do Chocobos :3!

Yes; Konani, or Kon -for short.

My first update in a really long time; i once was another member at Gaia= Konani O_o -but some bitchmouth hacked my account/i didn't know about the look-alike scamming pages, and i lost an account worth some couple of hundred thousand- maybe even a whole million (it was a lot of money back in those days...)
I'm still in grieving of it, but have accepted that Gaia's staff won't help me get it back, it's been more than two years since it happened anyway, so my hopes have fallen, cooled and gotten buried like many other gaians dreams.

Yes; i can be vengeful if i deem you've wronged me.
I'm not a saint, though i have a lot of patience as long as we don't go to money;
Konani is a very greedy person, who doesn't like to part from items i particularly like, which is also why my inventory is so effing full i made quite the buck when i sold off half of the s**t i didn't want -_-

I've just recently tried to join the B/C-community, though i'll have to work more throughoutly on my linearts before i'm there= i also need to study the anatomy of some animals before i can quite go there as well, lesigh~
Simple solutions are my favourite solutions.
Sadly; they are also very hard to find, and very long time apart.
Kon is a very lazy person over all, and if i can draw just 3-5 arts and have 100K- then sure, i'm happy with that.

Another thing Kon likes to do; is to brag about the collections.
My last ocunt i think i reached about 1600 manga on my shelves, i also have managed to scrape together 100? anime. -Some merchandise, as well as a whole bunch of games.
I believe i have nearly all of the FF-games (not 11 and no numbers over 12....) but it's still a decent amount. All of them are for the PS1-PS2 though.
I've recently fallen into wanting Merch too, which will make things even more costy for me.
Thus far i have some plushies- some since really long ago, some since my recent visit in london (May 2010); Naruto, Haku, Allen Walker, Byomon, Gabumon, Pikachu.
i also have a Sephiroth- action figure, whom i'm very proud of; though i don't reccoment you try to let him stand on his own on an unstable surface -he's fallen to the floor so many times now that one of his feet doesn't have the durability left to keep him up.
Thus he's been assigned to just perch on top of my shelf and look over my room with two tiny Ho-oh statues by his side, as well as a lucky-neko placed by his feet.

So what i like doing, or what you might find if you stalk me for a while; is that i like yaoi, i also like horror and fantasy and pretty much all of those things bundled together. I don't like people who use characters from series which i know of, and put them into RP's. No, i don't think i really have a reason, but i think it's just wrong to picture this or that character in those kinds of situations.
-That one up, i like to RP. I heart LOVE heart to RP, especially with a number of characters and people so there's more than just two people throwing words at each other. I tend to like more literate things though and in all honesty i have to say that one-liners are pretty much annoying me all-in-all...

I'm a fan of horror movies and i like those really old ones as well, say The Blob, The Thing, The Fly and all of those old grubby ones. -I'm swedish, so please don't curse my grammar or if i do get a few words wrong every here or there, it's human to fail and you all know it :3!

As fo my manga then, quite a collection and quite a variety, well -i don't have exactly all of them marked and printed down, but thanks to a funny page, i've been able to at least cathegorize quite a number of them :3!
-My Viritual Bookshelf-
-It doesn't have all of my manga, but as said before, a variety so you'd get a good idea of the genres i like and am interested of :3!

-Other funny things; i've read through the "My Immortal" fanfic created by someone somewhere, a friend shoved it up to me and well yeah, we had a number of laughs.

-Top coolest characters -EVER-
(in no specific order)

Neuro -Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro
reason; ...Just watch the series, i love how he's so friggin sadistic and carefree about hurting his "sensei". Err... well, he's kind of carefree about anything as long as it's not about his mysteries. And that's a treat to really love about him, he's so self-centered and egoistic ^_^!

Il Palazzo -Excel Saga
reason; although he's basically clueless about the world, he jumps to his own assumptions and sees basically everything as a potential threat. Still he pulls through by having the most awesome personality and normal hobbies. He also kills the main character several times without really caring about it ^_^!

Akabane -Get Backers
reason; well... In the anime, for as long as that goes, he makes me excited whenever he pops up and has been nicked "Mr. Giggles" by myself, due to how he always seems to have a snicker whenever he speaks casually.
He's also totally lethal and funny by the way how he totally creeps out the other characters of the series ^_^!!

-i guess that's just about it, all of the guys are sadistic bastards and they look outmost eyelicious ^_^!!

And now i have also turned my eyes towards the Ladies- since there actually ARE some interesting ones out there too!

Oyuki -Urusei Yatsura (Those obnoxious Aliens)
reason; well, what can i say? -Only that; you have to watch the series to really understand it, i have a high fear of her as a character, and just know that it is a bad thing when she is happy. Especially at occations where she absolutely shouldn't be.
Her personality is perfect, she is the embodiment of female you'd do best to stay away from, she can summon icestorms to freeze a whole planet, and is the worst fear of both her friends and enemies.
As a character, she's a very strong and independent woman, fearsome to say the least but also very fun... my bet is also that she's the embodiment of evil..

Unipuma & Annapuma -Dominion tank Police
reason; their bodies are hot! -their breasts aren't too big, they got muscle, they're not overly thin, they also have length! -And cat-ears!
What can i say, i love their personalities, as well as their looks. They are supposedly tough broads, in a funny-fail kind of team almost like team-rocket from the pokemon series (but more serious...)
I gotta say; where i'd run from other women in any kind of situation, i'd stay and attempt a snuggle with these two beasty broads any-day!
They are definetely what could make me like female characters much more!

If i come up with any more interesting damsels, i shall post them as well!

Interesting things;

Irukandji Jellyfish


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Konvictor Report | 12/19/2014 2:02 am
oh yes, except for skype; Xxxnifeyer
you could also reach me on hotmail;

will miss y'all, unless gaiaonline finds it in the kindness of their hearts to give me my account back ^_^'
Konvictor Report | 12/19/2014 1:45 am
Yo, Konani here; i was permabanned due to lack of information about something i had done a couple of years ago,
sorry everyone, no items from me unless i get my account back,
i shall forever grieve those hundreds of dollars i put on this site,

anyway, you can reach me on skype if you want me anything; Xxxnifeyer
VVhip Report | 12/09/2014 6:14 am
Oooh! I haven't heard of those films/anime... I'll definitely look them up ^_^

I'm fond of really interesting animation, I loved Garden of Words for that reason!
VVhip Report | 12/09/2014 3:47 am
^_^ I am! Interstella 5555! Her name's actually Stella, although they don't really speak in the film so it's easy to forget!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!
cynthia3314 Report | 11/24/2014 12:57 pm
Oh! XD what do you think of the hat?
cynthia3314 Report | 11/24/2014 11:54 am
XD what made you look at my profile today?
cynthia3314 Report | 11/24/2014 11:45 am
Kinda sweatdrop , I hope he comes back and finishes it.
cynthia3314 Report | 11/24/2014 11:26 am
Thank you, I'm hoping it will look like my character Cynthia.
cynthia3314 Report | 11/24/2014 11:19 am
Hi! and I'm not sure... its still not finished nor done yet.
amiable catnip Report | 11/16/2014 7:52 pm

Right now I don't even know what my best time for sleeping is XD

And half the time I'm conversating with someone I often find it hard to reply. Guess I'm just awkward owo;

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