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No longer here

I no longer use this account! It's been a good couple of years, but I've decided to make a new account--mostly to purge myself of the dead friends list I've accumulated over the years. You can either search for "Reale Regina" or click the avatar next to this box!

you can also leave me a comment i guess

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Shining Shin Report | 06/25/2014 11:20 pm
Shining Shin
Shining Shin Report | 06/25/2014 12:16 am
Shining Shin
your profile is cool
Serene Rainstorm Report | 10/01/2012 12:27 am
Serene Rainstorm
Happy birthday!! yum_cupcake
Serene Rainstorm Report | 10/01/2011 4:37 am
Serene Rainstorm
Happy birthday!! biggrin
459876843959h Report | 01/21/2011 5:29 am
oh ur probably right... ill try to log in more. Well it feels kinda weird to just accept all this great stuff and not even give u anything back... but thank you soooo much!! ur awesome and are u kidding?! u are sending me a lot!!! haha what u think is a lot and what i think is a lot are totalllyy different. thanks again!!! <3!
459876843959h Report | 01/20/2011 6:52 pm
oh my gosh wow! u are soooo nice! thank you for the trade request!!! biggrin lol i take it u saw my new wishlist? haha
459876843959h Report | 01/20/2011 6:49 pm
hi how r u! u havent been on in so long!
Azeral-Angel Of Death Report | 01/11/2011 4:02 pm
Azeral-Angel Of Death
Thanks for purchaseing at Black Lace Industries its very much apprciated. We are accepting donations for the store to sell. If you have anything u dont want or need i will gladly accept it if u wish to donate it.

-Black Lace Industries
Lithium In Bloom Report | 01/09/2011 7:17 pm
Lithium In Bloom
I know razz
Lithium In Bloom Report | 01/09/2011 1:58 pm
Lithium In Bloom
stressed Sorry razz