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gunslinger its so cool works with with so many other cool items whee
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I have to go with the Gunslinger. I love how it completes my mercenary look. Also, the revolver pose is a must have for any Brandisher.
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Oculus Magica suuu perdy
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Rock hard (demonic mic) because it was the first collectible I bought. I used to wear the skull wing pose a lot in many of my older avis.
I would have to say my all time favourite April monthly collectible would be the Oculus Magica.

I love it because of its many uses. Its uniqueness allows the overall atmosphere of said avatar to change just by one item: the eyes.
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Mythical hair or Elemental Hair. Winter Rose is awesome too.
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The grace and the delicacy of the wings, they look all lacy, regal yet dark and I adore the symmetry, there's also the whole picturing me flying up into the air in gaia with quiet, soft beats of wings that look like they're made from the thinnest material, they're beautiful. smile <3
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Mine was Lunar Scythe. I love the different kind of weapon like collectibles. What's a character wihtout something to battle with!?
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What’s your all time favorite April Monthly Collectible and why!

my favorite all time april monthly collectible is cherry blossom. Its my favorite because it was well designed, with an adorable range of uses. my favorites are the blossoming tree and the dress, because they are so amazingly cute!!!! whee
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Honestly I would have to say Prism Butterfly Mantilla for April of 2005. When the item first came out, I fell in love with the grace and elegance that came with it. the price has always been fair, and I never really understood why it never got its time in the spotlight. sure, I saw people who had one, but it was not used vey much to be honest. I used it on my first ever gaia avi, and I will continue to love the item today, and in the future.

Kudos Gaia, for such a lovely item.
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My favorite is Voracious Fog.
It reminds me of Okami in a way due to how the smoke is stylized. ( That game is amazing. ) But, aside from that, it also looks neat and has a lot of interesting poses. The ones that I particularly like are the Heart Consume pose ( the one with the slash across the chest and smoke pouring out ), the Heavy Burden pose ( the one that consumes half the body and part of a leg ), the Body Consume pose ( the one that consumes half of the person’s body ), and the Foreboding Wings ( which are wings made of smoke ).
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I love the winter rose. Because the rose a symbol of love and beauty. and the color white stands for purity as does the rose depending on its color. and this what the winter rose does along with standing for winter. it's an amazing item and i love it!!
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I think my favorite is Aquatica. It's the first one I remember getting, and I think it's really pretty (; xoxo
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My favorite April collectible is the Aquatica from 2007. I have four of them. It was released shortly after I joined Gaia, and I was so happy to be able to make my dream avatar so soon after joining.
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FOR ME ------& arrow wahmbulance GUNSLINGER wahmbulance



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