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Which do you prefer: FMA or FMAB?

FMA 0.20212765957447 20.2% [ 38 ]
FMAB 0.50531914893617 50.5% [ 95 ]
Both 0.29255319148936 29.3% [ 55 ]
Total Votes:[ 188 ]
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Personally I love them both whee can't choose
Eventually this vote will fill up with people who love the 2003 version most, I suspect. But I still prefer Brotherhood. heart
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Shy Gekko

I love brotherhood! In the original anime i like how when you fail human transmutation a humunculous is created, but i also understand why in the second anime that couldnt happen. If it weren't for the movie, conqueror of shamballa, i would be torn between the two anime. I know people say 'Dont pay any attention to the movie blah blah blah' , but honestly, how can i not? its how that rendition of the show was set to end, with ed and winry apart! That ruined it for me, the second version of FMA is very traditional as far as good vs evil and the good guy getting the girl, but it made it so much more satisfying ! (though i know that doesnt always necessarily make a good anime). My biggest question is, in FMAB, when both ed and teacher fail to bring their loved ones back to life, and the things they brought back weren't even remotely similar to their mother/baby, what exactly were they bringing through? was it a new dwarf in the flask? Was the dwarf in the flask the only being like that? (kind of like a biblical thing, where he was the one and only) or was hohenhiem's teacher the only alchemist to use someone's blood to make a homunculous?
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Honestly, I'd have to say both. There are certain aspects of both of them that I loved, and other aspects in each that I was irritated with. It kind of balances out.
I thought both were amazing blaugh so i love them both and mustang was my fav charcter heart heart heart
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While I do appreciate FMA, it's darker tone, and it's music and ambiance, I can't stand the turn the series takes part way through. There are just too many holes in the plot that I can't get past, and I feel like some of the main messages are missed by the way things turned out.

I LOVE FMAB. I prefer it to the first anime. HOWEVER, I do wish that FMAB had more of the serious tone that FMA had. I also wish some of the music was as epic as in FMA. What I think should have happened, is that FMAB could have used some of the serious tone from FMA, and FMA could have used some of the better plot devices in FMAB. I don't hate FMA, I greatly enjoyed it, up till a point, and I appreciate it for bringing my favorite anime to me: FMAB.
Both have their merits but since I think the original manga is the greatest form of FMA around, it's definitely FMAB for me.
For me the two are really good but the FMAB have stole my heart
I enjoyed aspects of the 2003 anime, like Lust having a larger role, but a lot of the plot wandered around aimlessly for filler. Brotherhood was much more satisfying overall.
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Both, actually. ^^
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Both! heart
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I prefer FMA:B only because I actually own all of it on dvd biggrin
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I like Brotherhood the most.

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