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*Quietly we rise to the stars,
In the shadow of our defiant scream,
A new life for us above,
But what do we do for those below?


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The Station. A haven orbiting high above Earth's atmosphere where the pokemon known as Aeterreons and their cousins the Eevees can live in relative peace, away from the cruel and overthrown humans that put them there.
Here a new history is born, and you get to play a part in it.

Welcome to Station.

Station is an eevee-centric pokemon shop that has rp oppurtunities but is rp optional
Art (c) Taki-Di, Co owner
Concept (c) Draconicfeline, Co owner
Pokemon (c) Nintendo

Other Staff:
Event Destresser: Angels_Grace

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Table of Contents:

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1: Introduction and Table of Contents, Rules

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2: News

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3: Current Events

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4: Open Slots

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5: The Story

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6: RP information and a link to the information subforum of the guild

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7: Information: Stages, Pet types

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8: Sales Information: Prices

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9: Sales formation: Forms

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10: Ownerslist

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11: FAQ

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12: Affiliates

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13: Dropoff

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14: Reserved

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15: Reserved

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* RULES: *

Dont worry, the rules are short and simple.

1: Gaia TOS. Follow it.

2: No L33t.

3: Lets keep it all Pg13. Cursing is ok. Graphic stuff isnt.

4: No begging. It makes me NOT want to give you free stuff. You want goodies, right?

5: Stealing art is not ok. Don't do it.


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*To know is to not forget.
All words spoken; we hear.
The chatter of Idle and Busy alike
Reverberate to our ears,
Their voices carried with the planet's song
Us... their audience.


* 11/30/2012 Grams open!

* 11/17/2012 certings... working on grams... hopefully it will be fun...

* 10/18/2012 Okay! First post in the Exploration! I'll be posting these at least once per day, depending on how fast things go... so... GO AND POST. And yes you can still enter!

* 10/14/2012 Ok that Flatsale flopped and A lot of my customers are having problems....
I love october, okay? I had to have an event.... Also, Cert Dump on pg 54... I'll have to update the Ownerslist, won't I?
Well, Here goes. RP Event GO!!!

* 09/19/2012 Look, I know that the event is still kind of not finished yet, but can we have a flatsale? Please? PLEASE? YAY!
* 09/17/2012 YAY Phil and Lilycove babies are now gorgeous adults!!!
Planning for Halloween event is beginning, and possible Election Day event... because who can resist? I wonder....

* 09/12/2012 THANKS YOU SO MUCH to Angels_Grace for taking on the role of Event Destresser and for being so damn awesome about it. We love you. FOREVER.
* 09/03/2012 Drac was an idiot and flubbed the raffle. Real winner order in this post
* 09/02/2012 Raffle and Flaffle over, congrats Nanashi Kage Enjeru, Angels_Grace, Tootsielee, and Jessica H123 for the Raffle, and to Elvenprincess001, tootsielee, Naominaomi, Dark_iced_angel, Nanashi Kage Enjeru, Angels_grace, Lady Evelon and Myself in the raffle. I hope that next time I don't have to pad the tickets with gift tickets... Its sorta embarassing and almost immoral. It probably isnt, but...

* 08/31/2012 Okay, so the battle tower was a flop... However, there will be another not-pokemon specific event soon. Aeterreon semicustoms, to fill out the population of the Station, you know, before we put up Class Requirements.
* 08/21/2012 Battle Tower applications open! Prizes for all! Go for it!
* 08/16/2012 Dice game finished, grats all for sticking with my insane game! New Whos That Pokemon up!
* 08/16/2012 Dice game up. Next Whos that pokemon will likely be tomorrow.

* 08/13-14/2012 Flatsale over! later today, the 14, there will be a new Whos that pokemon, and possibly a game. We'll see if drac's laptop decides to stop being slow.
* 08/11/2012 Assuming Draconicfeline doesnt get run over by a tractor... the Flatsale is on, updating is being done, and ownerslist is soon to be up.
* 08/06/2012 First whos that pokemon is up! Good luck guessing! Next one on Thursday!
* 08/04/2012 Updated event. First WHOS THAT POKEMON will be this monday... be ready
* 07/31/2012 Main thread is open for business!

[color=#ccee11]*[/color] mm/dd/yyyy [color=#6600bb]((()))[/color]

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December MEGAGRAM event!



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Its that season ~~~
and we are hoping to get some people in here!

And a spaceship crashing into a snowy place full of winterberries is the perfect thing!
Grams are 50g each, and you can customize the to, the From, and a little personalized message, as well as what eeveelution is sitting on the UFO (currently, a choice of Flareon, Aeterreon, and Eevee, 100g if you want me to make something new. All regcolors)

When you send a gram (well, when the mule here sends the gram) that person will be able to 'confirm' it here in the thread. When they do, both you AND the recipient get a ticket to the flaffle below!
There are a ton of eeveelutions available.
Sure its (technically) one pet per person from this flaffle, but the more tickets you get, the more chances you get to have the pick you want!
The great thing about having a bunch of tickets is that you get first dibs and, after everybody has won at least once, if you have extra tickets you can be rolled again for any remaining pets wink
So come on! Buy a few grams! You won't regret it!

Forms: PM it to the mule or post it in the thread

Gram Ordering

[color=darkgreen][b]Eeveelution on the Spaceship:[/b][/color]
[color=red][b]Message (Optional):[/b][/color]

Confirmation code: post in the thread


Bou Set

User Image

All of these babies are related to Bou the Eevee! He has no idea that they exist!
# 3 is a royal.
1, 2, 3, 4 were colored by the incredible Taki Di
5, 6, 7, 8 were colored by Draconicfeline

Ball Set

User Image

All of these babies are based off of pokeballs, and thanks to Taki-Di's creativity, they are probably the most unique pokeball cosplays you will ever see!
Taki-Di did them all: Poke ball, Net Ball, Master Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, Timer Ball, and Safari Ball.
Draconicfeline did the Love Ball!

Wing Set

User Image

All of these pets are winged or have wings or are flying types!
They are not numbered but instead named after Drac's nickname's for them. you do not have to keep the names XD

Candy-Corn was done by Taki-Di.
The rest are Draconicfeline's.
They are Adults except for Skyfield, Stripe, and Froggy
Parrot Thing is a Venteon.

More sets added as needed!

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(coming soon: 8 nights of Chanukah event, 12 Days of Christmas Event, New years Event, Solstice event)

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There is a Metaplot mission (Below) and a TRICK OR TREAT ORP (here)
This event will take place in the main thread.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to Investigate the Core region of the Station.
The area is a dangerous 'mystery dungeon' that seems to shift and change in an unmappable way to the whims of a mysterious force.
It is also filled with vermin and... other things.
But it is also the heart of the Station, and a vital piece of equipment has gone down. We think it may have been a Lightsider Infiltration... Somehow they got past our security and tried to shut us down.
Since this was fully operational hours ago, Sabotage is the only explanation. We need a sizable force to go down there, investigate the problem, and hopefully fix it.

We are accepting any adult pokemon willing and able to go on this mission. Those of you who would rather help with the festivities in the nice, safe, field are welcome to do so.

You will be split into 3 groups, so that if you all have to split up, you will at least not be all alone. Stick with your group. THE TEAMS ARE NOT FOR COMPETITION. THEY ARE FOR SAFETY. just thought I would mention. Also, there is no team leader.
The groups are:

Dark Green

Each group has a shared inventory consisting of the following items (the pills are chewable, yay!):

1x reviver Seeds (may restore a pokemon to full health and pp and prevent fainting ONCE)
20x Oran Pills (Will restore 10 hp)
20x Leppa Pills (will restore 10 PP)
20x Health Pills (Will cure a status ailment)
3x Full Restores (Will restore all health and PP and cure status ailments. Cannot prevent fainting)
3x Revives (Can heal a fainted pokemon after the battle, preventing them from being teleported out)
5x Mealpacks (Enough food for 5 days for the entire group. After that, you have to scrounge for whatever you can find in the Core)

If you are badly injured and beyond the point of fainting, the Mystery Dungeon nature of the Core will teleport you out, probably to the CIty Square.
We'll begin the expedition once there are about 4 registered entrants. (Any who enter later are considered to have been with them the whole time)

GM and Shoi posts are by ShoiEcrutek
No double posting UNLESS you are posting characters separately.
Stay with your group!


Please post:

Name of the Pokemon Being entered:
Team Color: (Pick one)
[color=darkgreen]Dark Green[/color]

If you do not have a character you feel you can enter into this event or the ORP, you may order a regular. Its one free one per person, though you may order others. You get to keep the Regular.
If you want a Regular, please see the ordering form below :3

The Teams:


Status:Leftmost Passage

1x reviver Seeds
20x Oran Pills
19x Leppa Pills
20x Health Pills
1x Full Restores
3x Revives
5x Mealpacks


Andre (Aeterreon, Expressivist) (Tenko72)
Zeratul (Aeterreon, Shinigami) (Taki-Di)
Zotz (Aeterreon, Acolyte) (Draconicfeline)
Shadow (Mutant Daquion, Breeder) (Angels_Grace)


Status: Rightmost Passage

1x reviver Seeds
20x Oran Pills
20x Leppa Pills
20x Health Pills
3x Full Restores
3x Revives
5x Mealpacks

Anyota (Venteon, Courier) (Draconicfeline)
Violet and Namine (Mutant Glaceon, Breeder) (Taki-Di)


Status: The Second Corridor

1x reviver Seeds
19x Oran Pills
20x Leppa Pills
20x Health Pills
3x Full Restores
3x Revives
5x Mealpacks

Bou (Eevee, Breeder) (Draconicfeline)
Zahra (Aeterreon, Researcher) (Angels_Grace)
Flara (Flareon, Assistant) (Angels_Grace)

User Image
User Image

Custom Slots: Draconicfeline: CLOSED- will not reopen for a while
Taki-di: Closed

User Image


User Image

1: Closed
2: Closed
3: Closed

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Breeding Slots: Open


1: Open
2: Open

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User Image

*The eggshell cracked
A sound of bone and steel
We look out from our womb
And see the universe
its vastness beyond, a promise.
A promise beyond mere promise.
A promise beyond eternity.

Welcome to the archive database for the History of the Aeterreon. Please click the file you wish to open!

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User Image

User Image

Current Status:

Its been two years since the Tragedy and the mass abductions. Things are slowly normalizing.
Its time to make your own stories.

*meta coming soon*

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User Image



User Image



* More Info *
Clicking on the link above will take you to the RP requirements and benefits of each class

Default Classes
These classes require no RP to attain- they can simply be put on the cert at the start if you so choose.

A generic Aeterreon citizen of the Station.

A non Aeterreon eeveelution kept in the Field and cared for so that they can reproduce.

Asaguereons and Namaeons tasked with keeping an eye on the Aeterreons and with doing the King of All and the Queen of Void's will.

Aeterreon Only Classes
Only Aeterreons may progress in these classes and gain the benefits. Exceptions will be rare.
You may post or PM their Stage 1 RP requirements prior to certing.

An eager young Aeterreon learning the lore of the temple... but isnt the whole religion only 20 years old? Huh. Someday they will be initiated into one of the temples but for now, they are still students.

Disciples of the Void, these are the assasins and spies of Aeterreon society. They are aloof and often mildly amused by the goings on around them.

Disciples of the All, these are the healers and spiritual mentors of Aeterreon society. They are enthusiastic and energetic sorts, passionate about life.

The keepers of the breeders and the general doctors of Aeterreon society. They also manage genetics and evolutionary lines, as well as care for non eeveelution pets. Generally, they are empathetic and easygoing sorts, not built for fighting.

The artists and writers and poets and... any other form of creative thought... of Aeterreon society. They vary widely and wildly.

The mediators and diplomats of Aeterreon society. They also serve as judges and lawyers should the occasion arise. Generally, they are sweet-talkers: silver tongued and calm.

The traders and craftsmen/women of Aeterreon society, these intrepid aeterreons provide goods and services at a price to Aeterreons and otherwise. Trade and currency are their lifeblood, and they love making deals.

The scientists and engineers and the like of Aeterreon society. They are what keep the scientific culture of the Station alive and kicking, and keep the Station itself running.

The warriors of aeterreon society. Strong and diciplined, these aeterreons can handle themselves in a fight, even where their kin would be one hit koed.

Rare classes
These are only attainable through rare events and rp.

Lt Commander
The managers of the Aeterreon. These are the apprentices of the Supreme Commander and run the station, and possibly any colonies, eventually becoming the candidates for the Supreme commandership themselves.

Supreme Commander
The Leader of the Aeterreons. For someone of such an independent species, being in a position of responsibility is a great load that not all can bear. It takes bravery... guts... and love. Oh, and support.
Hence why they are... or will be.... elected from the ranks of the Lt. Commanders.

available for both Aeterreons and Nonaeterreons
Any Eeveelution may take these classes

Message carriers who carry items and other things across the station, or otherwise transport things by paw. Because sometimes you can't trust computers and sometimes a living, discrete paw is needed.

From bodyguard to temple guard to policeman-like role, these protectors are invaluable to many an aeterreon who is nervous about the rowdy nature of their kin.

Nonaeterreon Specific
Only nonaeterreons may enter these classes

It isnt discouraged to befriend a non aeterreon eeveelution and have it tag along everywhere with you. In fact, the caretakers encourage it, though a few others might give you weird looks. These non-aeterreons are friends and allies, there to keep company.

Perhaps they were trained before, perhaps someone taught their companion. Either way, these eeveelutions are trained for battle and do so with gusto, spurning the pampered life of the others for a more traditional life of enjoyable and pitched battles, sometimes fighting alongside Soldiers, sometimes sent in on their own.

These non Aeterreons are trained to assist Aeterreons in their jobs. Though they tag along much like companions, they are workers in their own right, more a companion to the job than the Aeterreon.

* Link to places *

* Battle System *

* Abilities *

NPC Roster:

*thumbnails here*

User Image
User Image



User Image

A little seed of life, waiting to hatch into something wonderful! They need to be kept nice and cozy. Nobody is entirely sure how these come into being when Eevees are clearly mammals, but they just... appear, usually next to a very smug female. This lasts for about a few weeks to a month.

Awwwwww, a little baby eevee! So cuuuute! Adventurous and inquisitive, they need constant attention to teach them and to keep them out of trouble!
Most have their evolutionary path set at this point, but some wait until their adolescent stage to determine it. They typically take a month or two to grow (unless it is requested that they do not grow yet!)

Look who is growing up fast! These eevees are just about to enter adulthood! They will have decided what to evolve into by now, if it wasn't already determined. They are flighty and emotional and very energetic, but some of the playfullness has faded and they are beginning to understand their world a bit more.
This stage lasts a month or two, or until an adult form is chosen.

Whohoo! Your eevee has evolved into its final form! If its an Aeterreon, a whole new life awaits it! If its a Breeder... pretty much the same. Just, with less exploration. This stage allows Rp, breeding (unless you are a Namaeon or Asaguareon or Aeterreon) and battling, as well as plot missions and such.
For the most part, this is the final stage...

So. You've been rping a whole lot.
Well, heres something for you. This stage is a unique-linearted stage that reflects the impact your character has had on the history of the Station. Aeterreons and non Aeterreons alike can achieve this stage.
The requirements for this stage are at least 50000 words of rp (thats a novel's worth!), or 35 RPs (with 15 posts each, if you count that way) and an additional requirement based on the option:

Hero: you have done amazing things and you are now a celebrity in your own right. Whether you are popular or not is a different story, but you are a cut above the rest. Congratulations! Everybody will know you... or, if you were doing covert things, perhaps they wont.
Requires the character to have had some sort of serious impact on the metaplot or the history of the station in general.

Ghost: You could have been a hero, but you died. Your strong spirit resisted the pull of the Void and Oblivion... and here you remain. Why you will not rest is up to you. Do you seek kin? Do you have unfinished business? A desire to try something very different from what you did in life? A conviction that your replacement will not do as well as you? Up to you.
Requires the character to die in the course of the plot while meeting at least the word requirements.

If you have a Hero stage character but they die and you want them to become a ghost, that costs (undetermined amount) gold.

User Image

Type List

Eevee (normal)
Vaporeon (Water)
Espeon (Psychic)
Umbreon (umbreon)
Glaceon (ice)
Leafeon (Grass)

Venteon (Flying type)
Arachneon (Bug type)
Asaguereon (Ghost type)
Namaeon (Ghost type)
Chimereon (Dragon)
Daqueon or Daquion (Fighting)
Grumeon (Ground)
Jahareon (Poison)
Perdeon (Rock)
Zemneon (Steel)

Auraeon or Aurorareon (Ice/Normal)
Damfeon or Dampheon (Fire/Water)
Stareon or 'Twilight Stareon' (Fire/dark)

And Aeterreon (Psychic/Electric)

Winged Eevees (Flying/Normal)
Winged Aeterreons (Psychic/Electric)

Additional Information

User Image

Eevee- This pokemon was very aptly identified as the Evolution pokemon. With its unstable DNA structure, evolving into one of various evolutions is nearly imminent with this plush furred little fox like pokemon. However, if given an everstone, the threat of evolving is terminated. Forever. Still, these little normal types are sturdy and durable, making them efficient in battle and usually retain a playful attitude, making for easy care.

User Image

Vaporeon- The Bubble Jet pokemon. Vaporeons are especially unique amongst eevee’s various evolutions, with the ability to melt into water thanks to a similar molecular structure and fins that vibrate to warn of rain. A little unfortunately, these abilities are not very useful on the space station, but are still interesting facets of this pokemon. Most times, they are calm and quite. This attitude along with shimmering sleek skin and mermaid-esque fins create a beautiful epitome of a water type.

User Image

Jolteon- The Lightning pokemon. This fierce evolution is known to be a loyal and protective companion, making for a valuable ally. They actually have quite sensitive demeanors, making them susceptible to mood swings. Their fur is filled with static and turns to hard spikes when focused, but most other times, their pelts are surprisingly soft, especially for an electric-type.

User Image

Flareon- The Flame pokemon. This fluffy fire-type’s body is a virtual furnace, with waves of heat constantly pouring off to keep its own body from overheating. By fluffing out its mane, it releases huge blasts of hot air that the fur has been insulating. Within a Flareon’s body is a flame pouch where it can redirect air as it inhales to create a blast of fire that tops at over 3000 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s own temperature tops somewhere between 1600 to 1700 Fahrenheit, making them perfect to have around in cold weather, but a terrible hassle to be around in summer. Either way, they are naturally loving evolutions with an even hardier nature than eevee, and can be more than a little dangerous when angered.

User Image

Espeon- The Sun pokemon. This pokemon is defined by its elegance and grace, accompanied by a stand offish attitude that is often perceived as vanity or an antisocial attitude, whereas Espeons are merely a more reserved evolution, preferring subtlety to bluntness. Their velvet fur is so sensitive that it lets them feel shifts in air currents, allowing this psychic-type to predict the weather and even an opponent’s move as it is made. This accompanied by a precognitive power they are said to have developed which is rumored to allow them to read the thoughts of others makes for a powerful eevee evolution, with a large intellectual capacity comparatively and an inclination towards strategizing and trickery.

User Image

Umbreon- The Moonlight pokemon. This evolution is especially fearsome, even for a dark-type, with deep growls and bioluminescent rings and glowing eyes. If caught in the dark with one of these creatures, the beholder is often known to become paralyzed with fear, an occuance often attributed to a mysterious power that umbreons are said to hold. These sleek predators are even known to emit poisonous sweat from their pores to ward off enemies as well. With such power and hold over others, they are often arrogant and unfriendly, but lonely.

User ImageLeafeon- The Verdant pokemon. Leafeon has a structure so similar to a plant that it has evolved to be able to perform photosynthesis, making this pokemon an autotroph that still consumes sustenance when available. For this pokemon however, food is considered a rarity and savored, as eating a frivolous indulgent act. They are one of the more peaceful evolutions of eevee, often said to simply not fight, and are lght on their paws. A gentle and more caring pokemon that thrives under the lazy life of a breeder, save for the lack of foliage of the forests they once roamed. They are ecstatic to help in the greenhouse however. They are quite valuable to the station too with the ability to put out pure oxygen into the atmosphere. These odd evolutions are mind boggling to our scientists still though, being a strange mix of plant and animal.

User Image
Glaceon- The Fresh Snow pokemon. While it may be an ice-type, glaceons are known to be extremely friendly and sociable. Maybe a little too friendly. Seeing as how their build is much sturdier than most other evolutions, even if they are nowhere near the biggest, and take on more wolf like qualities to their physical biology, they can easily injure their counterparts unintentionally. Its thick fur retains the visual illusion of being fallen snow and their head growths resemble stained glass. Glaceons can modulate the air temperature around them, allowing them to feeze their fur into sharp spikes and to create ice storms.

User Image
Aurorareon- The Aurora Mane pokemon. These lithely built ice-types are made for speed, known to cover great distances in little time and take pleasure in the cold air that beats their face as they run. Aurorareons are spunky and cheery pokemon with rainbow manes of heatless fire that billows around them like the Great Northern Lights when they run. They are said to be close relatives of the legendary dog, Scuicune, but without a DNA sample check the similarities, nothing definitive can be derived, only guessed at.

User Image

Venteon- The Feather pokemon. Venteons are flying/normal-types with silken fur that changes to feathers as you reach their wings and the crests on their head and the ones bordering their ears. While they can perform aerial acrobats as well as any other flying pokemon, their flight is known to be a little clumsy, mostly on landings and takeoffs. On ground, they walk like an ostrich and can reach high speeds. Their vocal cords are arranged in such a way that their voices naturally trill, and the songs they sing tend towards mournful and hauntingly enchanting.

User ImageNamaeon- The Vitality pokemon. This ghost-type was once rumored to be a dual type, a ghost/grass-type, but has since been disproved. These eons are produced by a painful process of slowly overloading an eevee on life force until their body literally implodes, collapsing on itself and leaving behind that vibrant spirit known as a Namaeon. This evolution is renowned as a mischievous prankster, and as a ghost, is intangible to the physical world that surrounds them. They possess a valuable power of healing, thanks to the reservoirs of pure energy that they generate. The speech patterns of a namaeon are often so fast paced, others cannot follow and they do not stay in one place for long. Their intellectual capacity has greatly increased from being an eevee, allowing for a more human like intellect. These pokemon hold a deep seated loathing for their counterparts, the Asaguereons, as the Namaeon’s represent the All, a belief in a balance of everything and nothing that upholds the universe, and the Asaguereons represent the opposite, the Void.

User Image
Asaguereon- The Life Sapping pokemon. Asaguereons are formed from a gruesome process. They are exposed to a poison gradually through life, so they are slowly dying from the moment they are born. As their body crumbles and falls apart, they are miserable and pain wracked. Finally, when the process is complete, thay shake loose of their mortal coils and are reborn as the eerie evolution of an Asaguereon. The spectral hands of an Asaguereon can travel up to six feet away from their owner and can interact with the physical world, but to touch a living creature will cause an indescribable chill to take hold of them. These pokemon lean towards the morbid side of life, but that is understandable, considering their circumstances. These ghost-types can also enter the dreams of others, their preferred form of private communication, but inexplicable, should they do so, the dream will always turn into a nightmare. These unearthly entities despise the Namaeon’s with every fiber of their undead phantasmic being. The Asaguereon represents death, so it would only be logical that the very present of a thing that embodies their very opposite would enrage them so.

User Image

Arachneon- The Fur Cape pokemon. These curious eevee evolutions are often considered creepy for their eight eyes and legs. They often hold a cautious demeanor and are difficult to approach, skittering away or retreating any time another tries to confront them. These little guys have a terrible sweet tooth though, and are more than happy to interact if they will gain something from the exchange. The horn like appendages on their head act as ears, sensing vibrations in the air and translating them to sounds in their brains. Their fur is thick and fluffy, especially their cape, which is used to keep their heat sensitive bodies from freezing. The long thing pair of legs they possess are used from performing actions such as picking up food or working with the silk produced from little spinnerets located on the bottom of backs of each of their legs.

User Image

Perdeon- The Gem pokemon. These rock-types may be the smallest of the bunch, but are most definitely the hardiest, with thick durable hide-like skin underneath their fluffy fur. Unlike most other creatures as small as them, they aren’t under thread of being crushed, others are under thread of stepping on them. Perdeon’s horns are nearly unbreakable, but they are both a strength and a weakness. Smack them hard enough and the vibrations will cause the little guys immense pain. Their movement seems a little awkward and they look to almost hobble when they move, but these sweetly dispositional evolutions are one of the most fascinating.

User Image

Daqueon- The Slapping pokemon. Daqueons walk on two legs, unlike most of its eevee evolution counterparts. This particular evolution is known to be a bit short tempered and volatile and usually solves problems with a good smack to the offending parties face, but maybe that isn’t too odd for a fighting-type. Still, despite being the “muscle” evolution, they’re friendly as long as you’re on their good side. Daqueons are known mostly for their strength, a quality which makes it difficult for recently evolved Daqueons to interact with other eons, should they accidentally hurt anyone. These pokemon possess more acute instincts than any other eon, and are more in tune with them, often portraying them as savage. They have a certain affinity for war paints and ceremonial reminiscent decoration, finding it appealing to their senses.

User Image

Jahareon- The Poison Quill pokemon. Despite being a poison-type, which are often renowned for being unapproachable, Jahareons are often sweetly dispositioned and attentive companions. An unfortunante side-effect of being a Jahareon is that they can’t control if anyone gets affected by their poison, so accidents aren’t uncommon where they’re concerned. If you plan of befriending one, it’s a good idea to figure out how to handle them without hurting yourself. Under their skin, Jahareons have glands that produce venom and then store it in sacs that are in the ends of their arms, hind legs, tail, and ears. Any given quill on their body draws from one of these sacs for poison and the spines, though dangerous, look beautiful under the light. Their claws and teeth have their own glands that produce venom only when the Jarhareon choose too, so at least they can mediate whether poison is injected from those places.

User Image
Zemneon- The Metal Beast pokemon. Steel-types have always been few in number and fairly exotic, but none can outdo the Zemneon. Thir coats of fur are short and coarse on the surface, but beneath their metal armor are soft patches of velvety fur. But that’s something that can be nearly impossible to figure out since a Zemneon removing it’s armor is as likely as a Entei sprouting wings and tap-dancing on Venus. What’s more intriguing about these eons is that their forelegs and hind legs have morphed into living metal, with only the upper part being fully metal. From there down, there are two more joints made of metal spheres and a flatter ball for a paw, all connected with a living laser light of sorts that is naturally produced from their body and holds their appendages together. This unique property to their biology has spawned new ideas for technology and laser capabilities that Aeterreon labs are working on creating.

User Image

Grumeon- The Big Claw pokemon. N/A

User Image

Chimereon- The Fur Dragon pokemon. N/A

User Image

Damfeon- The Steam Paw pokemon. N/A

User Image

‘Twilight’ Stareon- The Twilight pokemon. N/A

User Image

Aeterreon- The Third Eye pokemon. N/A

User ImageUser Image

Winged Varieties- N/A

User Image
User Image

Buying. Selling.
Bartering. Shouting. Hawking.
Thus beats the heart of civilization.
It is the soul of a nation.
It is the life blood of alliance.
It is the bones and Sinew of empire.
It is the mind of Need.
It is the Eyes of Greed.
And it is a paw full of coin.

* Pricing and Sales *

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User ImageFlatsales

Flatsales are sales that happen at a specific time with a certain amount of eevees available that will be put on display before hand, each for a set price. When the go is posted on the specified dat at the specified time, you may claim your eevee.

The average flatsale price will be 7k, usually they'll be babies.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

color=#6600bb]Customs and Such


These are the pre-made, regularly colored eevees. That means you get the default vanilla pokemon coloring for the particular pokemon. They are taken from the colorings that were used for the samples and don't require us to do much more than cert them and grow them.
The price listed is simply the price for us to get things set up for you.
Regulars are always open, even during busy times.

Adult- 3k
Adolescent- 3.5k
Baby- 4k
Egg- 4.5k

Shiny coloration is also available in a similar manner, but those are given out separately on rare occasions. User Image
Also a note, breeding and pelt colors get interesting with regular colored parents.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


A custom eon means you pick the design: Fur, eyes, mane, patterns... All up to you.
You pick your colorist, post the form in the thread (or PM to the colorist or to the mule).
If you're getting a color custom, the prices are set:

Adult- 10k
Adolescent- 13k
Baby- 16k
Egg- 17k

but if you want edits, you need to wait and hear from the colorist how much will be tacked onto the price for edits.
(Note, edits are hereditary.)

In order to get a custom, there must be an open custom slot.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


Cosplays are typically heavily edited pets made to resemble a specific character. These are going to be pricy as they involve the most work.

Adult- 25k
Adolescent- 30k
Baby- 35k User Image
Egg- 37k

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


Accessories are a way to add character to your pet without paying quite as much. They cost 500 gold per item.

For example, Shoi is a regular Aeterreon with 4 acessories: An Earring set on one ear, a personalized eye screen, a modified labcoat, and an armband. This would have cost 2000 gold to put on her.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


We have an interesting system set up here. There are a few different types of breedings.


There are colorist choice, which will be where the colorist will take on the breeding through a colorist choice User Image contests, free of charge. You will probably get an egg each (or just one if you own both parents) and the rest will be sold in a flatsale, more than likely.


There are chaos drop breeding contests, where one of the babies becomes an editted uber baby, dooming their offspring forever to be editted monster babies. These are event breedings.


Then there are crack breedings where you enter one of your eevees, and their genes get mixed and matched as the colorist(s) please. The babies? Probably sold in a flatsale or raffles, and you may get to keep one. Depends. the rules for that crack event will say so. Often, this is the only way to pass on the patterns of eons that are normally not breedable. There are no guarantees in a crack breeding.


There are also free breedings, where you enter your pairing, and all the babies are sold off via flatsale.


Then there are the baby-guaranteed breedings, or Paid Breedings, where you get to keep one, maybe even two babies, and gift or Free-raffle them off (we prefer gifting). There will be a limit to these slots available, and the colorists decide when and if they open.
The paid breeding slots are 10k, and there can be up to 1-4 babies in a litter, on average. Roleplay can increase this number, as can having the breeding be between the pets of two different owners.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image
User Image

* Forms *

Here can be found the forms to get... Just about anything here. Replace the things in the (Parentheses) with your desired information, post (or pm to the mule, or to a colorist if ordering a custom from them) and send the Trade!

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


[color=brown][align=left][i][size=15]NORMAL POKEMON COLORS FOR ME[/size][/i][/align][/color]
[color=#6600bb][b]Name:[/b] (Name of Pokemon here)[/color]
[b]Gender:[/b] (Gender of pokemon)
[color=#6600bb][b]Owner:[/b] (Your Gaia username)[/color]
[b]Stage:[/b] (the stage you want your pokemon to start at)
[color=#6600bb][b]Species:[/b][/color] (The species you want/ want them to turn into)
[b]Classification:[/b] (The job you want them to have on the station. Non Aeterreons have Breeder as a default, but others may be available to them)
[color=brown][align=right][i][size=15]CAZ THATS THE BEST THERE EVER WAS ~~![/size][/i][/align][/color]

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

”Flatsale, also used for Raffles and Auctions”


[color=#ccee11][b]Name:[/b][/color] [color=#6600bb](the Name for your Pokemon)[/color]
[color=#ccee11][b]Gender:[/b][/color] [color=#6600bb]Your pokemon's Gender)[/color]
[color=#ccee11][b]Owner:[/b][/color] [color=#6600bb](your gaia username, unless you are giving it to someone else or proxying)[/color]
[color=#ccee11][b]Selection/Preferences:[/b][/color] [color=#6600bb](the pokemon you won/want)[/color]
[color=#ccee11][b]Evolution:[/b][/color] [color=#6600bb](what you want your pokemon to grow up to be, IF APPLICABLE)[/color]
[color=#ccee11][b]Classification:[/b][/color] [color=#6600bb](What job your Eeveelution will have on the station. Breeder is the default job for non Aeterreons, but other jobs are available)[/color]


User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.



[i][b]IS THIS A COSPLAY:[/b][/i] (yes or no)

[i][b]Name:[/b][/i] (pokemon's name)

[i][b]Gender:[/b][/i] (pokemon's gender)

[i][b]Owner:[/b][/i] (your gaiausername)

[i][b]Stage:[/b][/i] (the stage you want it to start at)

[i][b]Evolution/species:[/b][/i] (what you want the final evolution/stage to be)

[i][b]Classification[/b][/i] (What job your Eeveelution will have on the station. Breeder is the default job for non Aeterreons, but other jobs are available)

[i][b]Description:[/b][/i] (A description of what you want: the colors, the patterns, etc)

[i][b]Edits/Suggestions:[/b][/i] (any specific edits and such, including minor ones like a slight shift in expression)

[i][b]Reference Pictures:[/b][/i] (Any pictures you think will help the colorist)

[align=center][size=15][color=#ccee11]*[/color][/size][/align][align=right]TO GET WHAT YOU WANT[/align]][/color]

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

”Paid Breeding”


[b]Parent 1:[/b][i] (the name of one of the parents in the pair) [/i]
[b]Image:[/b][i] (the certed or uncerted image of the parent, or a link to it)[/i]
[b]Owner:[/b][i] (the owner's name)[/i]
[b]Generation Number:[/b][i] (the number of generation that the eeveelution is)[/i]

[b]Parent 2:[/b][i] (the name of the other parent in the pair)[/i]
[b]Image:[/b][i] (the certed or uncerted image of the parent... or a link to it)[/i]
[b]Owner:[/b][i] (the owner's name)[/i]
[b]Generation Number:[/b][i] (the number of generation that the eeveelution is)[/i]


User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

”Redeeming a Gift”

[color=Darkblue][align=right][i][size=15]What a fine new Friend we have![/size][/i][/align][/color]

[align=center](Image or link to image of the pokemon you recieved)[/align]

[color=#6600bb][b]Name:[/b][/color] [color=#444444](the name you want for your pokemon)[/color]
[color=#9988aa][b]Username:[/b][/color][color=#444444](Your username)[/color]
[color=#ccee11][b]Gender:[/b][/color] [color=#444444](The gender of the Eeveelution you recieved)[/color]
[color=#9988aa][b]Species/Evolution:[/b][/color][color=#444444] (The adult form evolution, if applicable. You can decide this later if you wish.) [/color]
[color=#6600bb][b]Classification:[/b][/color] [color=#444444](the job your Eeveelution has on the station. Non Aeterreons are usually breeders, but other jobs may be available)[/color]

[color=#ccee11][align=left][i][size=15]Welcome to the Station![/size][/i][/align][/color]

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.



[b]Pokemon Name:[/b][i](Pokemon Name)[/i]

[b]Image:[/b] (Link to the uncert and/or certed image)

[b]Description of Desired Edits:[/b] (What you want: We will tell you how many 'items' your request counts as upon posting in thread)
[u][b][align=center][color=#ccee11]****[/color][size=14] [color=#6600bb]*[/color] [/size]

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

”Claiming an Evolution”

[align=left][size=30][color=#9988aa]*[/color][/size][/align] [align=right][size=30][color=#9988aa]light dusky purple[/color][color=#ccee11]bright yellow[/color][/size][/align]
[i]Pokemon name:[/i] (Your pokemon's name)
[i]Link to certed or uncerted image:[/i] (optional)
[i]Evolution:[/i] (what you want the final evolution to be)[/align]

User Image
User Image

Name(link to cert)/owner/gender/species/class

Gen 1:

Hope / Angels_Grace / Female / Winged Eevee
Sunnivia / Angels_Grace / Female / Winged Eevee
Whit / Angels_Grace / Female / Winged Espeon
Maren / Taki-Di / Male / Vaporeon
Anyota / Draconicfeline / Female / Venteon
Bou / Draconicfeline / Male / Eevee
Demon / -Shelby Futago- / Male / Winged Eevee
Koji / -Shelby Futago- / Male / Eevee
Kouchi / -Shelby Futago- / Male / Eevee
Shelby / -Shelby Futago- / Female / Winged Eevee
Phil / Draconicfeline / Male / Eevee
Blitz / Angels_Grace / Male / Venteon
Kurai / Seffia the Zombie / Male / Twilight Stareon
Efflo / PtolemausZero / Male / Auraeon
Weavile / Angels_Grace / Male / Auraeon
Swampy / Elven_Princess001 / male / Grumeon
Ranpu / Elven_Princess001 / Male / Asaguereon
Miss Devi / Lady Evelon / Female / Namaeon
Ariados / Tootsielee / Male / Jahareon
Itsy / Icy serenade / Female / Arachneon
Wolf / Elven_princess001 / Male / Jahareon
Ghast / elven_princess001 / male / Asaguereon
Flara / Angels_Grace / Female / Flareon
Seer / elvenprincess001 / Male / Venteon
Enderman / elvenprincess001 / male / Mutant Umbreon
Dorumon / elvenprincess001 / male / mutant Jahareon
Dewsie / Elvenprincess001 / male / Leafeon
Bubbles / Angels_Grace / Female / Vaporeon
Flash / dark_iced_angel / Male / Umbreon
Ridge / Draconicfeline / Male / Perdeon
Biyomon / Lady Evelon / Female / Mutant Venteon
Rue / Tootsielee / male / Twilight Stareon
Supera / elvenprincess001 / Female / Espeon
Max / Angels_Grace / Male / Jahareon
Shadow / Angels_Grace / male / Mutant Daqueon

Gen 2:

Rida / Angels_Grace / Female / Umbreon
Violet and Namine / Taki-Di / Female / Mutant Glaceon

Gen 3:

Lilycove / Taki-Di / Female / Venteon
Koru / Taki-Di / Female / Venteon
Glacia / -Shelby Futago- / Female / Glaceon
Tamataro / Draconicfeline / Male / Twilight Stareon

Gen 4:

Odiete / Draconicfeline / Female / Namaeon
Sammy / Taki-Di / Male / Flareon
Nyroc / Angels_Grace / male / Daqueon
Turvue / Draconicfeline / Male / Chimereon
Midna / Elven_princess001 / Female / Umbreon
Lasque / DeeJaye / Male / Espeon

Diederik / Taki-Di / Male / Adolescent!
Uldeshe / Taki-Di / Female / Adolescent!

Gen 5:

Misyuki / -Shelby Futago- / Female / Umbreon

Gen 6:


Zeratul / Taki-Di / Male / Aeterreon / Shinigami
Shoi / NPC / Female / Aeterreon / Supreme Commander
The Philosopher / NPC / Male / Winged Aeterreon / Philosopher (Expressivist)
Zahra / Angels_Grace / Male / Aeterreon / Researcher
Andre / Tenko72 / Male / Winged Aeterreon / Expressivist
Milo / Taki-Di / Male / Aeterreon / Caretaker
Pitz / Draconicfeline / Male / Aeterreon / Caretaker
Zotz / Draconicfeline / Male / Aeterreon / Acolyte

Li / Draconicfeline / Female / Female / Child!

Famous Stage and Ghosts:

Shachi / Elvenprincess001 / Male / Ghost Umbreon

User Image
User Image

User Image*I hold my paw to guide you,
A newborn on the sand.
You know nothing, and little more
And you cry to me for aid.
I can help you.
I can guide you.
But in truth, little newborn,
I too am like you.
I cry for Wisdom
I cry for knowledge
I will share what I can with you, Little one,
but there are many paths I have not yet seen
In this vastness of our home.


Q: What makes Aeterreons different from Espeons? They're both Psychic types, right?

A: Aside from the Aeterreon's Electric typing, They have different sets of mental abilities. Aeterreons are more Telekinetic, whereas Espeons are more Telepathic. For example, an Espeon could possibly move a lever with its mind, while an Aeterreon could move a lever, type on a keyboard, and still hold onto their sandwich. Conversely, An espeon could (with the right training) delve into you mind, learn your secrets and subtly influence your behavior, while the most an Aeterreon can do is read your surface thoughts and emotions. They can, however, transmit language telepathically.

Q: Okay, so for RP purposes, what are the limits of Aeterreon Telekinesis?

A: Think of Aeterreons as having seven nodes of telekinesis. One is not controlled, and forms the natural projectile-slowing telekinetic field that they all have on at all times. Its their weakest 'hand'. The other six are normally controlled, and can be used in tandem with each other. One node of telekinesis can carry a single object up to 2 pounds without trouble, while still being able to manipulate it simply (IE, conciously moving it, waving it, or tipping it)- any heavier and it becomes harder to manipulate it, until at around 5-7 pounds they can only barely carry it around. Two nodes of telekinesis together have the equivalent dexterity of the average dominant hand of a human, and can hold and manipulate up to 10-14 pounds of a single object. After that, they can barely carry things. Three Nodes of telekinesis are capable of performing very fine, careful work and can handle up to 15-16 pounds before they cant manipulate the object anymore. They can manipulate any number of things on the object, usually visible things. four nodes allows them to handle up to 20 pounds of items, and to perform work that they might not be able to see without aid, very precisely. They rarely use 5 or 6 nodes, as they often have those nodes busy, and need special training to use them; but 5 nodes allows them to perform incredibly precise work- like microscopic or at the level of circuitry, and lift and manipulate up to 23 pounds. 6 nodes... Nobody quite knows what they could do with 6 nodes. Try as they might, they just haven't been able to get that many to work together...
So, to give you an example, Zahra is using three nodes on the beaker she is pouring, as she wants to make sure that that pours just so. She is using two nodes on the beaker she is pouring it into, so that she can make sure she knows where it is. She has one node holding onto the pipette in the yellow liquid, in case she needs to drop some of the yellow substance into her mixture. One node is enough to squeeze the pipette, lift it, and move it. And, of course, her 7th node is all around her in case someone throws an apple at her.

Q: How big is the station

A: Hmmm... Its big enough to be a large city. Its smaller than the moon. It does not screw up the tides (too much), and the Aeterreons could feasably live here, even if their population increased steadily, for a long time yet.

Q: How do they get food?

A: Hydroponics, berries, trade with the Clefairies, stealing it from Earth, Synthesizers...

User Image
User Image

A single good friend
is as pricelessly precious
as all the planet's gems.

Hold them close to you
And they will give you the same
A simple exchange.


User Image
User Image
[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/breedable-changing-pets/t.81066687_1/][IMG]http://i385.photobucket.com/albums/oo292/Teki-di/Station Images/Store Images/bigbanner.png[/IMG][/url]

User Image
[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/breedable-changing-pets/t.81066687_1][IMG]http://i385.photobucket.com/albums/oo292/Teki-di/Station Images/Store Images/medbanner.png[/IMG][/url]

User Image
[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/breedable-changing-pets/t.81066687_1][IMG]http://i385.photobucket.com/albums/oo292/Teki-di/Station Images/Store Images/smallbanner.png[/IMG][/url]

User Image

Old links

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User ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User ImageUser Image
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User Image

Drop Off

If you want an uncert, Just ask in thread! Don't Be shy!

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