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Zero Omega

I can only get to question two, unfortunately there hasn't been much progress in this area yet. But it's something we can continue to look into. No guarantees at all though, sorry!

Aiiright, I guess I'll live. It's nice to know it might be something to look into though; I think It'd be interesting to see surprised

(finally, a reply neutral no one wanted to reply to me in the last ATA sad )Is that a Korra avatar?
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Goddess of Skary Childrin
Don't forget about us in Alabama! We'd like to go to a Gaia-con too!

Where in Alabama are you?

I think we may have an event in Atlanta.
Please let me know!!

I'm utterly curious to know if Gaia plans of updating the Guild forums. They really need updating. They deserve updating. This would promote growth in these 'personalized hangouts' as I call them.
I want to know if they have any plans on adding features such as:

-Ability to add youtube videos with the youtube code. (this is especially vital for music guilds who would love to post music videos)

-Tip Post buttons would be nice.

-Ability to subscribe to a certain thread within a Guild.

-Quick reply buttons

-Like/Dislike buttons (not completely necessary, but would be a cool option)

So on and so forth, when are some Guild updates gonna happen?!?
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amazing clare bear
amazing clare bear
1. can there be more sd plus dolls and have items ????
2. I say there needs to be more sd plus dolls that are the gaia mods / staff / other
3. I want to know. What kind of items do you guys wish would be made ????? like more anime items or more video game items etc

How many of the SD dolls have you collected?

I only have 9 gonk crying

i use to have like 10 ..... but i needed more money so i had to sell them ....... oh thank you for replying

XD 10? Aw come on you can do better then that!

Oh man I need to go buy more after this AtA is over.

[edit] HEY! Blue gift box! biggrin
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I've only got one question. I've been an on again off again member since early 2004. I was only able to donate a few times until I started living away from home. However, since that time, I've easily donated over $500 to Gaia. Is there any way that you can re-release old donation items to people with high donations to the site?

I'm only asking because trying to quest those multimillion gold items has made me quit multiple times, and if it were easier to get, then I would stay longer.
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I'd rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.

Have you tried messaging another mod?

~ Adrian (Little Nicky)
Aye I had messaged the original one about the issue then a 2nd one at about 30 days.
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Hi everyone, I wanted to know why I never received a ticket for a hacked account (ChaosAngel_Moon). I never knew you were supposed to get a "ticket". It was back on Jan. 25, 2012 at 2:13pm EST that I was hacked, so I made this account originally to file a hacking report. I supposed the report went through, since the web page took me back up to the top of the report after submitting it and it did not say that I filed it wrong or had details missing. There was no indication that IT WAS SENT.

Also, is there a way I can get the items and gold off that account back (supposing it's still there) and transfer it to this one so that one can be deleted?
The proof of my face is on BOTH accounts, this one and ChaosAngel_Moon.

Thank you, and I hope my questions will be answered.

Thanks for the question! You can file a new hacking report to have the matter investigated. Since you no longer have access to your account, feel free to file it from this new account on behalf of your hacked account.

Important note: You need to fill out all the questions/fields in the hacking report form or else it will not process correctly. If you don't know and answer, simply put in "I don't know" or something similar. Leaving a text field in the form blank will make the report glitch. Just make sure you have a reply in all fields and it should work for you.

Hope this helps! biggrin
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Ridley Starsmore
Ridley Starsmore
Finally caught up!

So...no love for the white dander ears? crying

Nope. Never any love for them.

Although that dander skirt in white would be ******** fantastic.

Why must you crush my dreams? emo

Just being real. XD

Its an old EI. >> None of them get any love. /obvious
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First of all I'd like to thank you for tweaking the Pink Links.
I received a nice little chunk of gold from my Pink Link collection.

My question is.... why?
I don't mean to look a gift horse in the mouth but... I was wondering, are Pink Links vanishing or something?
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Goddess of Skary Childrin
Goddess of Skary Childrin
Don't forget about us in Alabama! We'd like to go to a Gaia-con too!

Where in Alabama are you?

I think we may have an event in Atlanta.
Yeah but it'd be nice to Alabama Gaians to say we had at least ONE Gaia-con here. 3nodding
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Some pics shared at the dev meat for JK's game: JK's new game
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Are you planning on doing anything with the parser? It really needs some work.

I have a thread Here that links to two other threads on the very same issue, WITH examples and suggestions.
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What should I have for supper tonight?
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Zero Omega
Is there any chance of a new avatar type? Like a skinny boy and a pudgy girl? A lot of cosplays would look better if they had different avatar types.. But would that be too much work? D:

Hi yukikoyuma,

Thanks for joining us! Honestly it would be a ton of work, b/c all our items are designed for this particular type, and as you add variations, it means that the amount of time/effort required to create items goes up proportionally. However, that doesn't mean we'd never do it. Maybe it'd be something where certain items are only available for certain avatars - I have no idea. But we'd never rule it out for sure.

Thanks for the reply. smile Also.. I'd really love to become an admin.. What would it take since I've never had a job before..?

You can find some information about applying for positions on Gaia at this link:

Hope that helps!

Thank you! But I'm not sure how to make a resume.. XD;; I'm going to try and send an email to the resume address..;; I hope I get some attention.. D:
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why yes it is sir

(somebody likes a wunk?! emotion_kirakira )

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