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Ocula Magica! I love how many different things you can do with them. Plus, I've used them with Toph and The Crow cosplays before. ^_^
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Oculus Magica! It was one of the first items which allowed you to change your eyes like you change your socks. They have several beautiful options and I loved every one of them.
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April 2007 MC, Oculus Magica...
Reason: The variety of eyes is perfect for every avatar.
I love the Rock Hard (Demonic Mic). It calls to the rocker girl in me. And even though I wasn't able to buy it in April, I hunted it down, wait my time, and saved up for it to buy it in the Market place.
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Oculus Magica. I remember when that item came out. It was so popular, the very first eye item. I wore the crimson eyes for the longest time back then. xD Plus one of my very closest friends has it, with the crimson eyes pose, so every time I see the item, I think about him, and the group we've been with for over seven years. So many fond memories. X3
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G-Bot! It's so cute! I love all of its little expressions 3nodding
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I love both Oculus Magica and Lunar Scythe. whee
The Oculus Magica can be used in so many ways to help create styles and make avi's and the Lunar Scythe I just really like. 3nodding
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My Favorite would be CoCo Kitty Plushie. I have always loved cats, and it reminds me of the my cat scruffy. she's always there. It also reminds me of Goldy who died lmost year ago. R.I.P. Baby i love you.
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The Cherry Blossom from April 2009 is definitely my favorite.

I don't like pink--let's state that right off. But cherry blossom pink seems to be the only acceptable color of pink I've ever seen, and every time that I see video of the Cherry-Blossom festival in Washington, DC, I absolutely want to be there.

The wings of the Cherry Blossom outfit are gorgeous, and they look adorable on any avatar (I was trying them on in the MC Museum earlier XD).

ooh, tough choice between princess kayuga and spring rose...

I'd have to say Spring Rose because I like ALL the poses, and the hat reminds me of this set of little fairy people toys I used to have as a kid...something called twinkles or something like that, they all wore little hats of flowers.

I also seem to always go for cream/gold/pink colored items...
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I definitely have to say that the Oculus Magica is a great monthly collectible. I also love this month's Gunslinger. I own the Lunar Scythe when I first started thanks to a friend who invited me to the site. So it remains a memory of gratefulness. Coco Kitty Plushie is a mascot of the site, so it's also a great one. But the first one I mentioned is easily my favorite monthly collectible that I own. Mainly because I can use various eye poses to fit when gold shop eyes don't work. It's very handy and useful.
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I love the Cherry Blossom. It's not too girly, despite the pink, and it has an option for just about everything: hat, dress, pin, hairband, necklace, wings. What more could a girl ask for??
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My fave is the spring rose because I like floral themes and the top is especially stylish: pretty and pink, but not too girly
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Definately the 2007 MC: Lunar Scythe
Because Scythes are one of my favorite weapons of all time, and the Lunar Scythe is pretty freakin' sweet!
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my favorite April collectible would have to be the Cherry Blossom because it embodied the beauty of sakura blossoms so well.

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