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The Bar Maiden calls to those who were once part of her to lay her foundation. Her ressurection has occured, now she seeks to dig her roots deep so she may expand.

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1. This Thread exercises House Rule. This means that the out of character admins of this bar have the IC power of god.
What they say goes, without question.

2. You will respect one another out of character, or you will be banned.

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1. Respect the Staff, Residents, and Patrons like you respect your own life. A Violation of the first group means a violation of the last.

2. It's customary for new customers to check their weapons at the door. Draw a weapon on a patron outside The Pit and we'll shove the Sodomy Stool up your a**. Only warning.

3. Trash the bar and the bar will trash you.

In plain English, OOC: In Character you can trash the place, but like any other joint on Gaia, everyone who matters is going to forget about it by the next day.
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We here at Bloodbath encourage the development of quality role-playing, and appreciate the joint support we get from fellow establishments, through-out all of Gaia Online's forums. Thank you for helping us make Gaia Online a better place to role-play!
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Here are some images of the Bloodbath to help give you an idea where people may be:

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[The first thing someone entering the bar will see. The Skull and Sword are a visiual indication that it's customary to deposit weapons with the living looking box with the big eye. The stairway directly in front leads to the main bar area.]

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[View of the Main floor from the perspective of the Jade Bar Table the main entrance is to the top left and the stairway in front. Ground floor is actually the Balcony.]

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[View of the Jade Bar Table on the main bar floor.]

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