A i s h t e r u

:: "Darling, I'd go through hell and back for you. You're worth it to me."

- - -
None of us talk anymore. Heartbreaking that the ones who I considered family on here for the longest time are gone. I miss everyone.
I miss how things used to be on this site.
I miss you guys.

Tera: Echoed or Sxtsu, MT server <--- I quit
Revelation Online: Kida on Darkfall server <--- I also quit
Steam: Fantacakes
PSN: Fantacakes
Twitch: Fantacakes
League of Legends: Owlet <--- you'll almost always find me on this shithole of a game
Basically, if you see Fantacakes, it's me. FANTASTIC RIGHT? I'm so lame
Except for Blizzard. I'm Echo#12882 if you want to find me. No one will ever take the name Echo from me. o ^o <3

RIP Chester, you and LP gave me a safe haven in your music during some dark a** times.

- - -