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oh yeah first one on da page rofl
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My favorite collectiblre for this month is Fortuna. Sometimes, after a long time working, it's nice to spoil yourself, and what better way is there than admiring your riches? Fortuna catches this essence in way that's clearly not to be missed, with beautiful oaccesories and items, including a crown fit for a princess.

Tuxedo Gnome
Fortuna smile
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My answers always end up being relatively to the same point, but here goes again!

March 'o4: Fuzzy Penguin Slippers.
They may not have lots of poses (or any) like the newer stuff, but they're a classic. That said, they remind me of the good ol' days of go-gaia.com before it became so crowded and cash filled. Ah, old Gaia~ <3
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Lunar sash

That dark blue item with small satrs are quite nice item for makind a dark avi or night themed avi mrgreen
jan 2011 biggrin keep up the good works guys
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I am cutting it last minute here aren't I? Anyways, I think out of all the March Collectibles I'd say my favorite has to be, the Baby Sealslippers. I have always wanted to own a pair since I started back in 04 on my original account. Since then I manage to earn them and I was so happy, till something terrible and aweful happened causing me to quit gaia for a second time, but now I am back for the third time and my goal remains unchanged. I want those damn slippers so bad.
My Favorite March 2011 Item Is Hmm Penguin Slippers Because It Has Been A Item On Gaia For Quite Awhile Now And It Has Sential Mental Value To Many Gaians Including me.Go March!
mrgreen mrgreen

Go March Go Green
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The KiKi Kitty Plushie. When I first joined, I lusted after it for a long time.
Kiki kittty because out of all the generations, their all cute heart
kiki kitty smile it is so cute and has become an icon/emblem of sorts. you see it and think "Gaia" . It is so popular
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My favourite march MC is "Spring Nymph". I found it's cute and I'm a Nature lover (I love behing outside, in my garden for example). "Spring Nymph" makes me think about this Nature I like.
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Kiki kitty. The adorableness of this item is enough to make a person squeal. *cough* not... not that I squealed... no... no I'm far to mature for that.... *looks at Kiki*.......... SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.... so yes.... Kiki is my fave. lol
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My favorite would have to be the January 2011, because of the great details on the red materialized clothing! And I like the white strapped body suit! Who ever made this was very creative!
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And the Kiki Kitty! 4laugh heart

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