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PS - I love every excuse to post Waffles

Yes, because as research has shown, there are not enough pictures of cats on the internet.
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Raven Ailes Fiore
Raven Ailes Fiore
Raven Ailes Fiore

Know what would just be downright awesome? If gaia put alchemy recipies for the wings in the black friday mix. can you~?

Sorry, wrong dev. I'm just kept around to make flash stuff work.

crying I'm sorry..I just really really long for lucifers wings yet I'll never have them. can you maye put in a word about more bid blast items or even more chances at getting more luck in seeing the rarer people in ci's then? I had like 5 bundles of dark reflection and didn't see the ringmaster one once.

I have very little influence in that area. You should have asked me the towns question instead. Although the answer would have been the same.

n///n; I'm notorious for my town questions huh.

Umm what are the odds of having them both to stay then?

To be blunt, no chance at all. We are writing the new towns to replace the old. There are a lot of problems with towns 1. Security is a big problem, not being able to update or put in new ideas submitted by users. You can read all about it here.


I understand how you feel about towns, and I'm trying my best to include a lot of the old features as well as new ones, so you can still have a good time in towns 2. Feel free to post any suggestions in that thread.
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purrfectly yours

Those are quite bad!

no kidding.......30 times and not ONE READABLE.
Thank you for joining us on this week's ATA. Have fun shopping, hanging out with families and see you all next week!
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A Random Act of Terror

I pride myself on it emotion_dowant

Before I revealed my actual gender, I used to have half of z!F thinking I was a girl lol User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

rofl That's awesome. I always thought you were a guy since I met you. I have met a few Gaians in which I guessed their gender wrong. I feel bad about it.
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Narumi Misuhara

You seem to be responding so I'll ask you Dx
"Is there any development on, perhaps, incorporating a justify alignment into the text editor? I've asked for this multiple times but never got a response. Dx"
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Hey when will the Bid Blast be open again? I tried winning one last time but ended up failing and could have made a huge profit. I would like to see it open up again so I can try and become rich off of one item.
I was meaning to ask... It is about the manga right now. Does the battle between dark elves and vampire during the halloween event will be affected into the next chapter? Secondly, when is the next manga chapter? (Sorry, I love reading Gaia mangas...)

Lastly, er... about clothes design, I was wondering whether I can submit my own designed outfits other than the cross-stitch contest that just ended recently. I didn't participate this time since I am not really in good terms with coats... sweatdrop I love to share some of my design but I need to know whether I actually can submit it....
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Will any dev/admin give me a hug? emotion_kirakira
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Do you have any plans for modifying the Mobile (Android) Application?
One thing I dislike is the notifications page. It's very unclear as to which of the notifications are new. I like the normal website's design where they are highlighted.
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Kelsie Is A Sheep
Little Gai
Kelsie Is A Sheep
It seems you have ignored me entirely, admins.

I doubt it's necessary to charge $50 for those items on Black Friday.
You're making extra money from the stupid ads in the daily chance, why charge us so much??

I would just like the know the motive for charging so much for these items when you already make enough.

I assume you have seen their financial records then?

Considering they are releasing items either in high rarity or high demand (from Onei to Dark Ringmaster) I see no fault in digging deep for 1 or 2 virutal items rather than wasting a year saving up for either or.

I assume you don't mind the advertisements clouding up Gaia. Six years ago things were different and it was better.

Do you have any idea how expensive it is to manage a site as big as Gaia is, as well as paying for the many people who run it?
And ad revenue doesn't offer up very much. And many times I'm certain it takes a while before Gaia sees a check for their ad work at all.
The Omnitrix King
@Lanzer: Is Waffles really your cat? I want proof. cat_scream

Here's Waffles with my Gundam
User Image

And here's Lanzerbot's Gundam wink

PS - I love every excuse to post Waffles
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Sirens Voice
I got banned for no reason and i was playing zomg that day and i dont know why cry
You didn't cuss someone out for stealing your fluffs or anything like that?
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Narumi Misuhara
Raven Ailes Fiore
I seem to feel ignored here. How can I word this. Ok look mind if i ask this gaia?
I know you guys want to kill off towns for towns 2.

What are the odds of having them both? And how much longer do we have to wait for more men items?

The odds are pretty good since currently both are up. Once enough of Towns 2 is complete though Towns 1 will be taken down.

Will we have to rebuild our houses? Will we have to spend more gold to get a big sized house in towns 2?

Yes, but no you won't need to spend more gold at least not for those who already have a home.
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Narumi Misuhara

Have you guys not seen the multiple threads from angry users EVERY TIME this is done?

You are free not to purchase, history has shown us though people do.

Learn from Tinier Me's mistakes. Not repeat them.

Personally I prefer to learn from our own mistakes. What works or doesn't work for one group may not work or not work with another.

You are absolutely correct. I am free not to purchase. In fact, I believe I won't. stare

If you refuse to learn from others mistakes, you will be doomed to repeat them. I'd really rather this place not do that.

You guys have a chance to do right by the user base at a very key time, when a competitor has been removed. (And yes, they WERE a competitor.) And what you are doing is exactly what Tinier Me did with their cash items. Not everything needs to be a chance.

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