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SPRING CLEANING - the BEST! thanks gaia devs! mrgreen
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This sounds like a lot of fun~!
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Its gonna be awesome! ive been waiting for the new event for ages! ^-^
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Ooh, yay~
summer event finally coming!! whee
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SWEET-NESS! You should have this going all August! So it be on my Birth-er-fer-day! Which is the last-te-fea-day of August! blaugh
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Fawk yesh >:3

But what about the stickers??? I'm not getting that part.
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The overlord has returned...

" Concerning the pic of T-can'tspellhername: Reading Terry Pratchett does not make you a nerd. "

And she seeks BLOOD!

agreed, Terry Pratchet books are awesomely awesome. 4laugh
The overlord has returned...

" Yep. Now go join Shades of Ankh Morpork ;D "

And she seeks BLOOD!

I joined it 4laugh , what was the book that made you a fan of Terry Pratchet?
The overlord has returned...

" The first one. "

And she seeks BLOOD!
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OMG!! this will be my first event!! I hope I don't miss it! I'm not very familiarized yet! sweatdrop
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Hail, o' great liege of the ancient woods, ruler of the deepest forest...

I can't wait to see the event, at last an event! I'm expecting something huge and fantastic after no prom event Gaia.

I have no idea how those Gaia stickers will work but it might be good. We'll see.

The Ravens are on the wings!
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This should be interesting.
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It's all I ever wanted!

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