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Worst- Hilary Duff (in anything)
Scariest- Anthony Hopkins (Silence of the Lambs)
Funniest-Nanami (Shojo Kakumei Utena)
Sexiest- Anyone currenlty playing Phantom
Fave- Angelina Jolie idea
FAVORITE SHOWS! (not in order)


desperate housewives



meet the barkers


Funniest: Miroku from Inuyasha (Go Sango!)
Worst: Hilary Duff (she sucks at everything. She's such a poser too mad )
Scariest: Sumara from the ring
Sexiest: A tough choice between Mike Shinoda (drools) damn he's hoooott! Or Bam (hot hot hot!)
-Worst - inyasha
- Scariest - the crypt keeper
- Funniest - tom servo
- Sexiest - tom servo
- Worst - Britney Spears (she can't act for her life)
- Funniest - too many to name
- Sexiest - Johnny Depp blaugh blaugh heart heart blaugh blaugh heart heart xd xd
All I'm going to say is that Inuyasha is the hottest guy right now!!!! heart heart heart heart redface whee 4laugh
Worst: Naru (from Love Hina)
Scariest razz ierre Le Fou (one episode of Cowboy Bebop)
Funniest: Stewie (Family Guy)
Sexiest: Spike Spiegel
Worst: Hilary Duff
Scariest: ... dunno
Funniest: Johnny Depp
Sexiest: Chad Michael Murray heart
domokun est: what the heck does that mean anyway?
Best ever - 'Vivi' from Final Fantasy 9.
Scariest - It tends to depend more on sitaution to scare me lots
Worst - 'Crazy Frog', lets just hope it doesn't get a movie deal.
Funniest - 'Bender' from Futurama.
Sexiest - I really have no sexual feelings about anyone/anything.
domokun -est - I would attempt an answer if I knew what ' domokun -est' means.
Funniest... homer simpson is sooo funny.. or bender.. they're both the same.. haha
- Worst - Raul from Phantom of the Opera (novel)
- Scariest- The Creature from Jeepers Creepers
- Funniest- Betty From Kung Pow: Enter the Fist
- Sexiest- Aragorn from Lord of the Rings
- domokun ist - Phantom (Erik)- Phantom of the Opera
-Worst = Umm...Halle Berry. Sorry for any Halle Berry fans, but somebody seriously screwed up when they cast her as the new Catwoman.

- Scariest = Michael Jackson and PeeWee Herman *shudders*

- Funniest = Jim Carrey and Eddie Murphey

- Sexiest = Hmm. So many. Right now, Ewan McGregor, Liam Neeson, Karl Urban, Nick Chinlund, just to name a few. whee

- domokun - ist = ......I honestly do not know what domokun stands for. Is it good or bad?
funniest:Adam Sandler in everything
worst: the rock in anything
sexiest:Mrs. Smith (angelina jolie)
best:captain jack sparrow (johnny depp)

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