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"no one uses gold shop items"
my inventory is 70% gold shop items
and I always have gold shop items on my avatars

So that isn't even remotely true
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I miss the original stores to many stores to choose from now emo emo emo
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I love the gold shops. classified_fu
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Wealthy Sex Symbol

    I am wearing gold shop items right now.
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I think actually most of my outfit consists of gold shop items... I, for one, love how some of them look.
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It depends on the Gaia, but I find the gold shops are better than the CS. Mainly the only non-gs things I have an undeniable weakness to are wigs, but most other things I buy I get right out of the gold shops. Cheaper and more realistic- which is my style.
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why put effort in a feature that doesn't make a profit?
who buys cash for gold shops anyway

I don't expect loyalty shop to be anything good
I wonder this, myself? gold shops don't benefit gaia in any way at all, financially. I don't understand why they're still being updated, and new gold shops are even being made, at this point. A lot of the items in there suck anyway, and time spent making all those gold shop items could be time spent for the artists to work on cash items, so that gaia can make money. Isn't that what they want? And isn't what gaians want better items?

The gold shops aren't benefiting anyone

Uhh? So are you saying you'd rather have EVERYTHING on the site be purchased with cash? That's a terrifying sentiment.

I use the gold shops pretty often. I wear a combination of gold and cash items most times.
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Dangerous Loiterer

I usually buy pretty much one of every color I like even a little.

Haven't bought any "cash" item in a while.
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Uhh... A lot of people still do.
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I wear them. :/
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I do shop at the gold shops tho ! <:
I mean-- I don't look at it as often; but that's probably because the items there are cheaper and I don't really have to save up or check for low prices q vq

When I do check them out, I usually buy a few sets ! A lot of the items in the gold shops are realllyyyy nice imo. heart
&&idk about the gold sink but I'm suppperr excited for the new loyalty shop and their items ! * 7*
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It may not be obvious in my avi, but my bald hair base and skin color is GS. My gender swap pots are GS. A lot of my ears and noses are GS. My base eyes are GS. GS is not just clothes and accs, it's also your hair , face and body mods as well.

You're throwing a huge baby along with the bathwater should you think GS shops sylould be phased out. Even some of the richest Avis I see here are using default eyes and hair bought from GS
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I'd say most Gaians wear Gold Shop items, actually. Not exclusively, no, but there are great basics and some items that are quite detailed and would feel right at home as a pose in a more expensive item.
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Demonic Vampire

XD I usually don't wear a lot of gold items.
But I seriously sunk a lot of gold over the past few months
due to Salon Durem and the ever awesome facial hair update.

I seriously change my chops every time I change wigs
and that can be as often as 3x a day. XD

So yeah...if they updated the facial hair some more
then I'll probably be sinking even more gold.

O w O Also...I always tend to buy a lot from Crosstitch updates.
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I like gold shop items. I don't want to pay cash for 1 pose .

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