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location: Emera, Valryte company: Cristina

                                            He was taking a drink when he felt a hand fall on his arm. Everything he had in his mouth was suddenly throwing itself toward the face of the one who interrupted him. She jerked back, as she had stood and avoided his projectile of a light wine. Vesper reached for something to offer her to dry herself with when he realized she didn't need it. "I am sorry! Very sorry!" he apologized twice, feeling bad about first scaring her and then when she did the same to him, spitting all over her.

                                            Fortunately, it did not look as if he had. "No, you did not scare me off... I just realized how that might have looked to you and did not wish to offend. I already had a misunderstanding with the king, I do not need a second one. Please, have a seat." He offered her the chair next to him, pulling it out from the under the table.

                                            On it, there were a few fruits and chocolate, as well as the wine he had been drinking. Vesper had checked her attire and face, he could not place her station. "I am Vesper Thornias," he told her for she did not seem to know, and he did not know who she was either. "And you are?" He asked and held out his hand, looking at her expectantly.

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» and for once, she was willingly someone else's.
location: Rochford (Tyrley Castle)
with: Rock

                                  "Uncle! ...Uncle."

                                  "Your Majesties," began the man. Morri curled her fist under her chin and listened as attentively as she could, but... other thoughts, thoughts that were not queenly nor appropriate, threatened to capture her completely as they passed through her mind. She blinked twice and nodded at her husband's uncle politely. "I heard you were in need of an ambassador." He rose from his knee to face the two monarchs. Morrigan hardly thought him appropriate, but the thought only manifested itself as a slight crinkling between her eyebrows.

                                  "Your Majesty," Those gathered in the room hushed when the softer spoken--but equally authoritative--queen voiced her opinion. "I mean no offense to the offer, but I also have an alternate option. Lady Aemeilia Seymour has always been a most loyal and trusted friend, and now she is a most loyal and trusted friend of the crown. I have given her a station that does not do justice to her endless ability. I feel that she would be most able, and a most fitting, ambassador. Regardless of gender." She sent a quick glance around the room to make it known that the queen would not approve of any sexist quips from men stuck in their ways.

                                  She stood from the throne with a sweet smile and offered her hand to her husband. "I think we should deliberate this in private. I'll make our decision known before dinner is served." Morrigan took Rock's arm and to a chorus of Your Majesties, they departed. Rock hadn't refused her at all and Morri had a keen sense that he was onto her when he took her by the waist and pulled her closer.

                                  The doors to the king's chambers closed, leaving them alone at long last. She hardly waited a second before she was tangled up with him again, wrapping her arms around his shoulders. "I'm sorry," She kissed his nose once more. "the thought of waiting until we laid down tonight was unbearable. Not when you sent me so many letters that only made me yearn for your touch more."
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location: Haven, Elysia company: Ashera

        Jasper was stuck holding a bucket of water, but it soon turned red with blood and other things. He looked at his sister beside him, not caring for the grotesquely wounded in front of them getting a good part of his body done up in stitches. "What kind of dancing lessons are you taking?" he sneered. If this was better than dancing, he really wondered what kind of teacher she had.

        "The kind that will teach me to not step on your toes and break them at the ball when the Acaelans get here." she replied, and he didn't like that answer.

        "What? We're dancing?" It was news to him, and none that he liked. They did not come to Elysia to dance. He refused to dance. He refused to do anything.

        Jewel smirked. "Well, we claim that's what it is and see what kind of trouble we can get into...Then again, that might annoy Lady Shayde and she'll make us attend whoever we annoy..."

        Jasper liked that idea better than really dancing, except for the Lady Shayde part. "Then let us annoy someone we actually like."

        "We could annoy Soraya!" Jewel suggested. Another dip into his bucket and it splashed on his face.

        "Only you like her." He pointed out, simply because she was making everyone ill with her guard, and he was gone now. She was more than likely to be whimpering or something. He didn't want to be uncomfortable as he was holding onto a heavy bucket.

        Jewel shrugged. "Who do you want to annoy? Portia?" She wiggled her eyebrows to tease her brother. He gave her the dirtiest look ever and returned looking forward as something was plopped into his bucket. His sister was left smirking to herself and he had to keep from yelling at her...

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Current Location: Night Vale, Acaelus
Speaking With: Thomas Idane & Sebastian Luthvian

"Newphew." Atlas clapped his wife's brother's child on the shoulder and got down to business. "You're here to serve as a distraction to the Elysian Queen's court. We've spoken it over with her, and she's agreed to allow us to investigate her kingdom and court. It's possible that the person who murdered my brother was from there, or had something to do with it.

Sebastian and seven others will be sent along with you to investigate. But we can't tell everyone there that we're looking into them, so we need them to believe we are there for another reason. And that reason will be a marriage between Queen Soraya and yourself. You will be housed under her roof, and you will spend quite a bit of time with her. She will know this is not a real arrangement, but she will act the part in order to aid our examination of those in her court."

There was the risk that Thomas would actually fall for Queen Soraya. She was such a delightful young lady. Despite her initially shy demeanor, and her young age, she had a warmth about her that drew people in. There was a chance that Thomas would grow fond of her, and then be reluctant to return. He hoped they would maintain a professionalism during the investigation and not let their feelings get the better of them.

"Since you're a relative of the royal family, and my son is already engaged, you're the only believable choice for this false union."

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Current Location: The Gathering
Speaking With: Eli Savage

"Not today... Today I was thinking of smoking some more Riot Weed. I have a terrible headache." The Riot Weed would numb the pain... Hell, it would numb everything if he smoked enough of it. Getting knocked out was embarrassing, and he was rather ashamed that it had happened, but he knew that the day would come when he would get Eli back for it. Judging by how quickly Eli was progressing in his own magic, he would likely be leaving long before Kostro.

Sure, the lucky b*****d would get to return to his own life with some new skill and have all the fun he wanted while living among those who believed the things they could do were impossible. But, Eli leaving first would give Kostro an advantage. If Eli left, he wouldn't be here to know when Kostro was released back into the world.

And when that day came, he was going straight after Eli... "You know, I heard something interesting on the way to meet up with you. Rumor has it that your Queen is in some trouble... Something about a civil war." He figured that would press Eli's buttons. Despite being here, Eli was still obviously loyal to his queen.

Kostro pulled out a bag of Riot Weed and began stuffing some into his pipe. "I'm going to go outside and smoke this. Care to join?"

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Current Location: Far North of Venereia, Hackathorn
Speaking With: Ellyena Malle & The Gang

His pants were off, quick as lightning. "Uh. Nice to meet you too." Rune managed to say while trying to cover himself. He'd picked a terrible day not to wear anything under his pants. He figured she was only trying to help him with the big gash in his thigh, which was unfortunately close to the exact part of him that he was trying to cover up. It wasn't likely that this woman -- Ellyena -- could be trying to turn him on while his manhood was caked in blood.

He gave her all the room he could without completely exposing himself to her, and when she finished with her salve and wrapped him up, she turned and left. Rune gave a sigh of relief and let his hands go, his c**k feeling the bitter chill of the air. He grabbed for his pants quickly and slid them on, taking care not to ruin the wrappings around his wound.

Ellyena was, to say the very least, a very forward woman. She wasn't a timid person at all, and now Rune felt a little more embarrassed that he had tried so hard to cover himself rather than just taking the situation for what it was... Doctoring.

He removed his wig and rolled over. He slid his hands between his knees and assumed a fetal position for warmth. He was tired and worried, but sleep came easily. He would thank Ellyena for her help tomorrow, when they woke.

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                    location: The Gathering company: Kostro

                    Eli almost felt bad, then he realized he didn't care. What he said, however, struck something. Though not long enough to make him pause. Brookelle did not need him to handle a civil war. He could be replaced, whatever his function had been.

                    "Is that so?" he said and reached over to grab Kostro. He pulled him up and along at the offer. "Let's go then." He patted him on the shoulder. They walked down the hall and out of the building, finding a spot away from the traffic of other people.

                    Kostro lit his pipe and took a few puffs before Eli accepted it as was usual. "I thought you didn't have anymore..." he confessed, being part of the reason he took the man out with a blow to the head when he burned another bag. He shrugged. It was of no importance, what was done was done.

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Cristina Raine Hawke

►Staring at the sun,
No rays down on me,
I call you in my arms,
Embrace is unreal..◄


Cristina smirked as she took a seat next to Vesper. Her wardrobe was nothing lady-like in a way that would be acceptable to wear casually as she did. A corset, cloak and pants with a pair of boots was what she wore and she really didn't care unlike others around her who would stare. Vesper didn't seem to call her out on it so she knew she was safe for now with her clothing. She took his hand and shook it, politely. "My name is Cristina Hawke. It's nice to meet you, sir."

The girl let go of his hand and glanced around at what was displayed on the table. Tons of food like fruits and some wine. Her craving of drinking would have gone away if she had a sip of some wine but she knew better than to be taking food or drinks off anything when she was only a guest here and not invited to the dinner that has been interrupted. She forced her gaze at Vesper who returned to sipping his cup of wine. "You probably wonder what my purpose is for being here," She said. "I am now one of the guardsmen- or should i say, guardswomen here, serving some time here for my unnecessary actions." Cristina left that sentence in the air just in case he would ask anything else. She didn't mind if he did, she just didn't want to get into any more information unless than man wanted to know.

►You're moving on,
We'll never be apart,
Just drain my tears
I cry aloud,
You're moving on,
You'll never be a part,
of all my tears
I cry aloud◄

Location: Emera,Valryte
Speaking with: Aella, Vesper

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Location: Haven, Elysia
Speaking with: Jasper and some guards

Jewel found it unbelievably amusing that Jasper got so upset about her little jest about Portia. If he didn’t like the girl, all he had to do was say so. He didn’t have to glare at her like that. If he was upset about having to dance at the ball…She wondered how he’d react if Portia expected him to dance with her. That would be priceless! But she wouldn’t tempt fate. She’d just have if it did occur…Then he couldn’t glare at her for conspiring against him.

His expression when the dirty water got splashed on him was pretty funny too, but she kept from laughing at that…She didn’t want him dropping it on her “accidentally on purpose” so she went back to helping stitch the guard. “How’d you do this anyways?” He smirked and took a swig of the painkiller tea that the healer had given him. “Don’t try to juggle daggers and throw them at people…Someone pushes you, you get stuck like a pincushion.” He chuckled, his eyes taking on a glassy quality as she tied off the last stitch. “You can do that?” The man chuckled. “It’s possible, unless you get knocked down…Then hope the gods like you better than the person who knocked you down.” He finished off the tea and the healer helped him lie down. Jewel’s eyes came alight with all kinds of possibilities…But she’d have to learn to juggle first.

“Thank you, Master Jasper, Miss Jewel, for your help. That’s all that is needed today, report the same time tomorrow and I’ll have more for you to do, I’m sure.” The healer smiled and sent them on their way. “Don’t forget to eat. Food is important to help you build strong muscles so that you get strong as you seem determined to do.” He chuckled and Jewel helped Jasper dump the dirty water before they cleaned the bowl and needles and went back into the palace for lunch.

“Oooh!” The rich smell of yeasty rolls greeted them when they got close enough to the dining hall…Mingled with the savory scent of stew, it had her mouth watering. It only took one look from a servant to know they had to wash up first. “Come on!” She grabbed Jasper’s shirt and they took off towards their rooms. A quick wash, a change of clothes, and they were both presentable for the dining hall where they took their seats at the Queen’s table. Portia was no where to be seen, and Soraya wasn’t there yet, but the food was just being set out, so they had time yet…If they weren’t stuck in another stupid lesson or Council Meeting…
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location: somewhere, Hackathorn company: Rune

        When she woke, it was still dark. The camp was quiet and everyone was asleep, or laid still in their bed rolls. Ellyena stripped off the dress of the lady-in-waiting to wiggle into her normal skirt, a thin imitation of one anyway in the form of a dark overcoat as she wore tight breeches underneath. She would strap on her weapons, but first, she decided to check on her patient once there was enough light to see better by. Her soft boots made little noise, carefully stepping down and crossing the camp to Rune's resting place where she inched her way close to his back and reached down into his pants. She had a long look. The bandaging in the dark held alright.

        "Your leg seems to be doing okay," she said into his ear, and he was already startled from his sleep by her closeness, and her hand's caress. She could easily jab a finger inside his wound if he was scared enough to pull out a knife, but aside from a wig, she didn't see anything nearby that he could use on her. "You look much better than you did before as well." She grinned, eyes darting up at his hair.

        Ellyena was undoing his laces to better accommodate him. "We have a few minutes before we get moving again, I think, there's something else I could do for you..."

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[********] location: (Tyrley) Morden, Rochford [********] with: Oak, Haster

      Wyrven sat back on the bench with his brother, tired of the crowd and the newcomers. Draegon was seated beside him and he ended up using him as a pillow. The only problem was the nervous twitch his little brother had. He swung his legs off the bench and hopped to his feet when the king and queen left. Their uncle left to set himself up in one of the rooms until dinner. He wanted to know when that was, but their father didn't want to speak, he was too captivated by the beauty of a sea monster.

      He glared at Serah and whirled around to stomp to the king's office. Oak was in there with Haster, chatting away about good times and bad, or something. Ven opened the door and leaned in, poking his head and shoulders inside to see the two at the desk. "Cousins Tree and Stump!" he called out, they turned to acknowledge him better.

      "When's the foooood coooomin'? Their Royal Majesties just went off to private tiiiiime!" he whined and played with the door handle, rattling it around and swinging it on the end. Just until he got their attention, then he would head into the banquet hall and wait for that food.

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Location: Hackathorn
Keeping Rune and Elly from getting trampled
With: Gore

She could see the silver lining over the horizon…It was still dark, but it wouldn’t be for much longer…She wanted to get on the road as soon as possible, and everyone dicking around with morning chores and breakfast, plus getting the animals ready would just eat up time…She hadn’t slept, and she doubted she would be doing a great deal of sleep at night until they were safely tucked away someplace safe where people wouldn’t be able to sneak up on them while they were sleeping…She folded her blanket, untied herself and added that to the bag, got her quick escape rope put away, then started to climb down the tree, removing her little traps as she went. Once she was on the ground, she decided to feed the horses…She didn’t do dung…Gore could handle that. He liked animals…

She moved silently, keeping an eye out for Vex…She tucked her things into the wagon and got the feed for the horses, giving them each a generous amount…They would be pulling a heavy load, so they’d need the energy. After fixing the feed bags, she decided to give them a good brushing and set about that. As she finished, she looked over the back of her horse to see Elly---about to rape Rune…Well, the man was able to say no…She was pretty sure that he could push the girl off, even in his wounded state. Men tended to only think with one head at a time, and she really didn’t want to see which one Rune would use.

Isolde turned her back as quick as she could and decided it was time to water the horses…She could only handle one at a time, so she reached down to untie the lead for the first beast and was just moving her hand back, she noticed something uncurl and dart towards her hand. She screamed, more from startlement than anything as the snake slithered away into the bushes. The horse with her spooked and backed up, screeching and stamping before it tried to dart away. It took off right in the direction of Rune and Elly and she barely managed to yell a warning as she got the lead wrapped around her bleeding hand and she yanked, digging her heels in. The beast jerked to a stop, rearing back and coming down less than a foot from Rune’s head.

Gore came jogging over, concern etched on his face…Isolde almost thought he was concerned over the horse until he grabbed her arm and unwound the rope from it. “Not venomous.” She hissed as his big fingers prodded. “See? Tore, not punctured. Let’s go wash it.” He kept a firm hold on the horse’s lead and led her away from whatever was happening with Rune and Elly. She silently brooded she should have let the horse jump over them…Talk about a rude wakeup call…Gore tied the horse to a branch in reach of water and pointed towards the stream. “I ken how tae tend a bite wound, thank ye verra much.” Gore only grabbed her by the back of her shirt and hoisted her to the bank. “Prove it.”

Isolde muttered beneath her breath and started washing the wound in the water, pushing blood out to help push any germs from the bite with it to cut her chances of infection. “Been bit before?” Gore asked as he watched to make sure she was tending to it properly. “Yeah. A few times.” Her eyes were searching the bank and she noticed some of the herbs she could use to help it heal…She walk over towards them and checked for any unpleasant surprises before she grabbed them and stuck them in her mouth, chewing them. “Got any cloth?” Gore jogged back to their camp and came back with two more horses and some linen bandages. She took the paste out of her mouth, making a face at the taste before she pushed it onto the torn flesh and wrapped it. “That should be alrigh’.”

“Sure you just didn’t slap the horse to stop that one woman from getting at Rune?” Gore was teasing her, he had seen the snake, but the way she blushed…His eyes widened and he shook his head. “I saw the snake. I know you didn’t.” Isolde walked over to the water and got up the stream from the horses to rinse her mouth out before she grabbed some wild mint and chewed it to get the medicinal taste out of her mouth. “Good. I can watch the horses if you want to go get the rest. I was hoping we could get going early. I don’t like still being this close.”

“None of us do…Chef will get some food together. I‘ll keep an eye and bring you some.” He walked back towards the camp and she took a seat on a rock, watching the animals as they got what they needed to start their day.
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Current Location: Morden, Rochford
Speaking With: None

"I will not eat them with a knight, I do not want them in my sight.
I will not eat them in an inn, so quit making all this din.
I will eat them with the king, I will not eat them with any thing!"

Haster closed the book and set it on his desk. His guard gave him a curious look, wondering why Haster was reading a children's book. He hadn't picked up anything by Maester Seuss in many years, but Haster was troubled, and reverting back to the oldest and most pure cure of all time...


Nothing fixed a poor mood like a good story. And Maester Seuss was the greatest story teller of all, even if they were for children. Even thought Haster was a man, he felt like a child... But not in a good way. He was soon going to meet with Oak and his father at the same time. The last time he had been with the both of them, he had been a very young boy. Despite the fact that Haster was a man of many words, he couldn't think of a single thing he would possibly say when the meeting happened.

Still, Haster and his guard left the room and began walking through the halls to find Oak.

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location: Emera, Valryte company: Cristina

                                            Cristina Hawke, sir. He stared at her a moment. "Oh," Vesper stated. "That would be why you aren't very good at it." His eyes flicked downward, sweeping across her form once more. He hadn't realized she was lacking a skirt from the way the cloak draped about her. And she was laced up in a corset, yet claiming to be a guardswoman. He wondered if it were something in Valryte, but that couldn't be the case, it would be illogical to run around in a corset.

                                            "Your clothes are constricting, so I assume you are off-duty otherwise you wouldn't be sitting here drinking with princes." he said, meaning she shouldn't be wandering the halls of their private quarters when she was a nobody. Guardsmen had a place even off-duty, telling him that she was one of them like that and he might call her a liar. "I shouldn't wonder at your purpose, you should be fulfilling it properly." If she were, then he would not mistake her for anyone else.

                                            Needless to say, it was uncomfortable sitting there any longer, and he had to see to Verity anyway. He stood and set his cup down, looking to Cristina. "Let us see His Majesty." he suggested, though meant for her to follow and waited for her to get up from the chair.

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Location: Morden Rochford
Speaking with: The Drake brothers, Haster, and Rock

"Cousins Tree and Stump! When's the foooood coooomin'? Their Royal Majesties just went off to private tiiiiime!” Oak noticed the boy stick his head in and make his complaint known… “You know, it’s cute when you do it to other people, but I don’t find it so amusing when you do it to me…” He hoped the boy heard that and remembered it. While Oak wasn’t King, he could easily make life difficult for him if he annoyed him too much. It wouldn’t be the first time…

Haster had excused himself some time ago, leaving Oak to brood. If he’d been told he was going to meet a long lost relative, he might not have gotten so drunk beforehand. Dealing with the Queen was another matter entirely and he needed the drink to have an excuse if she didn’t like his manners…But something else happened entirely…And he was busy combing his memory for Haster…Nothing…Vague memories of a dwarf and then the beatings would follow…He would be giving his father a beating of his own when he got the chance.

“Can’t have you boys starting a revolution over empty stomachs…” He got up and walked out of the room, more sober than he had been when he had gone in. “Let’s go find the banquet hall. Once people start showing up, someone will inform them of dinner time.” He chuckled and took the two boys with him while their father chatted with pretty Miss Avalon. When they drew nearer the banquet hall, he noticed Haster.

“Come looking for dinner too?” He chuckled and waved for the man to come with them and a moment later they were taking their seats. A moment after that, Rock and Morri were entering. “You didn’t invite Father to dinner did you?” He hoped not…He doubted the queen would appreciate seeing Oak break his father’s face on the place setting…

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