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Inadvertantly her emerald eyes would dart across every nook and cranny before falling towards the bar and then she closed them momentairly, missing an old friend at the moment. It had been two long years yet she was still somewhat familiar with the infastructure and she simply grinned, her minds eye could see it all from the past and opening her eyes she noticed small, subtle changes with the exception of the floor. That was more than just new. Letting her gaze settle from zipping over the establishment she looked to the bar and spotted the eyes and tuft of hair that belonged to an old friend. With a soft laugh she waved rather heartidly and some what speed walked in, her feet gently sliding along the floor with every movement.
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As he began to gather the various ingredients that he needed to make up his cinnomon balls, Zan just laughed at Kalars comment and said "Your leaving that up to me? Half the things I make are alcoholic in someway Kalar. So your warned before hand. Just stay out of kitchen while I'm here and we'll be all good. Cause the kitchen is my neck of the woods and you'd kill me for going into your office without permission."

Pouring the powdered sugar into a mixing bowl along with the dough and the water, he began to stir it all up with a huge wooden spoon. Every few minutes he stopped stiring and added a bit of his own brand of liquor into it to give it some zing, a drink called Devils brew. Made from mushrooms grown in the underdark it had a subtle kick to it that wouldn't be felt for a few hours afterwards. What it was really nice at was enhancing someones concentration.
A helicopter sounds as the flying vehicle descends down toward the bar, the Shinra official inside, the president himself, making a landing near the building. Once the feet of it touch the ground, the man leaps out, his white clothing fluttering to the propeller's wind, while another guy leaps out behind him, wearing black clothing, had tanned skin, and a nicely cut goatee, and shades over his eyes. He had no hair on the top of his head, however. This was Rufus's bodyguard, a Turk who pulls tight on his gloves to make sure they were fit as the propellers slow down to a halt, the pilot inside also of the Turk division.

The president steps up the doors, Rude, the name of the Turk following him, opening them to allow the man inside, who stepped in fully as the brush of air that exited made the single bang over his left eye move to its will. The doors close behind them as they both walk across the bar to the counter, where Rufus remains standing as his right hand goes upon the counter, his left stuffing into his pocket. Rude simply remains to the side, looking back with his hands crossed in front of him, keeping a lookout in a casual way.

He says to Rude without facing him: "Quite a place, isn't it?"

The Turk answers: "Oh, yeah. It's my kind of place."

They both laugh heartedly.
A black wolf had been looming around Durem for some time now. This wolf was massive, his body length was about the size of a lion. He had the strong legs of a wolf though, he also had an amazing black fur coat. At first glance it seamed as though he might be wearing a silk jacket, or something of that material. He also had piercing golden eyes, the term if looks could kill would apply to him.

While he was trotting around he caught the red blood drop sign light up out of the corner of his eye. He came to a halt and was slightly intrigued by this. So with that he trotted over to the door and began to scratch at it. Shaking his head slightly his body began to violently snap and crack as he stood up on two legs. The silk like fur fell from his body revealing human skin. The only silk like black hair that remained was on top of his head. Soon hands and fingers were there and he now looked like a normal human being, minus the two black wolf ears that still remained on top of his head.

He smiled lightly as he gazed around. Closing his golden eyes clothing began to appear on him. He wore a light blue collared shirt that fit his torso nicely, then a jacket also formed around that shirt. Lower down blue jeans formed, they were also some what tight, showing of that he had built legs. He wore no shoes, only two black back wolf feet. It was a little bit strange but no one had questioned him about it before. After it had fully formed to his body he brought his hands up to his collar and popped it up lightly. Then with a casual smirk his hand reached out and grabbed hold of the handle. Then he pushed the door open quickly and gazed around from the front doorway. He took a few more steps and then closed the door behind him. He slipped his hands into his pockets and turned them inside out to show that he came unarmed. Slowly he made his way over to the bar area. Whistling a slight tune and looking for someone to make sure he came in the proper way. So he was making sure he was fallowing protocol for them.

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It would take Kalar a while to take in all that would happen so quickly. It was all running to well right at the start. Kalar turned over to Zant and nodded. "That's fine, but if you unlock the freezer and open it, I am not responcible for what our phalic-headded friends will do to you." He said with a warning gaze.

"Now, well were we. Ah yes!"

Kalar gave a wave over to Vei Vigrith and smiled full heartedly. "Heya Vei, perfect timing, hop behind the bar with me for a bit, will you, we seem to be getting many guests here at once."

Kalar's eyes warily look over to the President of Shinra with a smile. "Good morning sir and welcome to Bloodbath Bar Inc. Do please be sure to check your weapons at the secuirty portal. It would be a shame if your esteemed body guards started waving around rubber chikens in a critical moment."
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It had been so long since she had dared to set foot in this place.

The shadows cast by the low lights in the bar began to waver slightly, though it was hardly noticable, they marked her return which was soon to come. Their shapes wavering and radiating outwards, the inkly blackness began to double, then triple in size, spreading out along the floor, and flowing up the stairs, effectively turning the ground a glossy black. It poured from between the railing of the balcony, a sticky, inky stream of waterfalls that oozed back within their original mass coating the floor. The substance began to flow up the walls, before gravity overtook it and small portions spilled back down with sickening wet sounds. It was eager for her presence, the dark here had not known her touch for too long. Neglect, after such constant attention, had pained it so, and now it longed for her, as if the very shadows of the bar possessed a life and a history of their own.

Shortly after the darkness had come to life, writhing purposefully around the balcony, the doors pushed open, the shadow parting to allow the movement, and the tall, lithe woman stepped inside. One would hardly have an instant to catch sight of her features, before the dark swarmed around her body, eager to touch her flesh. And she held her arms out in a welcoming gesture as the black liquid swathed itself around her form, suffocating her being in entirety. Her lips parted, and she took a breath, absorbing some of that which she admittedly had missed. It was different here. After a few moments beneath the blinding dark, it receeded, content to remain wrapped tightly around her legs and arms, trailing after her like a silken garment as she walked into the main part of the bar, a smile gracing pale lips. Garnet hued eyes flickered around the room, drinking in the surroundings, taking note of small changes. She took another breath, more for show than anything purposeful, and she could taste this place.. such fond memories came back to her, as well as those laced with pain, but such was to be expected.

Her arms, which had been outstretched this entire time, held out by straining shadow, fell to her sides. They swayed as she walked to the bar, glancing around at familiar faces, unable to help but smile as she reached up with slender fingers to brush the long ivory hair over a shoulder.

"It's good to be back..."
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(( Bloodbath Bar Inc.'s Comment's section on the Bar account's profile is offically open! Leave your mark and tell us what you think!))
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Spooning the dough out onto three cookie sheets evenly spaced, the Count glanced up at the doorway and just shook his head. Kalar was defiently going to be swamped tonight. Perhaps Kalar would need him mixing drinks as well on this night he thought to himself as he poured a liberal amount of cinnomon over the dough. Opening up the stove with his foot, Zan slide cookie sheet after cookie sheet into it and closed it back softly. Staring at the now almost empty bowl, he figured that someone somewhere loved some cookie dough and would ask for it. "Well if I have to go in there then I have to and damn the consequences. I'm not one of your children Kalar... I can handle myself."

Picking up another bowl, he began to pour the iccing mix into it along with the few special ingredients to make it all nice and gooie. Cracking his neck from side to side, he began to hum softly to himself glad to be in a kitchen once more. Listening for the ding from the stove, he set the bowl of icing down and put on a wool glove over his right hand. Opening it up, he began to pull out each of the cookie sheets setting it on top of the stove.
"My weapons?" Rufus raises an eyebrow at the thought of relinquishing his weapon. But he shrugs as his right hand reaches into his white coat, suddenly pulling out a short length barrel shotgun, twirling it a bit as three different colored materia fall out of it into his left hand, these items marble-sized. He places them into the inner pockets of his coat before he pushes off the counter, walking toward this security check they spoke of.

Rude had no weapons other than his bare fists, so he was okay weapon-wise.
"Yes indeedy strangle the needy Kalar Sirty Sir!"

Vei happily complies and walks over the bar area, giving a heart felt smile to everyone he passes with a little wave. He couldn't hide his emtions at all, the brightness of his glow indicated his exstatic mood as he witnessed all the familer and new faces, and even...a few familier bodies. He playfully nudges Caelan as he continues towards the bar to help Kalar.

"Yes, is it is good to back. mrgreen Care for a drink? I don't know how to make s**t but I'm sure I can mix something with at least 12 times the kick."

(Night Z!)
((O_o ******** it, I'm not going to wait to start up))

The cold light of the moon glints off of the silvery steel paldrons bearing the Cruxbled Society's gilded emblem as a man with no name, no memory, makes his way towards the infamous building which he'd been guided to by that mysterious man.

The man robed in black cloth bearing an arcane symbol over each shoulder and upon each knee, handed me this paper, a map... and with a crooked grin and a chirping giggle he told me it would be, "an interesting encounter." He didn't say more but tipped his wide brimmed hat low, concealing his pallid flesh and walked on in the opposite direction, that crooked grin still on his face and the gleam of insanity in his eye.

The man now stands twenty paces away from the building which he'd been led, a slight breeze blowing by, flowing through his black leather uniform jacket, causing a quiet rustling. Looking up from the note written in blood, the man notices a helicopter landing and a small party departing for the building. Along with these people, he'd began to notice a few others making their way towards the place, what was it calling these people here to this place? Looking down at the parchment again, the man ponders this question as he rereads the bloody text which speaks only one word 'Bloodbath'. He couldn't ponder this for too long however, as the sound of voices somewhat familiar, shocks him back to reality. Looking through his long silvery locks, the man peers over his shoulder towards the road he'd just travelled down to see a pair of men dressed in the same dark garb as he conversing with an old man and flashing a picture. "them again..." He mutters quietly, turning back towards the building... he would have to risk it, risk entering this Bloodbath to save another. Quickly stepping, the man makes his way down the path, to the Bloodbath.
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Shaking her head at Vei's silly upbeat attitude, she walked towards the bar, nudging him playfully back.

"Actually.. I've already got a position here, doing exactly that."

The black liquid shadow rolled upwards onto the bar, like some kind of living fog, and Caelan easily planted a hand on the bartop, vaulting clear over the wood to land behind it with a smirk.

"Besides, darling.. I'd be afraid to drink whatever concoction you would mix up, and this is coming from me"

She flashed him a charming smile, reaching back to secure the silky strands of her long hair with a section of the writhing shadow. It gladly complied with this task.
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Kalar turns to Caelan and smiles lightly. It was good to see one of the Bar's favorite patrons enter in. But she was now, as before, also a Bartender, having made the arragments long before the bar opened again to customers.

"It's good to see you back Caelan. As you can tell, the Bar's missed you too." Kalar said, it was impossible to hide the happy look in his stunning blue eyes, even though they were behind his glasses. He smiled at her and gave her a few moments to be re-aquainted with the bar before he would ask her to assume per post as second-bartendress, directly behind the Authroity Trio in terms of respect in the place.

His eyes would turn to many who were comming in. Eventually Kalar would have to single out a few to spend time with and show around. His eyes began to investigate each in turn as they walked in. Quietly knowing that he would have to leave for a moment to invite the true guest of honor.

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