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Which do you prefer: FMA or FMAB?

FMA 0.20212765957447 20.2% [ 38 ]
FMAB 0.50531914893617 50.5% [ 95 ]
Both 0.29255319148936 29.3% [ 55 ]
Total Votes:[ 188 ]
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FMAB all the way! granted FMA shows some stuff that FMAB doesn't like Maes Hughes is around much longer in FMA til episode 25 and in FMAB he is killed off by episode 10... all in all though I like FMAB better
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FMAB all the way! granted FMA shows some stuff that FMAB doesn't like Maes Hughes is around much longer in FMA til episode 25 and in FMAB he is killed off by episode 10... all in all though I like FMAB better

I totally agree! besides the homunculuses in FMAB are so much cooler than the ones in FMA
Brotherhood! I dunno why but it kinda has like a darker feeling than the original
I liked FMA but I loved Brotherhood!
I love FMA but I just really can't get into the graphics of Brotherhood. The story line is fine but meh, as I say, the animations. D:<
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Brotherhood. I just think that Ed and Al's blood relationship to Hohenheim makes everything much more intense. smile
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i prefer FMAB, cuz it basically cuts to the chase so to speak, plus it just flows better with this new series, not like da original FMA, some episodes seems to be drag'n on a li'll, and it old version takes too long, and hella lotta fillers and such..which i don't like…>_< so i think FMAB is better than da original FMA in my opinion… razz
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I prefer Brotherhood
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I prefer the darker tone of FMA, but FMA:B just makes more sense in general.
FMAB and original manga. BUT the manga will always be my fav FMA story, since it is the original. whee Just can't get into the 2003 anime. Read the manga before seeing it, and...so disappointed with changed events, changed characters, no Ling, no Olivier, different story, ******** Rose being pathetic and a major character.

Hiromu Arakawa just does it so much better.
I love the original, but brotherhood just stepped it up that extra notch.
I loved the music and all the different little things they threw in there.
Still cried when Hughes died though. emo
There was so many important life lessons in there.
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fma's ending was just too depressing for me. of course ed was able to save al, but they can't be together and al's memories of ed and him spending the last four years together vanished/was part of the price to bring him back. fmab had a better ending. ed and winry got together and made babies! XD i know i'm a sucker for those cuz the world is a crappy and cruel place.
I liked them both.
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I like both. It gives me more to watch of something I love so, why not? The original manga is a great read, as are the novels. I also rather enjoyed the video games and have kept them on hand so I can re-watch the anime cut scenes whenever I feel like it.
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FMA:B has it's up points and its down points, same with the original FMA, if i wanted to compare characters, i -STILL- liked the original FMA Greed compared to FMAB's, cause he's much more badass. FMAB's Greed reminds me of Gin from Bleach. *deadpan* also, overall, i'd probably prefer the original, if only it was funnier, and had Roy vs Ed, my favorite part of it. *snicker*


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