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WTH 1 billion gold. eek
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Wow! Way to get some gold out!
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hmm... when I think of "Tales" I don't think of "Plays", so I say Romeo and Juliet is not the theme.

I am leaning more toward fairytales... but I want to also toss in a guess for Greek tales. Those stories had A LOT of romance.
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I don't think it will be Romeo and Juliet, since it says not the one you're thinking of.
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Wow @ all that gold.
they should give it to me.

╚═════════ ═════╝
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Whoa! That's a lotta gold and items! As for the MC hint, it's not gonna be Romeo and Juliet, but I can't think of any other tragic romances.
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i wish i had 1 billion gold. i can't wait to see what this month's mc is now.
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Thanks. ^.^ Wonder what the new MCs will be.
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Love Story: Doctor Zhivago or Pride, Prejudice, and zombies
I REALLY want the latter
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Maybe the MC will have something to do with Romeo and Juliet?

It say not the onw you maybe thinking of so i dont think so
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Sabin le Rose
Thats an insane amount of gold removed.

Agreed. The gold sink did it's mission.
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Tragic romance? I hope its Phantom of the Opera, that would be epic.
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i bought a sealed envelope just because of that comment/hint! gah! don't suggest things! i am easily convinced. or maybe you're just persuasive?

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