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*does a barrel roll*

Congrats on your level jump Jelly! : )
Mhm. The community is just so small. Seems like everyone who wants to be in a clan already is. So we've got our work cut out convincing the lone wolves to join us and have fun, otherwise we're stealing members from other groups.

I'm definitely happy with the members we've got though. Such a great community. It's always fun to have more though!

Not quite, you wouldn't be technically stealing members. First, members are not under contract. They can come and go whenever they like and second it's gaia, nobody is forcing a member to stay in a clan or anything. But it will only show what kind of user who likes to abandon clans after clans. I myself is in my 2nd clan since the forum was created. First was my own clan, died out quite short before the release of zOMG, then couple months ago I joined a clan that is older and more stable and has time like my old clan.
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Girl-Crazy Ladykiller

I too doubt that there would be much of a chance to "steal" members in here, unless those people wanted out of a clan in first place.

I know better, and would try looking here if I wanted to move, because I see the task of mantaining a thread active in here as a commitment to the clan owners' responsibility to the clan. Meaning they are serious about their clans.
This wouldn't be exactly stealing "me" from another clan, because this clan would have lost me already. I wouldn't be moving to enter the new one, I'd be moving to exit the previous one.
(not that 'm moving any soon. I'm on my second clan too, but its as good as saying its the first one, because this one has most or all of the relevant previous one's active community. I'm basically following my friends around gaia.)

But that's only if I already wanted in a clan beforehand, because, if I wasn't looking for one and I was a potential "steal", I would probably not stumble upon in this forum, because its a bit hard to get here. Or if I was looking for a clan and didn't belong to one, I would probably not know about this forum. But in the case I did find the forum, I wasn't "stolen" by whoever I joined, because I wasn't a part of any other in first place.

Stealing people from a clan, I think, is something performed by sending PM's to someone who belongs to other clans asking them to join the one you own. Or just straight out advertising that one inside other clans.
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The only thing i got in quints post is the last 2 sentences....
curl your 'staches
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The only thing i got in quints post is the last 2 sentences....
curl your 'staches

must....surpass clan_shift!!

@quint WTF?
curl your 'staches
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Yeah this is my fourth clan. First clan failed miserably due to a series of insane circumstances, second clan was awesome until the mods went a bit crazy and we jumped ship on them, third clan was tiny and only ever meant to be temporary, and fourth clan is Shift!

I was in charge of 3 of those 4 clans.....I hope this time I get it right XD
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Dapper Stalker

This is the 2nd clan that I've joined on this account,
If I'm interested in seeing what another clan is like I'll get my mule to join it but so far Shift has been, for me, the most welcoming and active clan I've joined so far heart

We're still alive Sparty, don't worry; you're doin' fine! xD
(Spartina does an even better job then you though >> )
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Girl-Crazy Ladykiller

You're doing an awesome job this time Spartan. You just got the head start in active members you needed this time around, to show you can do it.


It's due to Clans that I can't cut the entire zOMG! community's size by a manageable number. I've localized users on the main forums on some places like that ever awesome guild z!CB and some on the zElite at first, the big places to be. And then I managed to see some on other clans and other guilds. This subforum uncovered a few more user's hangouts for me.
But then, there's people who refuse to post on the main forums, maybe once or twice tops, being as active there as the ignorable part of the community. Loads of people on my clan are this, but some on my previous clans were more prominent because they even managed to make great tutorials for zOMG!, without talking to the main forums that much any other time.

This bothers me. As a lurker, I want but I will never be able to know how big the active zOMG! community really is, because there is no common grounds.

I can't wait for PvP and a proper way to rank clans. That would bring out the competitive spirit, and finally, we'd see everyone coming out of hiding, to challenge each other. I want to know who's big in the game, and I want to know who thinks is big but keeps on their own sanctum outside of my reach.

In other words... I want to find where all the celebrities go on this site XD.
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Girl-Crazy Ladykiller

*sigh* 3 am... me -> bed
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Unbeatable Genius

'night Quint!

secret bump is secret
i will switch to flying gift box....i am doing gauntlet!! stone coatl!! =D meet me there!
curl your 'staches
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*pokes thread*

I've been in 5 clans actually. xD

1--& Old clan me and a couple friends started but died down.
2--& Fairly large clan but not all that active in zOMG!
3--& Humongous clan but then it died when a lot of people left/were banned for no reason.
4--& Temporary clan until the new one was made.
5--& Shift. Been there since Day 1. ninja It's had me since helloooooo. xD

[EDIT] We got a Yes!!!! xD

Yes: 1
No: 6
Already a member: 18
curl your 'staches

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