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Oculus Magica is my fav april due to awesome eye brow power! have flaming eye brows, or thunder eye brows!!! or, you can have some blood red eyes, some sweet and innocent eyes with some weird kind of antenna sticking from them.... yeaaaa, i tend to want the eye brow power!!!!

edit: hahaha i just started checking post, and i found out im not the first with oculus as their fav. oh well lol gotta admit, awesome eye brow power rules.
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Definetly gunslinger its awsome
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Spring Rose. That was my parents favorite flower... crying
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Lunar Scythe cuz c'mon.. a scythe is just so cool & grim reaper like XD
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Oculus Magica for sure!

You have a lot to choose from and you can vary your looks completely with just one item!
Oculus Magica (lol today is my birthday)
My! What beautiful eyes you have!
Wouldn't you want someone to say that about you? XD
Voracious Fog- I love this item because its not just a dark/black item, but leaves a mysteryous air about it. I want it very much
Princess Kaguya <3
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Cherry Blossom - Mainly for the back ground choice, Its simple and elegent and can be used for many an avi, You have your grays, whites and pinks. Not to mention all the complimentery colors that of above mentioned colors one can use. The meaning of the blossoms can also add to an avi. Cherry Blossoms can represend death and rebirth, renewal and the ending etc. All in all I believe that this is one of the most diverse items if one just understands what it means in the real world and not just how pretty the pixles look. I would love to have this item and would use it more offten then not.

Thanks for letting me rant, I wish every one good luck! and Good day. heart
Oculus Magica. no doubt it was one of the first items that caught my eye when I joined gaia. Its crazy cool I wish there was more items like it razz
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I really dig this year's April Monthly Collectible the best, Gunslinger.

I actually liked the pair of this month's collectible, I thought the theme of the two items went really well together. The beautiful and graceful spring rose maiden waiting amongst the flowers for her beloved. Cloaked in the shadows bearing deep crosses on his being, the lone gunslinger carries his gun to bring forth justice. This would make for a totally awesome Western gaia event! whee

sweatdrop Sorry, went off a little there. I really like the gunslinger's graceful darkness, backdrop that against the flowers of April and you've got a pretty awesome action movie scene. Because nothing says April more than a gun battle in a field full of flowers! Mwa ha ha ha ha xd
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april Mc is the favorite of the year cuz its the that start of flowers of the year and the most great month of the year ,april MC ia my best heart
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Let's see I have to say I love gunslinger because not only does it give you the brandashing achievment
I love the hat and the whole outfit really heart
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Spring Rose

The pink makes your avatar look delicate and dainty while also making it look extremely cute and girly. I love the shades of pink that are within the item and how well and intricately the item is made. I also love the fact that April is the start of spring, and with spring along comes flower, and the seasonal feel of spring and Easter are really brought to life and portrayed within the item itself.

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