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Which do you prefer: FMA or FMAB?

FMA 0.20212765957447 20.2% [ 38 ]
FMAB 0.50531914893617 50.5% [ 95 ]
Both 0.29255319148936 29.3% [ 55 ]
Total Votes:[ 188 ]
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I can't choose, but if I were to pick I would pick brotherhood. FMA is just dark and brotherhood is more to the plot
id say brotherhood it has a btr story ending and ling is in it
it was hard but i liked the ending in fmab. 3nodding
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Both are absolutely brilliant series, but when FMAB got into it's own thing, it was beyond addicting.
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it has a more... proper ending... (my opinion only) biggrin
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Same as OP.
They're both good. ;___;

just that one is faithful and true to the manga and follows it

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ilike both the fma is just kinda a little horror than the other one
I prefer FMA:B over FMA, if only because it's more faithful to the manga. I also didn't really like the direction FMA went part way through the series.
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FMA:B all day every day
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With out a doubt both.
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I prefer FMAB since it follows the manga~
To me, FMAB is the best! 3nodding
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I originally read the manga series first so im going to have to go with FMAB. Fma has a good storyline, but its just not as satisfying to me. c: First of all, in FMA the 7 sins are kinda messed up in their personalities. In FMAB, they are really brilliant when it came to the characters, you could kinda relate to how they feel and why they acted that way.
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I really hate it when a series ends. I just can't bare it. FMA was there for me when I went to middle school, and now I'm 18. I cried reading the manga, so many characters to love. So many painful deaths.The first FMA was good, it never actually really ended.

You went to the CoS movie, and Ed's story still lives. No alchemy, but he and his brother are together searching for more things in our time. I liked that alot. And Maes was alive in the world. Made me wonder who else was.

The original FMAB is where it starts to get more emotional and painful. It ends. IT ******** ends, and I can't take it. I have two games, the 2nd artbook, and a bunch of memories of when it was on Adult Swim.
I say it's both

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