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Chuva De Estrelas
Strangely enough the only thing I wanted from the list of items was the panties. A darn shame I didn't get them. I could always buy them used on e-bay for what... 1mil? ;3
omg i always wanted those, too!
I should have bought them. :c They were super cute!

But yeah. I own the black pj pants (falling apart from love), garlic plush tshirt, garlic plush, garlic plush keychain, mini nitemare wing clips, mini angelic wing clips, and someeewhere, I have an OMG.
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I always wanted to buy merchandise but my mum was extremely against buying things on the internet. It wasn't until I was 17(2 years ago) that I got a student paypal. I bought a pair of angelic wing clips for my birthday but all I really want is a Gwee plush.
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I will always regret not getting the OMG hat when I had the chance too.

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I have the mini angel wing hair clips and a pink t-shirt with kiki on the front. I still wear the crap out of that t-shirt, even if it is a bit faded now. I'd love to have another. ^.^ emotion_bigheart
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I have an AFK hat.
I didn't know they had panties! D:
I havn't been a regular on Gaia in forever, didn't even know they'd stopped selling stuff. Sad, I always wanted the keychains.
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I wear my OMG hat sometimes whenever I re-find it in my room.
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I have an OMG hat that I still wear every day.
I also have a grunny plushie on my bed and a G CORP shirt in my closet.
And a Grunny wristband.
And a G CORP wristband.

I like grunnies. A lot.
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Ahh, those items!~

I own a Coco plush, an Ian keychain, (To which the Gaia booth person was snickering at my want for it.) an OMG hat that I found in my room again and have been using recently, and an Om Nom Nom hat (which I haven't really used since it's huge and hasn't been cold enough.)

I really should have gotten the Rejected Olympic Barton shirt but...eh.
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when the store was online, I didn't had a job.. so no money to buy stuff

now that I could buy... there's no store emo I wish I could buy Gaia stuff
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I bought a Kiki charm on ebay...still hoping to find the Coco one too. ): I kept meaning to buy from the site when it was up but I am queen procrastinator. It's really nice quality, I'm sad they're not gonna sell stuff again.
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Luckily for me, the one item I really really wanted was always the WTF Hat,
and a friend of mine is willing to give it to me 'cause they don't use it anymore.
(of course, I'm going to pay for it, not just gunna take that! e___e...)

So I am happy blaugh
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One of my friends has an OMG and an Orly hat. They'd regularly wear both proud. It was a sight to behold. Everyone we walk past had to look and ask what it was. Honestly i don't blame them, those are the coolest hats ever.
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I have the Gaia mini angel wing hairclips that I wear when I am alone and I'm sad that I didn't buy the demonic pair to complete my set! emotion_8c
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I always regretted not getting a grunny. I remember buying a G-corp Ninja Hoody and a Water Meat back at a Comic Con, but after that they stopped having a booth.

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