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Ewww noooo

plus Rina's first love is flowers.
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Nuu! Liars! This says nothing about who Liam is crushing on this time!!!! TT^TT
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They spelt MOIRA wrong in newsletter. Threw me off a bit too.. I was like "Who the hell is Moria?" oO;
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so fly like a g6
[[So what? No Moira resolution? D; Louie's satisfied me though.
Nevermind, saw Moira's. xD Didnt notice at first.

Late email by the way...very late.
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Notice how we're pretty much all girls, all wanted to know about Liam, and a good number of us noticed the grammer error?
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Aekea Bunny

Lol yeah, but it is pretty obvious since females outnumber many males on Gaia.

I copied all the resolutions to the wiki, so I got distracted by Moria part... then just fixed it.
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The email version promised to reveal which young lady Liam currently has his eye on! I was lured in under false pretences!

We were lied to! D:
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Why is this appearing in my inbox on on Feb. 2?? Oh wait--it's Feb. 3 now....

And as many before me have said, who is Liam after this year?? ....and only the female gaians seem to be concerned with this.... (we'll find out in March, lol)

And about the whole Dumpster Dive/Daily Chance thing, has anyone even SEEN (much less gotten) a neutral starter polo since before the Colliseum came out??
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Nicolae has no resolutions? D=
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Man, haven't seen a hidden Bape Cow in a while...
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where and what happened to that NPC who used to sell cash shop item? is she coming back?
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Also, C'mon gaians, Liam is obviously going to be hitting on Rina
this year. There aren't many girls left. Wait, didn't he already crush
on Rina? I can't remember...

isn't she underage? also came here to find out who he is crushing on

where and what happened to that NPC who used to sell cash shop item? is she coming back?

Flynn became a space pirate so probably not for awhile
I thought I was going to read about liam new love connection confused 4laugh

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