My Details

Herro! My name is Emily (I hope that's obvious). I'm 18 and I blow out my candles on November 10th. I love reading all sorts of books (including manga and fanfiction, my secret love), listening to all sorts of music (most recently i've become strangely addicted to country), watching all sorts of movies and shows (including anime), and doing all sorts of activities like camping and bike riding. Amo Espanol por que es divertido! Fiesta?
I like to have random conversations, so PM me.

I'm a zomgaian!

Concerning Gaia: I've been a member since '08, so over 3 years. I love to hoard gold and items and I play BootyGrab obsessively. I'm also questing lots of items, so donate!

Questing: 10,000 posts/lots of snazzy items.