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*passes by*
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Girl-Crazy Ladykiller

*rolls by*
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I would equip a bump ring, but I'm out of fingers.

Pst, mind if I share what you guys discussing?
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@Saiver: ?

@Quint: I vote to keep it hidden, personally. ninja
I was reading couple of your members discussing about this forum. I would like to ask if it's possible I add some information regarding this forum.
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Unbeatable Genius

'Course, go ahead. Anyone's welcome to talk here.
Well thanks!

Alot of clans here are not only based on zOMG! But some other interests as well. This forum has been here before zOMG was created, around summer of '07. So yeah, it has lots of history and characters. You should've seen how active this forum was back then.
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Girl-Crazy Ladykiller

This perhaps is aimed at my remark against that other clan, or me saying how slow the forum has become. But I won't be self-centered to put those words on other's mouths.

I find it interesting that the board exists for so long. The very first clan was established on Oct 27, 2008; so if anything, the clans feature as a part of zOMG! are but a second age of the boards history.
zOMG! might even have predictably ruined it for a few users sweatdrop

I do not have anything against clans that don't base themselves on zOMG! alone. Some threads here aren't, and I still find them very acceptable. Gaia did start as a anime roleplay centered site after all, so having clans based on Bleach and Kingdom Hearts is not something to be surprised of. Let whoever never made something based off your favorites shows to share with others throw the first rock.

To be more specific, what really irked me with the red blood moon clan was that it was popular, very popular, in the time frame from Nov. 2010 to March 2009, and it gave no sort of focus to zOMG! whatsoever. People just joined it because it was in first place (out of sheer size) and never got into participating in a clan for real, while other clans who really tried hard to organize evens, info and tutorials on the incredibly hard game back then were being shadowed. Clans like zElite or the Titans eventually sprung up on the clan listings and threw it and others like the gaia Pinoy clans down from its spot. And then the listings died kinda.
But hey, my opinion is BS anyways. It was my wish back then to have a "zOMG! Clan" up top.

Anyways, this forum doesn't live much nowadays. It has a few chat and bump threads. A calm cozy place as I see it, but a bit too calm. You can't just make a living here.
I would have liked to see how it was before, if you say it was that active..
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Yeah, this place was a lot more active back in '07. There were new clan threads popping up every day, most of the time they failed due to lack of members or it would fall off the first page before enough people noticed it. Most of the time was because the people who joined lost interest since they figured zOMG! wouldn't come out for a while, so they stopped caring. I joined one once, it got about 15 members, but maybe 2 days later it died, so the guy who made it decided to create a new thread, but it died as well since most of the people who originally joined weren't active enough to notice the new thread, or they just didn't care.

Sometimes however, there would come a clan that would get enough active members to keep the thread going and some would eventually become the threads you see still going strong here today.
Ah I see what you are saying. I agree about clans that is not based on zOMG gets the top spot while clans like you guys who is way better in many ways doesn't get recognized. But that's how they designed it, it is what it is.

I'm just saying, that even though the current situation we have right now, atleast you have a quality members right? You should be proud of what you guys accomplished as a group. I've seen you're videos and I must say, it looks fun!
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Unbeatable Genius

Mhm. The community is just so small. Seems like everyone who wants to be in a clan already is. So we've got our work cut out convincing the lone wolves to join us and have fun, otherwise we're stealing members from other groups.

I'm definitely happy with the members we've got though. Such a great community. It's always fun to have more though!
I AM IN DEATHMINE!! ...sorry i posted it here because i am not in the clan lol..
(i am jelly's mule)
edit: today 4.9 -5.4

curl your s'taches
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