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Hello Gaia staff ^_^
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Hello Folks! biggrin

The FAQ/HELP page... doesn't seem to get noticed much. Are there any plans to move that link where people will actually see it? Its a great resource, but not a lot of folks seems to see it or utilize it.

Black Friday ... I avoid it like the plague.

How's Waffles? Has he gotten better D: ?
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Black Friday any info?
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Thanks for doing the black friday sale, looks like i'll be getting a lot of items this weekend

When will the exclusive items be announced for this weekend?
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Would someone be able to possibly fix the Display Friends feature so that it can be edited?
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When will the mobile alerts be fixed?

When we have enough free time to address it sweatdrop
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Do any of you go shopping on black friday? If so what would you buy and bring to protect yourself with? ( I personally would just use a can of mace)
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2) A lot of the new games don’t seem to have that much related to the Gaiaonline characters, so do you think we could get more Gaia games with our favorite NPCs?

Not just yet. We're working on some updates to the existing games and have some new small games coming along but none have much focus on NPCs themselves. Perhaps sometime down the line though smile
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Evening, Happy Thanksgiving to you. I have a question will there be anything done for Thanksgiving this year?
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On soul crash every so often i will have 2-3 cash from leveling up and sometime i'll look and i will loose my cash and i did nothing with it.

It's making it really hard to earn cash to spin things and it's stealing my hard earned cash.

Can you guys answer why it's happening or fix it?

It would mean a lot because I really enjoy playing it but this is putting me off sad
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put more items in mecha neko
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Thy's profile is broken. When I try to take off the media it says something like...."Could not delete media", every time......
Will one of the Black Friday special items be praying mantis themed? Yes, this is the question of the night peeps.

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